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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 5

Ok, so I missed the last episode. Forgive me. I watched it with a friend and didn’t want to be typing the whole time, but never fear! Last night was too nutty to be going anywhere, so here I am, writing about this wonderful show for you.

Let’s recap though. Last week’s rose ceremony kept: Becca, Jojo, Lauren B, Amanda, Lauren H, Jubilee, Emily, (Olivia: “I read a lot of romance novels where everything just comes together.” This is totally a by-the-book romance novel, Olivia.) Caila, Jennifer, Leah, LAST ROSE Olivia. (Olivia: “Best for last, right?” No, Olivia, that is not how this works)

So! Eleven are left. Who will be voted out sent home tonight?

Mexico City!

The girls settle in their, as usual, AMAZING hotel room. Olivia: “He doesn’t validate people the way he validates me. I think our love language is reserved for us.”

Date card! “Amanda, let’s put all our eggs in one basket. Ben” Amanda says she’s been away from her kids for a while now and is looking forward to a real date.

Olivia says she’s surprised that Amanda’s name is on the card because she has children. “I don’t think that’s what Ben wants.” Shut up, Olivia.

One-on-one date! Early morning. Someone is snoring. Ben walks into the girls’ hotel room to pick up Amanda. Most of them seem not to be too angry, just a tad embarrassed. They’re annoyed, but lovingly, that Amanda woke up so happily. After she and Ben leave, Leah and Olivia talk about how Amanda’s a mom and how Ben won’t be able to handle that.

Ben and Amanda head up in a hot air balloon and fly over a bunch of pyramids. I didn’t know until recently, before this, that there were pyramids anywhere but Egypt. They’re amazing. They then head to a picnic where the usual banter happens. The girl is nervous, and Ben says he just wants to spend time with her. He asks Amanda if it’s hard to focus on herself, to be away from her girls. She says it’s definitely weird, something she’s not used to. She’s so sweet. Ben says he wants to know Amanda better. She’s nervous to tell him about herself, about what she’s been through.

Back at the house the girls are all jealous, obviously. Jubilee is getting more and more uneasy.

Date card! “This way to a man’s heart. Jubilee, Becca, Jojo, Caila, Emily, Lauren B, Jennifer, Leah, Olivia.” Lauren H’s name is not on the card, which means she gets the other one-on-one date. Olivia is, obviously, disappointed.

Amanda and Ben sit down to talk about Amanda’s history. She and her ex-husband got married when her eldest was six months old. There were a lot of red flags, he had an addictive personality, he always had other priorities. She got pregnant with her second child and things went downhill. She found cell phone activity from other women. She didn’t want to break up their family, but she had to leave. She felt embarrassed about the breakup of her marriage. She doesn’t want Ben to feel like marriage isn’t important for her.

Ben says he admires her and is impressed by her. He’s shocked, though, that some guy let Amanda slip through his fingers. He tells her that anything about her is something he wants to know, and for her to not feel nervous about it. Ben can see a future with her.

Group date! Jubilee and Olivia aren’t stoked about being on a group date. The girls walk into spanish class. They go through dialogue like, “I love you” and “I want to kiss you” and “Will you marry me”. They go one by one to talk these things to Ben, but when it’s Jubilee’s turn, she says something about him already saying these things to the other women. Awkward.

Next they head to a restaurant where they prepare to cook their own mexican food. They’re going to have a cook-off. They need to be on teams of two and Olivia and Jubilee fight to be with Ben. Olivia wins, obviously. They are given recipe lists and head downstairs for their ingredients. The girls say that Olivia has bad breath. Moments later Ben takes Olivia over to try out the fresh mint leaves. Hil-arious.

Date card! “Lauren H, let’s design a life together. Ben”

Olivia: “I want to be his partner in life, I want to be his partner in cooking.” The girls seem to be doing ok. Lauren B and Jubilee aren’t doing the best. Ben feels like Jubilee is holding back from the fun. And now, time to eat. The host chefs say that in Mexico a girl is ready to get married when she is able to cook. Emily and Jennifer have the first dish. Caila and Leah’s stuffed pepper is good. Jojo and Becca’s tacos are good, salsa not so much. Olivia and Ben’s duck sandwich apparently looks like dog food to the chefs. They say that presentation wise it’s not appealing. Jubilee and Lauren H’s dish … is the best.

They head to the group date cocktail party and Olivia grabs Ben first. Because of course she does. I wonder if he’s allowed to say no. To say that maybe someone else should get a chance first. But that would probably get awkward. They kiss because Ben doesn’t see the crazy. Ben takes Lauren B for a jaunt in the street to look at the city for a bit. He comes back and takes Jubilee away. She doesn’t take his hand when they walk away. She tells him that she’s having a hard time. Ben says that he feels like they’ve stepped backward. He tried to hold her hand and she pulled away. Ben is confused. He might have to say goodbye to him.

I think Ben is breaking it off with her. “As incredible as the moments with you have been … it would be unfair of me to tell you that I saw things progressing forward.” She’s going home. “I think it’s best that tonight we say goodbye.” She doesn’t hold his hand on the way out. I feel so bad for her. I like her a lot. I see pieces of myself in her. Ben goes back to the women and tells them that he had to let Jubilee go. He says that she intrigued him and it was hard to break that. Jojo steals him away and lets him talk about it. I like that. When a woman is caring about how HE feels, rather than just herself.

Ben picks up the group date rose. I hope it goes to Jojo. Because she proved herself to be caring. He gives it to Olivia. NOOOOOOOOO!!! There was a moment of silence. She’s all smug, obviously.

One-on-one! Lauren H and Ben walk into a clothing store and try some stuff on. The owner then tells them that it’s Mexican fashion week and that rehearsal starts in one hour. Lauren is stoked.

Back at the house Olivia says she’s not threatened by Lauren. “I’m not going to rub it in her face, but I’m back.” Jennifer and Emily talk about how Olivia should have gone home this week. Emily says that Ben needs to know about Olivia.

Ben and Lauren watch the rehearsal for the show. The director then tells Lauren that she is going to be a part of the fashion show. She freaks out a bit. She rehearses a bit and then it’s show time. She killed it. As did Ben.

Back at the house, Lauren B is nervous because things are getting more serious with Ben.

Lauren and Ben head to dinner. He says that he appreciated his time with her. He tells her how much fun and how great he thinks she is. She says she doesn’t wnat to be put in the friend zone. She wants him to know what makes her her. She tells him that she was in a serious relationship for four years but suddenly he broke up with her. It ends up he’d been cheating on her. She didn’t date anyone for a long time. On her birthday a year later she decided to be happy.

She’s now at the point where she wants someone. Ben is stoked to get to know her. Becausue she’s made the most of what they have. He’s really attracted to her, and that’s important to her.

Ben picks up the rose. “This is a day that I will remember forever.” He offers her the rose and she accepts.

Cocktail party! Ben greets the women. “I think we all know that time is limited here.” Jojo tells Ben how much she loves being around her. She tells him that she wants to know if there’s anything that he has a problem with when it comes to her. He tells her that she won’t be blindsided. Lauren B tells Ben that she can see a life with him, which is terrifying. Ben feels more confident tonight than he has been.

Amanda talks about her kids for a little bit, how her ex-husband is supposed to have them every other week but he hasn’t been. He’ll take them on Friday and her mom will pick them up again on Saturday morning. Olivia: “I feel like this is an episode of Teen Mom that I’m watching.” Amanda: “What did you say?” Olivia: “I feel like it’s an episode of Teen Mom.” Amanda gives an awkward laugh. Everyone else is silent. She isn’t stoked about what Olivia said, obviously. What an asshat. Amanda then says that it would like her relating Olivia to Snookie. She’s hurt. Olivia then breaks down, “I want you guys to know that I’m going to try harder from now on.”

Emily takes Ben aside and talks about how everyone feels about him giving Olivia the rose. She tells him that Olivia’s been very disrespectful and Ben wants to know the details. Olivia is on her way to take Ben away. She’s such a &#%@! Ben is now questioning his time with Olivia. Emily is in tears about the whole Olivia thing. I don’t blame her. She’s a sweetheart. (Emily, not Olivia.) Olivia says that she has something for Ben.

Emily is allowed to call Haley, and tells her how Olivia is being so mean to her. Olivia tells Ben how good she feels. He asks how it’s been back at the house. Ben says that any girl who’s being mean to Emily is not the woman for him. Ben then asks Amanda how things are going in the house. She says that from the first week she feels like Olivia has been targeting her. Jennifer says something about Olivia as well.

The girls line up for a rose ceremony but Ben takes Olivia away. The girls wonder if anyone has every had a rose taken away. They all think she’s going home.


The preview for next week doesn’t show Olivia, but it shows a lot of crying and girls saying things that sound like they’re about Olivia. Can’t wait!

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