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So here’s the thing. When Preston’s sleeping, I’m either holding him or eating. When he’s awake, I’m either entertaining him or eating. When I’m not holding him, entertaining him, or eating, I’m sleeping. That’s it. That’s all I do. This past week was kind of rough with stress and sickness added to the mix, but here’s a few things.

I missed posting the last two of my 7 Days photos. Here they are:

7 Days :: Six :: {rough}

7 Days :: Six :: {rough}
It’s been a really rough day. I’m phoning it in.

7 Days :: Seven :: {clean}

7 Days :: Seven :: {clean}
For Day 7, a classic bathroom mirror shot. I do not care to admit how long it had been since my last shower.

And also, I really need to clean my bathroom mirror.

In Preston news, he no longer stays where I put him. He started rolling back to front on Thursday and now he won’t stop. This make diaper changes fun.

About five minutes ago he was facing the zebra. My dude is on the move!

He goes around in circles while he’s on his front. He’s started getting his knees under him, which, in Noah’s mind, means that he’ll be crawling before he’s six months old. I’m kind of hoping he holds off on the whole mobility thing, but there’s this father-son thing that I’ll never understand in which Noah believes that his son is the most amazing baby boy there ever was. Now, I’m not refuting this fact, as, well, I do think he’s the most amazing baby boy there ever was (not that I’m biased at all), but I also hope that he waits a couple months before he makes me chase him around.

my little monster

Noah “works out” with him most every day, training him to be the next Tom Brady, I’m sure. (Insert eyeroll from Big Papi.) I’m preparing Noah to be okay with if Preston decides to pursue a career as a piano player, rather than a football player.

Preston rides a bike

You know, he did learn to ride a bike on Friday.

As I was trying to get a good shot of him on the bike, Miss Liliana decided that Preston’d had enough attention and it was her turn. The thing is, she wants a photo of herself BUT WILL NOT STOP MOVING.

Liliana runs

Such a goober.

Kaylie in a tree

Some days I miss when I had more time for blogging. The thing is, if I had abundant time for blogging, I’d have nothing to blog about.

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  • Sarah Sunday, September 25, 2011, 4:01 pm

    Well done Preston on the rolling! My nieces aren’t quite there yet – and yes, I will be comparing these three for the foreseeable future!
    Neither do they have bike-riding down! ;-)

  • Teresa Sunday, September 25, 2011, 10:40 pm

    Your kids are so darn cute! And, I can totally relate to the no-time to blog thing. Hence, my newfound love/addiction to Instagram. Updates in an instant, so great.

  • Angella Monday, September 26, 2011, 1:18 pm

    You have the cutest kids.

    And that last line? AMEN.

  • Kami Monday, September 26, 2011, 1:25 pm

    Amen to the last sentence! Although for me that is sadly untrue. Can’t blog about what is making me busy but if I could…oh the stories I could tell ;)

    I love how much Preston looks like Lilianna and that girl just plain makes me smile. And Kaylie? Gorgeous girl, inside and out!