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late to the game, as usual

transplanted my cabbages even though they're wee. didn't seem to be doing anything inside anyway.

it‘s better to feel pain
than nothing at all
the opposite of love‘s

Holiday Mondays are pretty much my most-favourite things ever. Weekends are always crazy, and weekdays are always crazy, and I feel like I’m always burning the proverbial candle at both ends. Holiday Mondays are the cure.

Besides a few hours that were spent in bed in a depressive coma (depressive episodes rule!), it was a fantastic day. I finished the redesign of my blog (still fixing the bugs), I got nearly half the garden planted, I had a personal-training session with Kami, and I got a run in (next race is this Sunday).

Usually when I run, I listen to a playlist that Noah made me. He’s basically my personal DJ. Lately, though, I’ve been listening to something else.

I know I’ve been with Noah too long because I’m starting to think like him. I don’t like things that are hugely popular. The difference between us is that I start to like things when all the hype is gone, or at the very end, like a last-minute band-wagon jumper. And then I LOVE THEM. Examples? Harry Potter (jumped on board just before the seventh book was released)(and waited in line at midnight to get it). Firefly. Buffy. ER. (didn’t watch any of those three till they were long over) How I Met Your Mother (started watching it in its second-to-last season). … Twilight (finally gave in and read the books just before the final movie was released).

Okay, so I had (have) a love-hate relationship with Twilight because the writing is so bad. So bad, in fact, that the first movie was about three thousand times better than the first book. Because it had a PLOT. You know a book is bad when you enjoy the movie more than the book. That never happens. See: every book-to-movie I’ve ever read/watched.

ANYWAY. I was starting to lose it a week or so ago, so Noah sent me away. In a good way. Like, get lost, go find yourself some non-coffee (coffee = panic attack, unless I’m really, really relaxed), and chill for a while. I went to Starbucks (I like their chairs) and got a Lime … drink thing … (it wasn’t that good)(the berry one is better) and went to turn on Rdio. The Lumineers were one of the albums staring at me when the app opened.

Now here’s the thing. I’ve never heard a Lumineers song. People talk about them ALL THE TIME and I’m like, HECK NO! My husband would disown me if I listened to that popular stuff! But I listened to them, and now I LOVE THEM. They’re like The Beatles meets David Grey, with a little Raffi thrown in for fun.

And Bex, you were right. Stubborn Love is the best thing ever. Did they write that song about me? I think they did.

I’ve had their album on repeat for every run since. It’s like they’re my good luck charm or something. Though I haven’t abandoned my go-to running list that includes a lot of fun. because I like fun. even though it’s apparently unpopular to like them. (I learned this while browsing Twitter one day. And I really don’t care.)

I really don’t listen to much music anyway, save for when I’m running, because for me music + screaming kids = instant headache. So if there’s something you’re loving right now, let me know. I’d love some new suggestions, as I’m sure I’ve missed some other awesome band that needs to be listened to.

Anyway, I hope all you Canadian people had a fantastic long weekend. I can’t wait for the next one. (Although the next long weekend we have, I’ll be in Portland with Bethany, so it will be extra rad.)(Though I leave the day before the Fourth of July, but whatever. Maybe next time.)

Happy Tuesday, folks.

Oh, and one extra thing: I wrote a post over at the Yummy Mummy Club and I’d love it if you’d read/skim/browse at it. Click here.

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  • Angella Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 12:29 pm

    I’m a Top 40 girl, so I’m probably no help.
    Hooray for writing at YMC!


    • jen Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:38 am

      Thanks! I love them!

  • anna_lu_lu Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 10:27 pm

    hey there. I just found your blog on another website about breathable mesh bumpers. anyways… :) I live in saskatchewan as well, so hi neighbor :) lol. I guess with the music thing I’m no big help either. I’m an electronic/techno/house music lover and that’s what I listen to, when listening to music. I downloaded the free digital imported radio app for my phone and this is what I LOVE to listen to when working out. A great dj that I found though is called netsky … you should check it out. I love his tunes. B)

    • jen Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:40 am

      Oh, the one from Canadian Family? Cool!! Always nice to meet a fellow Saskatchewanian. And I’ll check that guy out, thanks!

  • Kami Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 9:05 am

    Jay is my DJ too but he’s all about the popular stuff, but usually only the good stuff. I click forward past those pesky Carly Rae song he likes.

    I kid you not, but he’s awesome in so many other ways.

    Good luck with the workouts and please feel free to contact me with questions and if you want different stuff. We can mix up the reps and sets in a few weeks if things are going well!

    • jen Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:41 am

      Noah has some weird likes as well, like Mariah Carey, though only at Christmas time.

      I’m all set to do a workout as soon as the boys go down for a nap! Twenty minutes and counting …

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