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Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

I don’t know about you but I HATE junk mail. I set my email inbox to exclusive so that I can only see messages from people who are on my contact list. Lately though, I’ve been having to check the junk email folder because of the possibility of new addresses emailing me for school stuff.

I’ve noticed through reading those subjects every day that every single one – and I mean EVERY one is about either getting “bigger” or getting out of debt. I swear, all the world cares about is sex and money. They try to trick you too – they have just a regular name in the name box and then hi there or Re: something in the subject and you’re like, well I don’t remember these people and then you open it and wish that you hadn’t. I stopped doing that. You know, you learn your lesson after a while.

I had one getting out of debt one that said “Get out of debt the Christian way” and I thought wow, they’ll use anything. Trying to make you think it’s okay because it’s “Christian” – YEA RIGHT!!! The other ones are more obviously not for opening – “The 10 Inch Plan” from Wish Master; “Nonsurgical” from Impresslover; “No Medication” from Gratify Her; and my favorite of the day “King-Sized PP” from Mr. Johnson. Seriously – do people have nothing better to do with their time than write dirty emails? This world is pretty sad.

Sometimes I want to just live in a bubble where you don’t get dirty emails, you don’t hear of people dying on the news and you don’t owe anybody any money. That would be my utopia.

Anyway, I wish to depart to my exhilarating day so have a good one.

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