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Preston’s Third Birthday Letter

Dear Preston,

Today is your third birthday. I know it’s lame to say it, but I can’t believe you’re already three. You’ve been excited for your birthday since your buddy Kesler had his birthday party. Ever since then, you’ve wanted a “birsday pauty”. Though today you didn’t want it to be your birthday and you insisted that you were two. When we finally convinced you that you were three, you’d say that you were “two-three”.

I get comments about your curly red hair from almost everyone we run into. Your Miss Sue likes it long and curly, so we grew it out and we love it as well. You seem to be quite indifferent to long or short hair.

You started talking later than most of your friends, but we weren’t worried at all. We knew you’d talk when you were ready. You’ve had a few words for quite a while, but in the last two months your vocabulary has exploded. You can’t pronounce Ls or Rs yet, but I’m sure you will soon. You use “my” for a personal pronoun. “My dot it!” “My dot you!” “My doe pee!” You say a few words that we really love. “Pwobwems” being one of them. You say it when your underpants are on crooked or if your toes aren’t quite in the end of your sock.

You call dad’s ipad your “piepad”. You say things like “Pwease det my ‘nack?” and “I pway you phone?” and “My dad heeya!” and “Tum wook!” and “My ju’ping towts!” and every time you use the bathroom you say “Dad, tets (text) Mum!” or “Mum, tets Dad!” You call Liliana “Nana” and Kaylie either “Sisah” or “Kayway”. You can sing the ABC song and you can count to 13. Kind of. Sometimes you’ll count to eight and then say thirteen a few times till you’re actually at thirteen. When I deny you my phone, you tell me, “You go woek, Mum!” (Woek=work)

You love playing video games with your dad and your sisters. You’re just learning all the buttons, but I’m sure you’ll soon be beating your sisters at Wii Mario. You’re pretty awesome at an iPhone game called Subway Surf. It’s quite impressive, actually. You’re better at it than I am.

You were potty-trained shortly after your second birthday last year. You went from completely disinterested in the toilet to fully potty-trained in just three days. Your dad and I were really impressed.

You’re currently 37lbs and one metre (3’3″) tall. Your best buddies are Ronan and Kesler. We’ve lived in the same house since you were born.

You love to watch sports with your dad and your Big Papi, though sometimes you call baseball “hockey” or basketball “baseball”. You love to play catch with your dad and you’re pretty awesome at catching a football.

I sure love you, Presto Puff.


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