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Scene and heard: Liliana

Enter Liliana. Liliana brings a phone to Daddy.

“I calk a Papi?”

Daddy agrees and starts to dial.

“No, no Sue. I calk a Papi.”

Daddy laughs and waits for the phone to ring. He gets a busy signal. Daddy explains to Liliana that Papi is not there.

“I calk a Sue?”

Daddy explains again, nobody is there. Papi is not there, Sue is not there.

“I calk a Tali?”

Daddy tries to call Auntie Tali, she is “not there” either.

A little while later Papi calls back and talks with Liliana for the length of her half-a-minute attention span.

Liliana, satisfied, runs to play with her sister.

And scene.

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