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Slowly Uphill = Fast Downhill

I know for certain that God makes life easier. When I first got here (Briercrest) I was totally pumped for God, excited about my classes and totally into my devotions. As the weeks have progressed and the stress level has risen, I’m forgetting about the devotions and praying and not too excited about my classes and as a result, not totally pumped for God which is exactly opposite of where I want to be.

I find that I’m disappointed in myself a lot and sometimes just want to lock myself in a closet for a week so that the world will just leave me alone. I know what the answer is – turn to God. It’s not easy but it sure makes life better. If you think about it – if we all just listened to God and followed his commandments for our lives, it would make life a whole lot easier. You wouldn’t have do deal with guilt, stress, anything like that. Give all your problems to God and obey him and life will be peachy keen. This is not to say that it’ll be perfect but a whole lot better and when troubles come – no problem – just trust Him that you’ll get through it because He will not give you more than you can bear.

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