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the bachelor

The Bachelor: Ben – Week 1

Warsaw, Indiana. Ben's home town. He can shoot a basketball! And look, his elementary school! So exciting! Oh, and the movie theatre! His first kiss! Oh, look, his high school! He was good at everything! Oh, now let's have a parade in Ben's honour. Sheesh. Ben's heart was broken. He got rejected. It still stings ... read more →

The Bachelor: Chris – Episode 9

Please excuse all spelling, grammar, and tense mistakes in this post, as it was written in haste, okay?! Three are left. Who will be voted off sent home tonight? Bali! Oh, Chris. Oh, Chris no. Take those shorts off. As in, replace them with longer ones. LONGER ONES, CHRISTOPHER. PUT ON LONGER SHORTS. Finally the ... read more →

The Bachelor: Chris Tells All

KELSEY TELLS ALL First up, it's Kelsey's turn! This should be interesting. Harrison asks her some hard questions, about how she was not liked by the other girls because they found her condescending, and about her "stealing time" with Soules. The latter is just ... she's not the first contestant to do that, so it's ... read more →

The Bachelor: Chris – Episode 6

CONTINUED! Remember when 9-1-1 was called for Kelsey? This is where our story continues ... So, Kelsey is still on the ground. Kaitlyn: "The past has shown us that Kelsey has a tragic story and uses it at the right times. And now the cocktail party has been cancelled because Kelsey is freaking out." Becca ... read more →

Three are left. Who will be voted out tonight? Saint Lucia! Gorgeous. First up is Juan Pablo and Clare. They're on a boat! Clare has been going back and forth on whether or not she'll accept Juan Pablo's offer to spend the night with him, should he ask. Because of their "swimming" in the ocean ... read more →