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rainy days and mondays

up before the sun.
I was not in the driver’s seat when I took this photo.

Monday, 6:00am. I head to work for an hour to do some last-minute things I didn’t get a chance to do on the weekend. I lock my keys in an office. I suck at this day and it’s only six hours in.

I take Noah to work, I get the kids ready for school, I go back to work and do what I need to do and acquire another child, I drop Noah’s phone off with him at his work because he forgot it this morning, I drop the girls off at school (with a minute to spare) where Kaylie reminds me of the band book I need to pick up for her (I told her to remind me, this time the last-minute reminder wasn’t her fault), I go to the store of band books, I nearly t-bone a guy because he believes he is too good for stop signs, I go back to the school — getting there before 9:45 because that’s what time Kaylie said band starts — to find that she’s just getting out of band, I show her a bit of grace since band only started last week, I get home at 10am and finally take Preston’s coat off. He wore it for four hours. And watched 342 episodes of Little Einsteins in the van already today.

Now the boys are running around, yelling and giggling, chasing each other. I’m watching Law & Order: SVU, which apparently has Adam Baldwin on it now. I’m too lazy to look up if he’s just on this episode or has joined the series, but I like me some Jayne/Casey action.

Monday is not going to get me down, though.

Stupid first-world problems.

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