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Time-Out Companion

I love timehop. It's an app that shows you posts from exactly one year ago, two years ago, etc from a variety of social media platforms. This photo came up yesterday: Original caption from two years ago: "Liliana is on a time-out for being mean to Preston. Preston retaliated by sitting beside her while they ... read more →


Dear Preston, Today you turn five years old. I can't believe that you, my son, are already five. My curly redhead. My boy. My baby. You are an early riser. You're not allowed out of your room before there's a seven on your clock and you're not allowed out of your bed until there's a ... read more →


Dear Preston, Today you turn four years old. It seems like you were just born, but I can't remember life without you. You are the best gift your dad and sisters and I could ever receive. You are an affectionate little dude. You love kisses and hugs and sitting right close to me with no ... read more →

“spring” break

In my girls' school district, Spring Break is not two weeks in March, but rather it's split between a week in February (obviously not spring) and a week in April. I had some plans for this week, but they fell through due to loss of a vehicle (it's not lost lost, just not in use ... read more →


Preston has quiet time for an hour or so every afternoon, something that came into effect for our younger two when they stopped napping. The time Preston is allowed out of his room is 3:00. For the last year or so this has been the case. This week, however, he's been coming out saying, "Dere's ... read more →