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Life is like potty training

Analogies are great aren’t they? They’re like those McDonald’s toys with the hidden message in them that you need the red screen to read. Life is confusing and you need the red screen sometimes.

Have you ever noticed that finding God is kinda like potty training? So you’re a baby. Life is great. All you do is eat, sleep and poop. The problem is, you have to sit in that poop until someone changes you. It’s gross. You don’t really like it but you don’t know any different; that’s just how life is.

Then one day you get introduced to the potty. Now you like this potty because it makes you not have to be poopy anymore. You realize that there is another way. No more wetness. Now although you like this potty a lot and know it’s the best thing for you, there’s always times when Blues Clues is so interesting that you forget about the potty. The puppy outside is just way more interesting than the potty and you forget. Oops. I’m wet again. I’m poopy again. But someone always comes along and says, “It’s okay, we’ll just change you and you can start again fresh.”

Finding God is the same way. Here you are, living your life. It’s going fine. You’re not totally happy but it’s good enough – you know what you’re doing and you don’t know any different. Then one day someone introduces you to God and you think wow, I can’t believe I was living how I was living. This is so great I don’t know how someone would want to live any differently. I don’t feel poopy anymore. But, even though you have this new life there’s still the wet times, you still make mistakes and you still mess up. You get caught up in life and you forget about God. You get discouraged and you think that this is it, you’re back to your old life.

The great thing is though, God is always there to forgive you and let you start fresh. He’s always there to change your diaper.

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