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Nobody Else But Y-O-U

Compromise – I’m all about it. I think that in any relationship there needs to be compromise. I do not mean that you need to compromise yourself — I’m a firm believer in being yourself — I mean that some things you do have to be compromised a little bit.

Before you think I’m getting really off here let me explain myself. I’m watching golf. I don’t particularly like golf but I’m watching it because a certain someone I’m kinda fond of likes it. Are you getting what I mean now? I’m also going golfing this afternoon – didn’t think I’d ever golf in my life, mostly because I know I wouldn’t be good at it and I only like doing things I’m good at (most of the times), but I’m doing it. I guess I think that everyone is totally and completely different. Some people may be similar in a lot of ways but still very different in others. I think that if people aren’t willing to compromise at all, then your relationship is not going to go anywhere fast. If you always want your own way then you’re too busy being selfish and you’re not able to experience new things that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. Experience is good. It helps you grow and keeps you from being stagnate.

Anyway, gotta pick up some tips before the big game so keep your stick on the ice.

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