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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 1

Warsaw, Indiana. Ben’s home town. He can shoot a basketball! And look, his elementary school! So exciting! Oh, and the movie theatre! His first kiss! Oh, look, his high school! He was good at everything! Oh, now let’s have a parade in Ben’s honour. Sheesh.

Ben’s heart was broken. He got rejected. It still stings. He fears being unlovable. He wants a relationship like his parents have, they’ve been married for 30+ years. They live on a lake because to be The Bachelor you need to come from a wealthy family. Because of course. His parents tell him that he can have a life without having a girlfriend, that he’s not unlovable. His mom tears up and says that after 32 years she’s still happy she’s with his dad. They toast to love. Ben is ready to date 25 people.

Bachelor mansion!

Ben says he needs advice. So who walks out of the mansion? Chris Soules, Sean Lowe, Jason Mesnick. Jason: “I’m the oldest Bachelor in history!” Someone else: “And the oldest.”

Sean: “Easiest way to piss off a group of girls is to kiss one of them in front of the rest of them.”
Chris: “Kiss ’em all!”
Ben: “Is it weird to be with one girl, kiss her, and then move on to the next one and kiss her too?” YES, BEN, BUT THAT IS WHAT THIS SHOW IS ALL ABOUT!
Jason: “You just gotta be honest. Be with one girl in the moment, just think about her.”
Sean: “I didn’t have feelings for Catherine until half-way through and then I ended up marrying her.”
Jason: “You weren’t even alive during my season!”
Sean: “You all did better than I did.” (He’s the only one of the three who didn’t marry his lady.)

Ben is putting himself out as the Bachelor in hopes that love really does exist.

A few highlighted women:

Lauren B, 25, Flight Attendant from Marina Del Rey, CA. The beach is her happy place. She loves her job. She says she’s single and it’s so sad (in a funny way).

Caila, 24, Software Sales Rep from Hudson, OH. She fell in love with the city and didn’t want to leave. She met her boyfriend on a plane and a year later didn’t see it going anywhere. Saw Ben get out of the limo and thought he was perfect.

Jubilee, 24, War Veteran from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She went through basic training and then was shipped off to Afghanistan. She saw Ben on the show and thinks that he has every last quality she’s looking for. She’s ready for love.

Mandi, 28, Dentist from Portland, OR. She’s weird. “Ben seems like he flosses.”

Haley & Emily, 22, Twins from Las Vegas, NV. Haley: “I’m Haley.” Emily “And I’m Emily.” Together: “And we’re twins!” And so annoying already! Why is “Twins” your job title? I hope you both get kicked off the first week. “We’re a whole lot of double trouble!” Oh my word.

Amanda, 25, Esthetician from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Two little girls: Kinsley is 3.5 and Charlie is almost 2. Oh my word adorable. Has not dated since her divorce two years ago. This gal is super sweet. I like her.

Tiara, 27, Chicken Enthusiast from Redmond, WA. She has a chicken called Sheila who is her one true love. Oh sheesh, I don’t even know what to say about her.

Samantha, 26, Attorney, New Smyrna Beach, FL. She has a tragic story of her dad having ALS. Awful. Poor girl. :(

So, usually the winner is among the first women introduced. So, out of these nine women I choose … Amanda or Mandi I think. Though I like Lauren too.

The women arrive!

But first, Ben. Harrison tells Ben that he’s ready for this. Ben asks for a hug.

First limo! There’s screaming!

First to arrive is Lauren the flight attendant. She gives Ben wings. Second is Caila the software sales rep, who gets Ben to catch her.

3. Jennifer, 25, Small Business Owner from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
4. Jami, 23, Bartender from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. She knows Kaitlyn.
5. Samantha the attorney. She just found out that she passed the bar exam.
6. Jubilee the war veteran. She says she had a couple pick-up lines for him but forgot them all.
7. Amanda the esthetician.
8. Lace, 25, Real Estate Agent from Denver, CO. She kisses him because she wanted the first kiss.
9. Lauren R, 26, Math Teacher from Houston, TX. She’s stalked Ben online for the last few months. Creeeeper.
10. Shushanna, 27, Mathematician from Salt Lake City, UT. She speaks only Spanish to Ben. He has no idea what she’s saying.
11. Leah, 25, Event Planner from Denver, CO.
12. Joelle “Jojo”, 24, Real Estate Developer from Dallas, TX. She exits the limo wearing a unicorn head. Is that Elan Gale’s? (One of the producers.)
13. Lauren H, 25, Kindergarten Teacher from Ann Arbor, MI. Is this the third Lauren? She brought Ben a bouquet that she got at a wedding last weekend.
14. Laura, 24, Account Executive from Louisville, KY. Her friends call her Red Velvet.
15. Mandi the dentist. She’s wearing a giant flower on her head. “Maybe we can talk later and you can polinate it.” I think I just took her off my list.
16 & 17. Haley & Emily, 22, Twins from Las Vegas, NV. They’re so annoying. “We never date the same guy, so you’re the exception.”
18. Meagan, 30, Cowgirl from Weatherford, TX. She’s walking up with a little horse. I don’t think this one is gonna last long.
19. Breanne, 30, Nutritional Therapist from Seattle, WA. She brought a picnic. “I don’t eat any gluten.” She’s breaking breadsticks on rocks. Seriously.
20. Isabel “Izzy”, 24, Graphic Designer from Brandford, CT. She’s wearing a onesie. “I had to find out if you were the onesie for me.” Wow.
21. Rachel, 23, Unemployed from Little Rock, AR. She’s riding in on a … handlebar-less electric scooter thing?
22. Jessica, 23, Accountant from Boca Raton, FL. “I’m so happy it’s you.”
23. Tiara the chicken enthusiast.
24. Lauren “LB”, 23, Fashion Buyer from Stillwater, OK.
25. Jackie, 23, Cerontologist from San Francisco, CA.
26. Olivia, 23, News Anchor from Austin, TX.

Ben: “There’s no doubt that it’s possible that my wife is in that room.”

The girls gush about Ben’s hotness.

Lace is a total stalker. I think she’s rubbing all the girls the wrong way.

Ben calls his parents. Because that’s what every guy does before he dates 26 women. He then walks into the room with his 26 girlfriends and their pony. Halfway though Ben’s speech Mandi cuts him off and takes him away. I think she’s going to be the first one of the highlighted nine to leave. Not a fan. “If we’re gonna make out, you have to floss.” She’s got him in full patient mode with a paper bib thing on and everything, she’s got a mirror in his mouth.

Olivia the news anchor walked away from a full-time job to meet Ben. Ben says she makes a good first impression. Caila compares vocations with Ben, as they’re both in software sales. The twins sit Ben down. “It’s kind of like a fantasy every guy has to dates twins like us.” Ben talks to a bunch of women while a limo pulls up with Becca and Amber in it. They’re … joining? Ben is not expecting them. Becca is so weird. I don’t know Amber really at all.

They walk in to a room full of women who are not happy to see them. Becca goes off to find Ben, who is shocked to see her. Ben and Becca are both nervous but happy to see each other. Amber walks in and Ben is surprised to see her as well.

Lace is a little intoxicated. That’s a recipe for disaster, Lace. You’re not going to last long. Lace steals Ben from Jubilee. “I’m getting a rose tonight.” She asks Ben for another kiss but Mandi saves Ben just in time. Ben goes to find Lace. Is he sending her home? Nope, he’s just making sure she’s aware that tonight is just for getting to know them, not for making out. Lace then goes to the redhead and says something like, “I can’t believe Ben came looking for me!”

Chris Harrison comes into the house and puts the First Impression Rose on the table. Mandi: “I am the First Impression Rose.” Lauren B has a chat with Ben and he is quite taken by her. Is she the winner? Ben comes in and grabs the first impression rose and goes off to find … Olivia. She says she’s humbled by receiving it. Lace drinks another glass of wine.

Harrison comes in to grab Ben for the rose ceremony. Ben: “I’m more confident than ever that my wife is in this room.” Lace is falling apart. “I don’t want Ben to forget about me.” Lady, nobody is going to forget about you.

Rose Ceremony!

Ben tells the ladies that they’re not making this easy on him. Let’s get to it! Olivia already has a rose. The next one goes to Lauren B, one of my faves. LB. Or is it this Lauren? I can’t keep them straight. Caila. Amber. Jami. Jennifer. (Yay!) Jubilee. I like her. Amanda. Jojo. Leah. Rachel. Samantha. Jackie. Haley. Emily. Shushanna. Lauren H. Becca. Mandi. FINAL ROSE. Lace. FOR REAL?! Maybe they made him keep her?

Laura: “Maybe he’s just not into redheads.”

Lace pulls Ben aside and asks him why he didn’t make eye contact with her earlier and why she was the last one called. Dude. Quit while you’re ahead. “If you want me to go home I’d rather just go home.” Ben says that he just got done asking a woman to go home. Lace: “Would you rather she stay?”

Ben: “I have a feeling that the drama has just started.” You’re right, dude.

My pick to win? Either Lauren B or LB, I can’t remember which one was giggling with Ben as they looked like they’d known each other forever.

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