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I realize I haven’t posted a photo post in a while. Bear with me. Or just scroll doooowwwwn.

There are some words.

On a side note, see that bruise on Preston’s forehead in the above photo? That is not from his recent head-meets-pavement incident. That was two weeks and two head-bumps ago. This kid hits his head so often I’m surprise social services hasn’t been called.

gamer girls

These two are getting their hair cut tomorrow. I am nervous. Not because I don’t trust the hairdresser (Hi, V!), but because this will be Liliana’s first haircut. Kaylie had her first haircut just before starting Kindergarten. My sister and I had our first haircuts in kindergarten. We’re a no-haircut-for-a-long-time kind of people, apparently.


this is what happens when you're a baby boy with two older sisters: you get a pretty little hat

"Can I draw on my face, Mama?"

hop on pop

fun dippers


We went to the Farmer’s Market for the first time a couple weeks ago. We love it there. Fresh produce (already!), fresh baking, rubber-bottomed parks, what’s not to love?



boys at the park

boys at the park Kaylie on the climbing structure

out and about


first course: grapes, blueberries, cheerios. quesadillas in the oven for the second course. #fancy

someone needed some cuddles to get to sleep

self-portrait #earliergram

it's much more fun to have lunch on the floor. #earliergram

cheese-man self-portrait. see his forehead gash? this was the only way he'd let me get it on photo. if I turned the camera around, he'd go all hulk angry baby on me. #earliergram

seeing how Mr. P does with a bowl. two minutes in and it's still on his tray.

someone's having a rough evening. maybe some snuggles and some old-school-wrestling-watching with Daddy will help.

tired baby is tired. and now finally sleeping.

We’ve been spending as much time outside as possible. Besides the last couple days of tornado and wind warnings, of course. I throw as many balls as I can onto the trampoline, shut the cage zipper, and let the boys entertain themselves while I garden. It’s quite a perfect set-up, really.

the boys are in the ball cage while I garden a bit. there is a lot of yelling, "BAH! BAH! PEES? BAH!"

drink mooch

Before I forget, here are a couple links:
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baby's first outdoor pool

pool-side nursing feet

this guy is always on the move #movement #photoadayjune

We went to a birthday party at an outdoor pool last weekend. It made me miss the outdoor pool behind our apartment building in Regina. I really miss some things about that place.

#fromahighangle or #catchingupandIjustliketheseflowers #photoadayjune

Someone was woken early from his nap. He wasn't too happy about it.

These two. They are so polite. They say “pees” for everything, but sometimes I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. Please what? Please you want a snack? Please you want a drink? Please you want to watch the same Backyardigans episode for the 462nd time? This was all so much easier before they started to talk.

Kesler is a little farther along with the whole talking thing, and last night he tripped and said, “Oh, no! I tripped!” Noah and I cracked up. For the rest of the evening, every once in a while one of us would say, “Oh, no! I tripped!” and then crack up again. I love the age of one. It is so awesome.

Preston’s more of the one-syllable kind of talker. He’ll say “Ba!” for ball (and bath)(and book), “Na” for nap, and “Ma” and “Da!” for the obvious. He’ll stick out his tongue in a kind of gagging fashion and say “Eh!” or “Mah!” if he wants to nurse. Oh, and he says, “Uh oh”. A lot.

The babies nap at the same time, and when one of them wakes up, I try keep him quiet until the other wakes up. Whichever baby is up, I tell him, upon hearing the other one wake, “Let’s go get ____!” That baby runs to the room of the other and bangs on the door until I open it. He runs up to the other one’s sleeping area and is SO EXCITED.

These boys, they are so much fun.

It's all fun and games until someone poops in the tub. (I'm looking at you, PRESTON.)

See that bruise on Preston’s forehead? I beat him with a bat. Or, you know, not. He’s a tough cookie, that kid.


The wind yesterday killed one of my giant kale plants, but my zucchinis are blooming!

The wind yesterday killed one of my giant kale plants, but my zucchinis are blooming!

Vanna White shows off the signs she made in quiet time. (They say NO GUNS and NO BEING MEAN.)

Liliana spent her quiet time this afternoon writing “signs”. They say NO GUNS and NO BEING MEAN.

Mr. K just woke up and wanted to bring ALL THE THINGS outside.

Did I mention that we had six kids last night? They did so well. Well, except Preston, but I swear I’ll stop writing about sleep-training him AND ACTUALLY DO IT. Maybe this weekend.

Or not.

Kaylie is (maybe) having another sleepover tonight, with Paige, who slept over here last night. The girls were picked up a couple hours ago, who knows what’s going on. I’m not worried about it in the least. Summer is here!

the great escape

dads and babies and hockey-talk

beyond the boundary

baby at the gate(s)

Noah and the girls are taking off to Manitoba with Sue this weekend to visit his grandma/Sue’s mom. Preston and I are staying here all by our lonesome. So I planned a sleepover, because, OF COURSE. I’m afraid of the dark, I THOUGHT YOU KNEW THAT.

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  • Amanda Brown Thursday, June 28, 2012, 8:48 pm

    I love all the shots! The one with Preston’s eyes closed and the soother looks SO much like Liliana! Cute kids, all of ’em. :)

  • Ashley Thursday, June 28, 2012, 9:23 pm

    What was Liliana doing with the pen in the bathroom? Such cute kids. A friend of ours had a little guy who had a forehead perma bruise – it’s not just your kid :)

  • Angella Friday, June 29, 2012, 10:05 am

    I happen to love photo posts. :)

  • monstergirlee Saturday, June 30, 2012, 6:15 pm

    When my boy was 14 months old, and in between daycare situtions, he fell and hit his forehead 3 times with 3 different daycare providers – HUGE 4 inch long bruise across his forehead. I actually didn’t take him out in public for 2 weeks. Anyway, when he finally started his official daycare, we bought him a “play hat” which he wore for a year or so. It was an infant bike helmet. I was so worried about all those bonks on the head it was Awful! I’m sure it saved a couple more bruises tho.
    I like how many different subjects your picture post covers – so much fun!

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