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sunrise #yestergram

So, we survived the 10 days of four kids. Barely, but we made it. Sunday afternoon Kaylie went to a friend’s place and we had just two kids at home. It was so weird. And quiet. Ish.

stair masters #yestergram

Melissa came to pick Kesler up on Sunday morning and he was SO. EXCITED. He pointed to his coat, and kept saying “BYE!” to us. I’m thinking he missed his mama quite a bit.

Some days were rough, but most days were fine. I definitely don’t regret agreeing to have him, and even knowing about the bad days ahead of time, I still would have said yes. And also, Preston sure loved having his little buddy around all the time. The two boys are always together. Whether fighting or playing, they are rarely more than a couple feet away from each other. If both our families stay in Saskatoon for the foreseeable future, I’m sure the boys will continue to be bestest friends.

And Noah sure loves having a bit more testosterone in the house to balance things out.

at the top

Kaylie’s class has been assigned a “sugar baby” project to learn about responsibility. It was quite hilarious to see Kaylie and two of her girl friends walk up to the van after school with boxes/bags of sugar dressed in doll clothes, being carried in baskets or doll carriers. I’ll have to admit, though, that sometimes Dona — Kaylie’s baby’s name — gets left in the van for extended periods of time, like when we’re in church or when we’re grocery shopping. She’s always been fine when we returned to the van. Don’t call social services on her.

Kaylie's "baby" for her class project.

Another thing that kept me going through the 10 days of four kids was the knowledge that I get four bliss-ful child-free days, starting this Friday. I’m kind of nervous about going away, though. I mean, Noah is taking a few days off to take care of the kids and there is nobody on the planet I trust to take care of them more than him. But, it will be the first time I’m away from Preston for a night, and I’ll be three whole provinces away. Thank goodness for FaceTime.

Mr. K

ready for bed, playing on the table #yestergram

listening to Noah sing Little Einsteins songs while we shop

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really realize things are happening until they’re happening. Going away won’t seem real until I’m on that plane. As much as I’m looking forward to a little break from fighting and arguing and whining and “NO!”s, I know I’ll miss it the second I take off. Funny how that works.

my toothless wonder rainbow fairy queen

fooling around while waiting for Daddy to be off work


my boy

here's the braided part, @tlbraam. I'll post a pic of it down tomorrow. just got a trim and got my bangs melded into the rest if my hair, as I'm growing then out. I kind of wish I had someone around to braid my hair every day. :)

I went to Venessa to get my hair cut on Tuesday. The younger two and I went to visit Noah at work afterward, and he was totally confused as to why I’d go to just get my hair braided. Um, dude. I got it cut and then braided. I had to laugh at him. And I wish Venessa lived at my house so she could braid my hair every morning.

Stress was kind of high at the end of last week, so Noah planned a date night for Tuesday evening. Sue came over to watch the kids, and Noah and I took off for a couple hours. We got to skip the craziness of bedtime, and we came home to our dishes being done. Pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

date night ... at the book store

How much is that baby in the window?

Noah’s gone to a hockey game tonight with Russ, so I took the opportunity to have a little Gangnam Style/Taylor Swift/Katy Perry dance party with the girls. Kaylie didn’t do much dancing, as she hurt her leg at gymnastics on Saturday, but Liliana was totally into it. She loves dancing, and will take any and every opportunity to put on a show. Her moves totally rival Psy’s.

We only have dance parties when Noah is out, because someone *ahem*me*ahem* does not dance in front of anyone over the age of 11. It’s for your own good, believe me.

Now excuse me while I catch up on Survivor with Kaylie and maybe start packing. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m going to bed as soon as I tuck Kaylie in. Because I’m 89 and have a hard time keeping my eyes open past 8:30pm. I should be loads of fun to hang out with this weekend.

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  • Kami Thursday, October 18, 2012, 8:54 am

    Have fun at Blissdom! I think you will be far too busy to miss that family too much :)

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