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mosquito garden

It’s so cold out today. I tried to start clearing my garden and didn’t get very far. The cold, how I loathe the cold. We had a cold summer, too. It’s no wonder things didn’t grow well.


I wouldn’t say that I’ve had a successful garden this year. Or, maybe I’ll call it 50% successful. My tomatoes and cucumbers flopped, aside from one plant each. My kale got eaten up by bugs. My peas produced no more than 10 pods. My pumpkin plant is teeny tiny with no pumpkins on it because my seedling died and I had to replant, which happened too late.

My garden did produce some things though. Beets, of which I pickled and got four jars; beans, which I pickled and got 8 jars; carrots I have yet to pick (though two of the four rows produced barely anything); lettuce that produced about 75% of what I planted; onions that about 1/5th of which will be big enough to harvest; green peppers that are producing like mad; and tomatillos I hope to harvest and make into salsa soon.

I can't wait to turn these pretty tomatillos into salsa!

A friend gave me a bunch of pickling cucumbers so I was able to make a couple jars. I did some sandwich pickles and I had enough little ones from my garden to make almost two jars. Why are two of them upside down? Only because I forgot to add the dill and garlic till after the cucumbers were already in the jar. I don’t know if that’s bad for the jar or not, to have it upside down, but it is what it is.

My major annoyance in my garden this year? Mosquitoes. There are so many mosquitoes here. I hate them so, so much. They make being outside not at all enjoyable. They make me want to move to Kelowna where there are no mosquitoes. There’s great weather for gardening there, too, a longer growing season and more heat and I’ll just quit now because it’s just not happening for another couple years at least, if ever.

Another thing is that I’m taking the mulch off the garden. I’m pretty sure it’s hindering the growth of the plants under it, so it is going away. Slowly.

I’d say, though, that my garden boxes were mostly a success. I really need to write a tutorial on them. They were hell to build, but turned out quite nicely.

I really enjoy growing things. I love watching seeds grow into tiny two-leaf plants, and I love watching those tiny green things grow into harvestable fruits. The garden boxes were very low maintenance, and weeding was easy because the composted manure was so light and fluffy. I’m sure it’ll be a bit different next year as the dirt settles, but overall they’ll remain easy to weed.

I have left to harvest some pickling cucumbers, a couple cherry tomatoes, the few yellow onions that have made it more than an inch in diameter, carrots, and tomatillos. Like I said, I’m really looking forward to making salsa. I got a recipe from a Mexican friend, so I’m sure it’ll be delicious.

And that’s it for The Garden Project, 2016 edition.

Over and out.

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  • Sarah Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 10:15 am

    That’s such a lovely pile of beetroot, nice one!

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