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spread thin

Noah called me earlier today and asked, “Do you need me for the next 24 hours?”

Um … yes? no? maybe?

I couldn’t think of anything I needed to do that involved leaving the house, so I said “no” and he planned to go out of town for work for the night. He said he could go to his destination and back and be home really late, but then I’d have to worry about him driving in the dark and he hates highway driving and if he stayed at his destination he could visit with his Grandma and, well, I decided his staying overnight in Manitoba was less stressful. It was all well and good until I realized (read: he called and reminded me that) I had a birthday party to attend (one which I could not bring my kids to)(and no, not going was not an option). And I had to run. And I had to work. And I’d already told Noah it was all good if he took off and everything was set.


I called my friend Chris and asked if she wanted to hang out for the afternoon and stay for dinner and oh! babysit my kids for an hour or two?

now please be quiet for at least 3.2 minutes

When we got back to our house this morning after spending a cool night at the in-laws’ place (We got to use blankets! It was marvellous!) it was only 26°C and it felt wonderful. Of course it warmed up in the afternoon and we’re staying again tonight in the cool basement under blankets. And by “we”, I mean Preston, Liliana, and me, because Noah is at his grandma’s place and Kaylie is at camp and apparently we’re trying to spread our family thin over the prairie provinces.


Preston loves his Big Papi and Miss Sue’s house so much that he was not too into going to sleep. Usually when I put him down, I lay him on his back and he rolls on to his stomach, curls into a ball, pushes his head into a corner, flattens out with his hands above his head, a toy in each hand, and goes to sleep. Tonight he screamed and yelled. So he got some extra Miss Sue time because I’m a sucker for that little redhead.

I’m also a sucker for really boring blog posts.

Sorry about that. UNFOLLOW!

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