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liliana graduates

one kid

I went grocery shopping Monday morning with just one kid. One! It was weird. One kid sure is easier to pack in and out of 15 stores, but it felt like someone was missing.

It’s quite convenient that my first day without Kesler was the same day as Liliana’s kindergarten graduation because there is just no way I would have survived it with two two-year-olds. It was hard enough with just one.

The parents at Liliana’s school suck at parking. I get all ragey whenever I drive through their school zone because people park in the middle of the street for five minutes to let their kids out, and they park in the middle of spaces that could have otherwise been used by two cars, and they park on corners. They park horridly on corners. See?

you suck at parking

If they were better at parking, Preston and I wouldn’t have had to park so far away, and would have avoided carrying him and a veggie tray and all our accessories two blocks to the school. That kid is heavy.

Why did I have to carry him? Because we lost one of his shoes a couple weeks ago and he only has one pair that fits him. How did we lose one shoe, you ask? I’m guessing he kicked them off (as he does) in the van and one of the girls opened the door and didn’t notice the shoe fall out. Super awesome. He was wearing his Robeez booties, but they’re not great for wet sidewalks, therefore I carried him.

And we haven’t bought him new shoes because it’s summer and he’s been wearing sandals, except it’s been cold and rainy for freaking ever, and therefore sandals just didn’t cut it.

Anyway. Rabbit trail. Liliana’s kindergarten graduation.

wanted: for being thankful #LilianaGraduates

I live-tweeted the graduation ceremony as much as I could since Noah could not be there.

Yea, that’s my girl. She was also the loudest and most enthusiastic kid in the bunch. I took a couple videos for Noah, but I won’t post them here since the sound is horrible (and filled with Preston begging for my phone to play games on) and I was so far back Liliana isn’t even visible. I couldn’t figure out how to zoom in with video on an iPhone. (If you know how, do tell!)

I didn’t bring my big camera because I figured I wasn’t going to get a close enough chance to take a photo anyway, but then they went and gave every parent a photo opportunity so really I should have taken it. Oh well.

the (blurry) graduate #LilianaGraduates #SoProud #ThereIsSomethingInMyEye

Liliana was totally in her element the entire time. She loves attention and loves the stage and I’m not really sure whose daughter she is. I mean, I love the stage, too, but I love being on stage in character, not with everyone staring at me as me.

I paid as much attention as I could while at the same time preventing Preston from pulling all the decorations off the walls and eating all the sticky tack.

Liliana’s teacher this past year was absolutely fantastic, a perfect fit for Liliana. I wasn’t involved in her classroom at all, what with having two little turdballs around all the time, and I feel like I missed out. But, if I didn’t have Preston around preventing me from helping out, I’d be working full time and still not be able to help out. It’s kind of a lose-lose thing, and sometimes I feel guilty for not being able to be there. Though that guilt is lessened with every “please help out with our field trip/event/project, but no younger siblings!” email.

There was a little social after the ceremony, at which we were not social at all because I do not know any of the parents of Liliana’s friends. Kaylie drops off and picks up Liliana every day, so I don’t interact with any parents. Maybe I should have changed that, but then I would have had to drag two toddlers into the school twice a day and that’s just pure torture.

One day I’ll be an involved-at-school parent, as I’ve sure failed at it for the last seven years of having kids in school.


Liliana gave us a tour of her classroom afterward. I’ve seen it a couple times before, but I let her do her thing, because she’s pretty proud of her school and her classroom. The parents were allowed to take the kids right after the ceremony, even though they still had an hour and a bit left in the school day. This would have been awesome had I not had to be back there an hour later to pick Kaylie up.

And speaking of, I got a call from Kaylie while we were waiting in the van for her after school. “Do you have Liliana?!” Uh, yea. Sorry about that! I guess I should have told Kaylie that I was taking Liliana, so she didn’t panic when Liliana was nowhere to be found after school. Whoops.

Liliana declared it the “best kindergarten grad ever!” and I’d have to agree with her.

And also, DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES. Because, of course.

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  • teresa Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 8:19 am

    Yay Liliana! Congrats on graduating Kindergarten!!!!

  • Kami Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 9:48 am

    Congratulations Lilianna!

    Being an involved school parent is overrated. At least that is what I tell myself… I was and then the politics got way too much for me.

    • jen Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 9:41 am

      Yea, I’ve volunteered at evening events, and … other parents scare me.

  • Ashley S Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 10:18 pm

    Congratulations Liliana! We have some seriously sucky parking parents at our school, illegally parked, putting kids lives in danger and psyco (one lady even walked out and HIT my van with her hand while I was driving by her illegally parked care because I looked at her…). It’s stupid!

    • jen Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 9:42 am

      Yep. A kid was hit last year, hurt badly, and not a whole lot happened. Really lame.

  • Angella Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 4:47 pm

    Wasn’t she just BORN? Crazy! Congrats Liliana!