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Money, Money, Money – It’s A Rich Man’s World

Have you ever noticed that God puts certain things into your life at just the right time – right when you need them? People, places, even emails and notes. You know that you’re not feeling the greatest, whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and then God sends this blessing to you that makes you say “God is so AWESOME!”

On a side note, I have a dentist appointment today that I am totally not looking forward to. I haven’t been to a dentist since before I was pregnant – so at least 4 years. It turns out that not going wasn’t the greatest idea – and now I have to pay for it by getting fillings galore and a bunch of wisdom teeth pulled. Not exactly my idea of fun.

I was reminded last night how nice it is to hang out with just girls. A couple of us had a girls night last night and it was so refreshing. I mean, I have to say that I absolutely love spending time with my boyfriend and his friends but sometimes it’s just nice to have a break from all that. It’s nice to have conversations that you can only have when there are no males around (unless you want to severely scar them for life).

Anyway, this weekend is going to be one of cleaning. I finally got my vacuum sent to me and now I have to put it to use. I also have to get my landlord to fix my toilet – it’s wierd the contraptions you can jimmy up to fix things but it turns out that they don’t work for the long term. So, have a great weekend and I hope it’s as sunny where you are as it is here. Cheers.

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