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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 3

Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

I love the previews at the beginning of the episode. ALL CRYING ALL THE TIME. Can’t wait!

Chris Harrison walks into a heavy room. There will be three dates this week. Two one-on-ones and a group date. Date card! Jubilee says it will be the happiest moment of her life if she gets it. “Lauren B. The sky’s the limit. Ben.” It’s a helicopter ride. Because it’s not The Bachelor without a helicopter ride.

Ben is really interested in Lauren B. “But she’s still a mystery to me.” I like her too, Ben. She’s one of my finalists. It’s gonna be Amanda, Lauren B, LB, Caila, and Jojo. Those are my top five. The winner? I don’t know. I’m looking for the girl who gossips the least.

Lauren B is so excited. She is a flight attendant, but has never been in a tiny plane. She’s quite scared. “Remember when I said I have no regrets being here?” They fly around, do some rollercoaster moves, get scared, kiss, look adorable. Then they fly over Bachelor mansion.

Back at the house the girls aren’t stoked to see Ben on a date with another woman. Olivia says she has her eye on the prize and that Ben is going to be hers.

Ben & Lauren B land and head to a hot tub in the middle of a field. Helicopter + hot tub = perfect Bachlor date. Ben has writing on his left-hand side. I want to know what it says. Ben: “Dang it you’re cute.” Lauren B: “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Caila says she’s trying to wrap her head around the fact that this is a process, and that she’s scared to get her heart broken. She doesn’t want to be guarded but is acknowledging the fact that it’s going to be hard.

Coming up! Olivia acts like a jerk.

B&L head into the Camarillo Guest House for dinner. Ben asks Lauren B what she’s looking for in life. She says the little things. Her dad loves his yard. She grew up in a strong-knit family, where she had to work for what she had. She wants to give her kids the same kind of life. Ben asks her why she’s still single. She says she’s picky. Her dad is a nice, sensitive person, and she wants the kind of man who can be the dad to her kids that her dad was to her.

Date card! It’s gotta be the group date. “Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Shushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace, Emily. Love is the goal. Ben.” Jubilee is hoping for the one-on-one. It’ll be Becca, Jubilee, or Jojo.

Lauren B says there is nowhere she’d rather be right now. Ben says that his dad has heart problems. He had surgery and then his pastor said that he has to go home because his dad is having triple-bypass surgery. His mom was super scared. A mess. She was so scared to lose him. Ben says he’s looking for someone who cares enough about him be that caring about him. Lauren H: “I want to meet your family.” She meant in general, not GIVE ME A HOMETOWN.

Ben picks up the date rose and offers it to Lauren. She accepts. They kiss. Ben says he has one more surprise. I bet you anything they dance to a live band. … YES THEY DO. I’m good at this apparently. Lauren B says that she 100% could fall in love with Ben.

Group date! They head to a soccer stadium. Ben wants to see how they interact with each other. Ben introduces the girls to Alex and Kelly, two ladies on the US National team. Olivia: “This is the one sport I know nothing about.”

Jojo and Jubilee chat about Ben and falling for him. Jubilee: “Can Ben gravitate toward complicated? He has a type, but it’s not me.”

Harrison walks in and says that he’s breaking the girls into two teams. Stars and stripes. Only the winning team will go to the after party. Haley & Emily: “This is a twin-off!” Oh, shut up.

Ben gives a pep talk and the teams are OFF. Lace is scored on because she didn’t know that she could pick up the ball. Go, Lace! Emily is an amazing goalie. The girls are quite horrible. The end score is 3-3 so it’s sudden death. Lace stops a goal. So does Emily. They’re not half bad. Rachel hurts herself, gets right back up. That’s what I like to see. Stripes win. Rachel wants to die. The stars walk away sad. Obviously.

Ben and the girls toast to a great night and Ben says he’s going to spend time with each lady. He’s about to say something, probably which girl will start, but Olivia interrupts him and pulls him aside. They head up to a hotel room and Olivia calls over a balcony. Olivia tells Ben that people find her intimidating. Ben says that since she got the first impression rose, there’s gonna be some flack about that. Olivia: “I want Ben and I at the end. Sometimes you gotta go after that.”

Apparently Olivia has ugly feet. And fake boobs. And bad breath. The girls are knocking her down all over the place. Jennifer totally throws them under the bus. Olivia is shocked that they talked about her toes.

Date card! “Jubilee, love is in the air. Ben.” She jumps all over the place. Jojo doesn’t look impressed.

Ben asks Lace what the hardest part of this process. She says she closes herself off. Amber says that this time is different because she knows what she wants. She hardcore leans in to kiss Ben, even though he wasn’t giving off kissing vibes. She’s “so on cloud nine.”

Ben picks up the rose. My guess is … no. I have no guess. Amber! “I’ve never had one of these before!” Olivia “knows his heart” and that he couldn’t have given him a rose again. Ben “pushed off” her leg when he stood off and it’ll keep her going.

Jubilee can’t believe that Ben picked her. She is afraid of being socially awkward with Ben. He’s 20 minutes late, which apparently is due to the helicopter being 20 minutes late. Jubilee: “Does anyone else wanna go on my date?” The girls are annoyed. And they feel bad for Ben.

Jubilee was scared at first but then Ben put his hand on her leg and she was like, “This is really cool.” They head to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, which looks like a mini castle according to Jubilee. They try caviare and Jubilee chokes on it because she thinks it’s gross. She spits it out. Ben laughs. (Kindly.) She says she’s adventurous, but not with food. Jubilee says she’s obsessed with hot dogs. She tells Ben that she has trouble talking sometimes so when she got the date card she mumbled and couldn’t speak. She says when she got it she was surprised, but over the moon. Ben asks why she was so surprised. He says she intrigues him and he was excited to spend today with her.

They head outside for mini golf. Jubilee: “If I win, you have to give me a kiss. If you win, I have to give you a kiss.” “Sounds fair,” says Ben. No, it’s not mini golf, it’s some sort of weird disc pushing thing … Anyway. They head to a hot tub. She says she’s stoked that he laughed at a “white boy” reference she made. She says he stresses out too much, but that’s why he has her, to be able to laugh. Ben likes that she challenges him, that he calls him on stuff. He’s impressed. Jubilee says that she’s never been this comfortable on a first date.

Ben tells her that she’s been more open and honest with him than the others have been. “You wanna know how refreshing that is for me?” She’s worried that sometimes it’s hard to make friends. He wants to know why Haiti scares her, what makes her not want to go back. She says she has a love/hate relationship with her past. But she came out ok. The main reason she hasn’t gone back is because she feels that she has to go back with someone special. Her fear of rejection comes from her past. Her whole family died except for her. She deals with guilt because of that. She’s the only surviving person in her bloodline. As much as it’s hard to understand something like this, I’ve been there. Not in her position, but to Haiti. There are so many in her position, hurting. Alone. Without their families. It’s heartbreaking.

Ben asks Jubilee if she understands what she’s done in life to bring her here. “You are a strong woman. There’s a lot of depth to you. I want to know those layers.” Ben picks up the rose and offers it to Jubilee. She accepts. Ben: “I feel excited about what’s happening. I could definitely see myself falling in love with Jubilee.”

The next morning the girls are shocked to see Jubilee still in the game after how she reacted at the beginning of her date with Ben. They don’t see her making play dates with other soccer moms. Look. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NOT MAKING PLAY DATES WITH OTHER SOCCER MOMS. Lace thinks she’s in danger of going home.

Ben comes in and says he got a phone call this morning from his family. Two people died in a plane crash. He’s feeling a little down (obviously). He wants to find somebody to talk to about these types of things. Of course Olivia grabs him right away. She makes it all about her. Amanda gives him some comfort. Lauren H is concerned that Jubilee has secluded herself. Jubilee tries to talk to the other women but they blow her off.

Jubilee takes off and takes Ben away to give him a massage to comfort him. The other girls are super mean about it. I don’t like any of them right now. This is about BEN. Not them. Just give him tonight for goodness sake. The girls are being such jerks. They try to talk to her, jump on her. She shuts them out. AS SHE SHOULD. I hate them all. Caila says that it isn’t fair what the other girls are doing.

Ben says that he’s responsible for the feelings and hurt in the house, so he has to go see Jubilee. Lace says that Jubilee is taking all her time away. Ben is sitting with Jubilee, consoling her, when Amber comes in and attacks her anyway, saying that Jubilee hurt her and the other girls with her comment about, “Anybody want my date?” Amber: “You should just be grateful.” Ben: “Can I just say something? (To Amber) What I like about Jubilee is that she doesn’t walk on eggshells. She says things that make me blush sometimes. I want her to feel comfortable, that’s the only way that I’m going to be able to see who she is. (To Jubilee) I had a great day with you yesterday, don’t doubt that, please, will you give me a hug, please? And will you come find me later, please?”

Ben goes out to the rest of the girls. “The drama is over.” Ben goes to sit with the girls when Lace takes him away. Ben was going to address the group but Lace is thinking she’s very important. Lace says that she thinks he’s amazing and she’s ashamed about how she’s acted and wants to be able to offer him more. “I just feel like going home would be easier.” Second girl to take herself out of the running. I’m not sad about this one. I’m pretty sure he’s relieved. Harrison comes in and pulls Ben away.

Rose ceremony! So, Amber, Jubilee, and Lauren B already have roses. Lauren H. Amanda. (Was she being mean to Jubilee? I can’t remember.) Becca. (I don’t think she was.) Haley. Emily. Rachel. Caila. Jojo. Jennifer. Leah. Olivia is convinced that Ben is saving the best (her) for last. Actually, Olivia, the first people are the front-runners. Not the last person. The last person is the one who he is on the fence about. Jerk. FINAL ROSE. Please not Olivia please not Olivia please not Olivia. Olivia.

Shushanna, Jami (“I don’t know why I even try. I’m just going to start adopting cats now”), and, obviously, Lace went home.

Olivia feels strongly about her relationship with Ben. She’s a bit insane. “When he gave me the rose he gave me a squeeze around my waist a little bit.” HE DID THAT TO ALL THE WOMEN, OLIVIA. “That was him saying he can’t give me everything all the time, just the little things. We’re on the same wavelength. He’s just my guy right now.” NOT SO MUCH, OLIVIA.

NEXT WEEK! Crying! Olivia is insane! Crying! Olivia is insane! Crying!

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  • Janna Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 7:26 pm

    I looked at Mike and said, “Those girls are going to feel like schmucks when they watch this episode!” (In regards to Jubilee) Olivia should not watch herself at all… She will need therapy if she watches!

    • Jen Wilson Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 8:23 pm