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I go through phases in this blogging thing. Cyclical phases. I love it, I lose interest, I’m inspired, I love it, I lose interest, I’m inspired. I’m in the “losing interest” camp right now. And I’m finding it hard to dig my way out.

Noah's pumpkin is getting quite large. Probably all the pep-talks he's been giving it. My first yellow tomato. Curious as to what one tastes like.
Toasted fresh-from-the-garden yellow tomato sandwich on rye. Yellow tomatoes are no so bad! Not as good as red, but tasty just the same. This morning's harvest. The zucchini on the left comes past my knee when standing upright. (@melthiessen, the beans and tomatoes by them are from your plants. I'll send them home with your boys.)

The garden is doing well. The pumpkin is growing, thanks to pep-talks from Noah. I harvested my first yellow tomato and had it with cheese on rye. It was delicious.


I picked a bunch of zucchinis, the biggest of which came up past my knee when standing upright. I made it into zucchini bread.

I see myself in Lisa's eye. #yestergram Making friends. #yestergram
a boy and his truck snack time
chips! sparkling lake
water monkey fishes

We went to the lake on Tuesday to see my Lisa friend. Kaylie and her friend Paige were there, too, but all the photos I have of them are with them in their bathing suits and as much as I think little girls in bathing suits are adorable, creepy old men do, too, so I’m not comfortable posting them publicly. (This is also why I won’t let my girls wear bikinis, but that’s beside the point.)

Zucchini chips? Zucchini ALL THE THINGS.

Zucchini chips are surprisingly delicious. Wasn't expecting that. With salsa they're even better. As everything dipped in salsa is.

I made zucchini chips (they were delicious) and burned my finger when I forgot to wear oven mitts.

Pro tip: wear oven mitts when touching something hot. (Aloe Vera and cold water are not helpingoooooouchie!)

I slathered it in aloe vera after running cold water over it for a while, but it burned and burned and burned. Pro tip: WEAR OVEN MITTS.

I had a bit of a sister-wife day yesterday. I wore a past-my-knees skirt (I need to do laundry badly), I washed cloth diapers, I made bread, I made myself a shirt, I made a flour-free, sugar-free zucchini loaf, I made Liliana a towel dress thing for the beach (I got the idea from the little girl in the photo of Preston with the lake in the background), and I harvested produce from the garden for lunch. And supper. I didn’t watch any TV (until about 9pm when Noah and I resumed our Friends marathon) and I barely touched the computer (besides to look up a pattern or recipe). It was a weird day. One that will likely not be repeated for quite some time. Because I like my screen time, apparently.

Have school supply lists always been this insane?

I haven’t done the girls’ school supply shopping yet (I’m waiting for September), but this morning I wrote out what they’d need, excluding what we already have from last year. Has it always been this insane? I don’t remember bringing that much stuff to school when I was a kid. But then, I went to a private school and my parents paid bazillions of dollars of tuition, so maybe it was different because of that? We won’t eat for a couple weeks, BUT THE KIDS WILL HAVE MARKERS FOR SCHOOL! And of course they grew three feet since June and require new clothes and outdoor shoes (we got the indoor school ones in Kelowna). September is expensive, is what I’m saying. But then, you knew that. And I’m a whiner.

Now excuse me while I eat a freshly-easybaked sugar cookie. Or five. (What? They’re tiny!)

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  • Sonja Thursday, August 30, 2012, 10:02 am

    Hahaha, sister wife day. :-)
    I had kind of a sister wife day myself this week – I made bread, cashew ranch dressing, and humus.

  • Kami Thursday, August 30, 2012, 10:03 am

    I so hear you on blogging, says she who hasn’t blogged in over a month.

    I am living watching all your gardening adventures. I am living vicariously through you :)

  • bethany actually Friday, August 31, 2012, 12:06 am

    Oh, blogging. I don’t even wanna talk about it. Sigh.

    I’m glad you’re still here and writing, though. Because I do enjoy reading what you write.

  • Angella Friday, August 31, 2012, 9:16 am

    Blogging indifference and summer go hand-in-hand. This too shall pass. ;)

    I need that zucchini chips recipe. Off to click.