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Dear Liliana,

Today you turn nine years old. Nine! Wasn’t I just writing your sixth birthday letter? Did you not just finish preschool?


I’ve never met a person who loves life more than you do. You fill each day with as much joy as you can.

You love your siblings. You are so excited when Kaylie spends time with you. You look up to her so much. Your brother loves so much to play with you as well. My favourite times are when the three of you show love to each other. You love to play ponies with Kaylie, and you love to play Paw Patrol with Preston.

My Little Ponys are your favourite toys. You have a whole bin of Ponys and Equestria Girls and accessories. If I took away all your toys except your Ponys, you would hardly notice.

You very much enjoy Minecraft. You study your Minecraft books carefully. You got a big Ender Dragon stuffie for your birthday and couldn’t be happier about it. You especially enjoy when Kaylie plays Minecraft with you. I love that you two have that in common. You’re playing Minecraft as I write this, because you don’t have school today and you can do whatever you want (within reason).

You love to dance ballet. Your dance instructor can be quite hard on you, but every time you give it your all and I’m so proud of you for that.

School is one of your favourite places to be. Your best friend at school is Brynlee. You excel in every subject. You get frustrated when you enter a new unit of math and it’s still not fractions. You are reading well above grade level. Speaking of, you love reading more than you love doing anything else in the entire world. I constantly have to tell you to STOP READING when you are supposed to be getting ready for the day or getting ready to go or when you’re supposed to be sleeping. You want to bring a book to the table every morning so you can read while you eat breakfast.

You love camp. You threw quite the fit last summer when it was time to leave. I’m so glad you love it, because I loved it as a kid and it’s fun to see you and your sister enjoy things that I enjoyed too. You can’t wait for this summer so you can go back.

You finally got to go into swimming lessons. You had a rough go of it a while back so we gave you a year or so of a break. But now something in your brain clicked and you can swim! You just need a lot of practice and you need to know that you can do it! I am so happy with you when you do your best.

You are very thoughtful. You enjoy doing special things for people, and you think of kind things I would never have thought of. You care about other peoples’ feelings and you love to be an encourager. You hurt when others hurt, and I love the empathetic heart you have.

I’m so grateful that I get to be your mum, that I get to have you in my life. You bring me so much joy every day, and life is so much better with you in it.

I love you, my dear.


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  • Louise Monday, April 25, 2016, 7:06 pm

    Lovely words for a lovely girl. You are blessed Jen.
    I hope I can have time with Liliana someday.
    Readers are leaders! Love that she loves to read.

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