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Day 3 Reverb Prompt: How did you become more of a grown-up this year? Or did you pull a Peter Pan and stubbornly remain childlike? Oh, this year. It has been a hard one in many ways, but has also been the most incredible as well. Last year Noah and I did something that neither ... read more →

Liliana woke up with a night terror last night. She hasn't had one (that I can remember) since we lived in Regina. I went in to deal with her and when I couldn't calm her down, I started to feel my anxiety rise very quickly. I just wanted her to STOP CRYING. I felt myself ... read more →

all you need is love

I was hesitant to write those last couple posts, mostly because one of my greatest fears in life is being a burden on someone else. I did it, though, because writing is a huge release for me and I needed to put things into words. You guys turned around and sent hugs and love and ... read more →


It's been that kind of week. Or, month. Off. We've had late nights due to work Christmas parties and kid Christmas concerts and random things that just come up out of nowhere and require us to be out of the house and our kids haven't been to bed on time in who knows how long ... read more →

7 Days: 7 {favorite sound}

... read more →