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Time-Out Companion

I love timehop. It's an app that shows you posts from exactly one year ago, two years ago, etc from a variety of social media platforms. This photo came up yesterday: Original caption from two years ago: "Liliana is on a time-out for being mean to Preston. Preston retaliated by sitting beside her while they ... read more →


Dear Liliana, Today you turn nine years old. Nine! Wasn't I just writing your sixth birthday letter? Did you not just finish preschool? I've never met a person who loves life more than you do. You fill each day with as much joy as you can. You love your siblings. You are so excited when ... read more →


Dear Liliana, Happy eighth birthday! We are so blessed to have you as part of our family. You have never been boring for a single moment in your life. You are a firecracker, and we love you for that. You are a compassionate girl. You even care about bugs; you don't want them squished or ... read more →

“spring” break

In my girls' school district, Spring Break is not two weeks in March, but rather it's split between a week in February (obviously not spring) and a week in April. I had some plans for this week, but they fell through due to loss of a vehicle (it's not lost lost, just not in use ... read more →

Mum, what is a water break?

As we were driving home from school the other day Liliana said to me, "Mum, I don't want to have kids." I thought this odd since she's been asking questions about getting married and having kids for as long as I can remember, like, how does one go about finding a boyfriend/husband? and how does ... read more →