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she flu away and never came back

There was a Christmas concert at our church last night and it was SO AWESOME. I was working in the tech booth and was therefore there quite early. I was feeling 100%.

As people started showing up, things went downhill fast. By the time it started, I could feel something coming on. Like a balloon was being blown up in my sinuses.

By the time the funny songs came, it hurt to laugh. By the time we got home when everything was over, I wanted to die. Liliana was melting down, too. I tried giving her a capsule and she spit water all over the kitchen floor. And then started screaming at me. I may or may not have lost it and handed her over to her father for her own safety.

I took a million NyQuil tablets and went to bed. Waking up sucked.

It was obvious Liliana was a wreck, moaning and groaning and I DO NOT FEEL WELL! The Liliana Cold is the Man Cold to the power of 100. I’m not exaggerating. Kaylie said she wasn’t felling well, either, so I told Noah to just take the van, as we would not be needing it.

An hour or so later, Liliana stood in the living room crying and coughing. And then she started vomiting. EVERYWHERE. She just stood there and cried and let it flow. I wished we had a shotgun so I could just end my misery right there. She did not have a stomach bug, she just wouldn’t settle down which started a coughing fit which started the vomiting and KILL ME NOW, PLEASE.

I stripped her down, ran a bath for her, and went to clean up the mess while also keeping Preston away from it.

All the while Kaylie was quarantined to her bed. I had a feeling she was “sick”, and not really sick, so I denied her her iPod when she asked to watch a show on it. Because I’m a horrible mean parent, and also because I want to nip these “sick” days in the bud.

I was also in the process of baking myself safe-to-eat banana bread because my stomach hates me and I’m trying to sooth it. I put the pans in the oven and called Noah and finally agreed to take the kids to the doctor. Preston’s eyes were still all gross and infectious, so I figured at least I’d give in and get some drops for him.

So Noah picked us up and when the kids and I were waiting in a room for the doctor I remembered about the banana bread. @&$%#! Noah raced home and took it out just in time. The doc said that we all just had a virus (which is why I was refusing to go to the clinic in the first place, can’t do anything about it), and gave me a prescription for Preston’s eyes. He also said that I have an ear infection, but they always tell me that, and my ear always feels the same, so no antibiotics for me, thankyouverymuch.

Called Noah a dozen times … SO HAPPY HE WAS FINALLY HOME.

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