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I don’t want a man I can live with, I want a man that I can’t live without

I have to admit that I’ve been a little bit of a tetris addict the last couple days and today in my weird thought pattern I figured out that playing tetris is a little bit like finding the right guy. You’ve got all these pieces that have to fit together and you do the best you can but some of them just leave a couple holes. As time goes on you get a big hole. Now you know that you need that one special piece to fit into the hole. But, you get impatient. You try to fill the hole with the wrong pieces and they just don’t fit totally right and you end up having a big mess. Eventually you wish that you had just waited for that one special piece because then you wouldn’t be in the mess that you’re in. The great thing is that you can get back to where you were if you work at it. Little by little you can get rid of the mess and have a clean slate again.

The pieces are things that come at you in life that make you who you are. The trick is finding that one special person that totally melds together with you. The wrong pieces are the wrong guys you date and the wrong things you do and the make your life a mess. But, with God’s help, little by little you can piece your life back together with the right pieces and then the next time you can wait for that right piece because you know it’s worth it.

And on the plus side you can beat the high score.

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  • mainja Monday, August 23, 2004, 4:57 pm

    wow, that makes it sound like a useful psychological persuit to play tetris… ;)