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Dear Kaylie,

You turned 16 this year. SIXTEEN. WHUT.

You spent your sixteenth summer the same way we did the previous few years: at Miss Lisa’s cabin. You got to drive the four-wheeler and couldn’t have been happier about it. You sure love it at Miss Lisa’s.

We then headed to BC where you got your annual piercing. We pulled a fast one on your dad and your Miss Sue though. You wanted to get your lip pierced but we said no. So you got your nose pierced. We did that at a tattoo shop, but you also got your second holes pierced, which we did at Claire’s. While Auntie Laura-Mae and I were waiting for you, we found fake piercings. We had a great idea.

When we walked back into Big Papi and Miss Sue’s house, we went down to the basement where your dad was watching some sort of sports. We then showed him the piercing in your lip. Dad looked from you to me to you to me and was like, WHAT??? We then laughed and laughed and he realised it was fake. A couple hours later when Miss Sue got home, we got her too. She was not ok with it. We had a lot of fun.

While we were in Kelowna we also got to see your baby friend Reece. You two used to be two peas in a pod when you were little. It was good to see the two of you together again, if only for a few hours.

One great thing that happened in your sixteenth year is that you got your driver’s license. You started driver’s ed and your dad and I were SO SCARED that you were about to hit the road! You’re our BABY and you were going to be DRIVING. Terrifying! You passed and were ready to get behind the wheel.

The first time you got behind the wheel, we drove around the parking lot of the church. You went sooooo sloooooow. But we were both nervous and it was a start. We finally hit an actual road, though, and you did ok. Not great, but a good start. You’ve gotten better with practice!

You and Lily performed in your first dance competitions in the spring. You did so well! It was so fun to see you on stage. There were two of them two weekends in a row, but you guys hit them out of the park.

You had your sixteenth birthday party in June. You planned ahead! You had your BFF Paige, your BF Ben, and Ben’s friend Wyatt over. You guys had a water fight with many, many water balloons, a couple water guns, and a hose. You guys were soaked! This was followed by putting makeup on Wyatt. Why? I have no idea.

But you’re sixteen now. I still don’t know how that happened. One minute you were growling out the window at our house in Caronport and then next you’re behind the wheel of a death machine.

You’re smart, Kaylie. Though you’re just like your dad and you need to apply yourself more, which you know. You do so well in school when you put your mind to it. You love art, and your art grades are perfect. Math is not your strong suit, but you’ve worked hard on it. You’re a reader. You go through books like nobody I’ve ever met. I’m so glad you love to read.

In the spring we decided for you to switch schools in the fall. We felt it was the best thing for you and I’m glad we made the change. You’re happier for it!

You have plans to go to Australia after you graduate. Better get a job, my dear! We should work on that more. I know you’ll love it. You’re an independent soul, and you need to spread your wings.

I’m proud of you Kaylie, I’m so glad I get to be your mom.


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