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Midterm Smidterm

I have the distinct feeling that I am not going to pass my psychology class. I failed the last test that we had and I haven’t studied for the midterm even though it is in about 2.5 hours. Uh oh!!! I swear that I am not good at memorizing stuff which is what I have to do. I’m more of a math and chemistry geek where you just have to memorize formulas and figure stuff out.

So, thanksgiving weekend was awesome. I went with Noah to his grandma’s place in Roblin, Manitoba. Never been that far east before so it was pretty cool. I swear that if we had stayed there for a week we both would have come back completely obese. We got fed so good and so often that I was never even close to being hungry. I think that people become better cooks as they get older because that was one h-e-double-hockey-sticks of a good meal.

It snowed here for the first time yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I have to drive 80 km every day and it takes forever on the snowy icy roads but on the other hand snow makes everything look so peaceful which is super cool. And the fact that Kaylie really likes snow. We walked to church yesterday and got offered a ride on the way but Kaylie wanted to walk so we refused. I’m excited to make snowmen and snow angels with her this year because she’s a little older now and can do those sorts of things.

Anyway, I’d better at least pretend to be studying so have a great day and go play in the snow.

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