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Dear Liliana,

You turned 10 this year. Double digits! You’ve been looking forward to your birthday for some time now. You love celebrating, and on April 25 we celebrated ten years with you.

You had your party a couple weeks after your birthday and you had so much fun with your friends Evelyn and Layla. You struggle in making friends but those two girls are solid friends. You were nervous about having two friends who didn’t know each other before your party, but the three of you got along so well, and Layla and Evelyn were instant friends. We celebrated as a family too and took you and your siblings to Ruckers. You love that place so much.

You have been working since last year to earn a fish. The rule was that you had to keep your room clean for a whole 30 days before you got your fish. You misunderstood and took it to mean that for 30 individual days you had to have your room clean and you were devastated to find out that we meant 30 consecutive days. But we compromised. I cleaned your room thoroughly and now, with less stuff, you’re keeping it clean pretty well. So you got your fish. You told me that you now feel safer with another living thing in your room. You’ve been doing well feeding it so far, but I know you’ll continue to care for it going forward.

You are such a great sister. You love to spend one-on-one time with both your siblings. I know you’re frustrated that your and Kaylie’s relationship has evolved as the two of you have gotten older, but you two still have fun when you spend time together. Your brother is so excited when you spend time with him. You two can play together for hours.

I mentioned Layla earlier. You two are like two peas in a pod. She moved here from Washington earlier this year. She visited a few times before moving here and the two of you hit it off instantly.

You do so well in school. Your grades are top notch. Your teacher has such fun with you an actually requested you be in her class. She has already asked to have you in her class again next year, since she teaches a 5/6 split.

You love to read. You love to read so much that any time we ask you to do something, we find you in your room reading. Sometimes it’s a problem though, like when you’re supposed to be getting dressed or coming to dinner or doing your chores. But mostly we love your love of reading.

I’m so proud of the person you are becoming, Liliana. You are kind, compassionate, and wise beyond your years.

Happy belated birthday, my dear.


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