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lemon honey garlic potatoes

I don’t really like recipes. I mean, I use them, but I like making them up better. Or modifying them. This is why I don’t like baking (which is ironic because a pan of brownies in the oven as I type this). There isn’t enough room to modify. Either that or I just don’t know much about baking. Cooking, however, I like.

My appetite has been especially picky lately, and yesterday I was so hungry (well, as hungry as someone can be when they haven’t eaten since breakfast, which, if I’m being honest, isn’t that bad, considering there are a lot of people in this world who haven’t eaten in days, but this post is about potatoes. so.) and nothing was looking appetizing. (Although right now I’m kind of craving a chicken honey garlic noodle box from Badass Jacks.)(It would be great if someone could bring me one, please.) I’ve been feeling blah lately, which isn’t exactly a secret, and I remembered a post that Schmutzie had written about lemony potatoes making all the things better, but I was way too lazy to look up her recipe. So I made one up.

I grabbed a frying pan. I melted a bunch of butter (3 tbsp maybe?) and added some (1 tsp?) minced garlic. Then some (3?) cubed potatoes. I mixed that all up in there and let it cook for a couple minutes. Then added some lemon juice. I used a couple squirts of bottled lemon juice (I have a slight lemon water addiction), but I’m sure freshly-squeezed stuff would do the trick, too. When the potatoes were soft, I drizzled some (2 tbsp?) honey on everything and cooked it, stirring constantly, for a couple more minutes.

Are lemon honey garlic potatoes the key to happiness? WE SHALL SEE.

Then I sat down to eat them and was accosted by a toddler who then mooched half of them. But my word, the other half was delicious.

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  • Angella Friday, November 9, 2012, 12:39 am


  • Meg Friday, November 30, 2012, 5:41 pm

    I want those, right now.
    I looooove potatoes.

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