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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 6

Ok, SO. Ben led Olivia away and we’re all wondering IS SHE GONE PLEASE IS SHE GONE SEND HER HOME! Let’s see …

Did she get her rose taken away? they’re all wondering. Ben tells her that he’s not hearing good things about her relationship with the women. Olivia makes it look like the women’s fault. She says that she’s not into hair braiding and nail painting, she’d rather read* in her room. And think. She’s rather “think”? As in, the others don’t “think” and you’re rising above them? Jerkface.

*I read Courtney Robertson’s I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends and in it she states that the women aren’t allowed things like books. They’re not allowed phones or media or TV or anything that would distract them from Ben. Maybe that’s why (many of) the women come out of the show with life-long friends. I’ve only seen a few exceptions to this rule, like Amanda being allowed to talk to her kids. Or that one phone call between Emily and Haley.

Back to Olivia throwing the women under the bus. “I think I come off as intimidating. I try to be nice, but …” “Where does the intimidating part come from?” “I guess I’m just really confident.” AND LOUD-MOUTHED.

The women are speculating, and each stating their disdain of Olivia, most in hurtful (as in, being hurt by Olivia) ways. I’m convinced Becca had braces. Because she keeps looking like someone who just got her braces off. Because that’s totally what this part of the show is about …

Olivia says that things at the house are fine because she knows what she sees in him. She starts crying. “I can handle it.” She and Ben walk back into the room, a rose still in her hand. Ben gives a speech about the women being different and how he’s enjoying each week. Olivia tells the camera, BRING IT ON, BRO!

Rose ceremony! Ok, so Amanda, Olivia, and Lauren H already have roses. BEN PICKS UP THE FIRST ROSE. Caila. She reminds me so much of Sean’s Catherine. Lauren B. I love her. Jojo. Becca. Emily is super worried becasue she feels like her telling Ben about Olivia is putting a target on her back. Leah. LAST ROSE. DRAMATIC MUSIC. Emily. Phew! She’s such a sweetheart. Jennifer is sent home.

Olivia is over the moon. She’s reading into everything again. “He’s just saying to me …” Shut up, Olivia.

Bahamas! The girls check out yet another AMAZING hotel room. Olivia toasts to the continued journey.

Date card! Chris Harrison comes and delivers the first date card. “Caila, let’s see if our love is reel. Ben” (Reel is not spelled wrong.)

Leah is disappointed. She hasn’t had any one-on-one time yet. Ben comes to pick up Caila. He acknowledges that some women haven’t had one-on-one time yet, but he needs more time with Caila. Because her first one-on-one had two other men on it, so they didn’t have much time just themselves.

Caila says she’s worried about other women who haven’t had the time yet. Back at the house Lauren B is comforting Leah, who is distraught, saying she shouldn’t be there if Ben doesn’t want to get to know her. They live ten minutes from each other, could have met at a bar, but he had to put her through all this. I feel so bad for her. She’s one of the good ones. Well, most of the rest of them are good. Except Olivia.

Ben holds Caila as she catches a big fish. I don’t know what kind it is. And then they kiss it. Ew. They then jump off the boat into the ocean.

The two head off into a restaurant and Ben wants to know what’s behind the smile. She’s so smiley all the time, but she wants to see the other layers of her. He asks her how she’d react when she or Ben are going through a hard time. She says she’s being put on the spot to do it. Is she supposed to tell him her deepest darkest secrets? He says no, he just wants to know how she’d handle things. She says she feels like she loves him but she doesn’t know why she can’t share, maybe it’s just that she’s not ready. Her greatest fear is that she can’t totally and completely fall in love with someone. She says that since he feels unlovable, she’s afraid she’s going to break his heart. She doesn’t want to hurt him. “Hurt me how?” He’s confused. He thinks he’s going to be saying goodbye to Caila.

Date card! “Lauren B, Becca, Amanda, Jojo, Lauren H, Leah. Love is unpredictable. Ben” This means that Emily and Olivia are on the two-on-one.

Ben asks Caila how she actually feels. She says that she’s a confusing person. Ben asks her if she’s ready to find someone. “I know I’m falling in love because I feel like I’m being understood. When you hold my hand and you look at me, I feel understood. I feel that I know that you want people to know that they’re loved. I feel like I want you in my life. I feel happy.” Ben goes from being confused to being confident. He offers Caila the rose. She says she wishes she could offer one back to him because he deserves it.

The group date women meet Ben down at the docks. They hop on the boat and sail as Becca wonders what Ben meant on the card by “unpredictable”. “Because you wanna know what’s unpredictable? Sharks.” You’re right, my dear. The boat pulls up on a small island with … pigs. Ben tells the women that they’re going to feed the pigs. The women are a bit scared, and rightly so, because they’re totally crazy. The pigs I mean. It looks terrifying. There’s a lot of screaming and giggling.

Emily calls Haley and tells her about the two-on-one.

Things get awkward on the pig farm. I think becasue Ben is spending so much time with Lauren B. Ben: “How do you date this many women you have feelings for and keep everyone happy. Does anyone know?” Ok, WHAT does the side of Ben’s ribcage say? I need to google that …

Ok, so Ben has: “commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed”

Commit to the LORD
whatever you do
and your plans will succeed
Proverbs 16:3

Funny story, though, there is a cross right after the 3 because apparently the tattoo shop messed up and added a 4 after the 3. There is no Proverbs 16:34, so it’s not that they referenced an existing verse. He didn’t notice till his roommate pointed it out. He got the 4 covered up by a cross. He says the shop covered it because of the mistake, but look. In my experience, when a tattooist shows you a design, you triple-check it. It’s as much your responsibility as theirs that, before going on your body, the design is right. I checked my kids’ names five times before they were tattooed on my arm. If it’s words, QUADRUPLE-CHECK them. It’s not all on the shop, dude.

ANYWAY. Leah gets her time with Ben. She tells him how she feels and he asks her to just make the most of today. If anything, this makes her feel worse. I get it. It sucks. She talks to Lauren H about it.

Group date cocktail party. Ben grabs Becca away first. He asks her why she was standoff-ish. She says it’s because he was off with Lauren B for a long time. They end up kissing. Of course.

Date card! “Two women, one rose. One stays, one goes. Chris Harrison” “Emily + Olivia, Let’s sea what the Bahamas have in store for us … -Ben”

Olivia: “Emily and I are the same age and I’m going to feel like her mom tomorrow.”

The group date rose sits on the table.

Leah pulls Ben aside. She starts talking about other women. Lady, this isn’t the way to go. Talk about you and Ben. She says that there are some people who are different in the house than they are with her. She says it’s the person he has the strongest connection with. Lauren B. What?! She says she’s jealous that Lauren B gets too much time with him. At which point Lauren B walks into the room.

Ben tells Lauren B what was said. She is totally confused. I don’t think she has any idea what is going on. Their time doesn’t go well. “I don’t get why someone would take their time with Ben to talk about someone else.” Yea, me neither, when it isn’t at all necessary. Lauren B goes back crying. Amanda comforts her. Because Amanda is a sweetheart. It’s funny, when Emily Maynard was on, she was the most caring one too. Maybe it’s a mom thing? Or maybe Emily and Amanda are just the sweetest regardless. Lauren B tells the women what happened. Leah isn’t in the room. She walks in just after and asks what happened. She looks dumbfounded when she’s informed. “I didn’t say anything.” Ok, now I hope she goes home. “I would never be the type of person to single someone out.”

Ben picks up the rose. I hope he gives it to Lauren B. No, he gives it to Amanda. Which I’m 100% ok with. I love her. Leah: “I’m going to have to do something a little more extreme.” They’re back at the house and Lauren B is still upset and sitting on Emily’s bed. Emily tells that that is so false. “I didn’t even know how to respond to him becasue I was so confused. I don’t know who would make up a lie like that. It was someone on the group date and I know it wasn’t Amanda, Becca, or Jojo, Leah said she didn’t say it …” Emily says that Leah’s making herself look better by saying someone is worse.

Meanwhile, Leah heads to Ben’s place. She wants to make him send Lauren B home. Goodness I’m jealous of all their thick hair. I used to have super thick hair and now a medication I was on made it all fall out and it’s think and limp. &*#^$ Stupid. Anyway, Ben answers the door and is surprised to see Leah. She starts talking about Lauren right away. Dude. She’s spouting lies. Lie after lie of oh my word. Poor Lauren. I hope Leah’s seeing this right now seeing how horrible she was. She’s telling him she’s catty. Ben isn’t cool with what Leah’s doing. He tells her that something just doesn’t feel right. And tells her that it’s bet that they say goodbye. Well this hasn’t happened before. A girl goes to him at night and ends up being sent home. Too bad, Leah. Be nicer next time.

Ben is wondering if anything Leah said was true. He’s now less confident that this will work. It feels like a lot of darkness. Leah packs up and quietly leaves.

Two-on-one date! Olivia: “We’ve been writing our love story this whole time and this is my chance to get time uninterrupted, you know, I’m happy. It’s all good.” I wonder how she feels watching this. Sheesh. Emily’s afraid that Olivia’s true colours aren’t going to show.

The women are picked up from a dock by Ben in a boat. It’s all about the boats this week. They take a very windy ride to a little island. The rose is on the beach. They toast to the day. There’s silence. Ben then says that he’s stealing Olivia away. Olivia: “Ben and I’s love…” (MY and Ben’s love, Olivia. MY. You never say “I’s”. Take away “Ben” and you wouldn’t say “I’s love”, you’d say “my love”. So just add “Ben” to that. I correct the grammar of mean people.)(Even though this blog post is full of grammatical errors and typos because I’m typing so fast, she’s being a jerk and deserves it.) Anyway. “Ben and I’s love is that all-consuming, ever-present, always growing kind of love and I don’t need to prove anything to Ben, we just need to keep progressing today.” Shut up, Olivia. Ben asks Olivia about the last week and she tells him that she hasn’t tried to get to know anyone, because they aren’t people she’d hang out with normally. She’s more of an introvert. And a douche. “I’m very grounded and in tune with my body … I think deep intellectual things …” I beg to differ. She then tells Ben that she’s in love with him.

Ben pulls Emily away and she talks through hair blowing in her face. She’s adorable. She tells Ben that she wants to be here. Ben tells her that he’s liked watching her grow with Haley’s departure. She’s not mean. She’s not full of herself.

Ben picks up the rose. This isn’t going to be pretty. Ben picks Olivia first. She’s the one going home. That’s how this goes. Emily is upset, thinking Olivia is getting the rose. Ben talks to Olivia, says some nice things, she’s got a smile plastered on her face, then Ben says that he can’t reciprocate her feelings. He’s going to have to say goodbye to her. He says it’s hard to say goodbye to someone who had the best first impression, but he just doesn’t feel what she feels. She’s heartbroken. Obviously.

Ben offers the rose to Emily and she happily accepts.

Ben says he needs more time to get to know the ladies. Lauren B is nervous about the cocktail party because she needs to have a conversation with Ben about the allegations. Lauren H thinks she’s going home becasue everyone else seems to have strong connections with Ben. Chris Harrison walks in and says that there will not be a cocktail party. They’re going straight to the cocktail party. My guess was that he was going to skip the rose ceremony because two women had already gone home. This is scary, though, because I like all these ladies.

Rose ceremony! Ok, so Amanda, Emily, and Caila already have roses. Three roses remain. My guess is that Lauren H is going home. Not because I don’t like her, she just seems to have the least-secure relationship with him. Becca. Jojo. Lauren B. Goodness. I feel so bad for Lauren H. This was the first cocktail party where I wasn’t hoping for someone to go home. They’re all so lovely. I guess now is the time when it gets hard. “Why is it so hard to fall in love? I just want someone to want me, to get me. When is it going to work?”

A sneak peek at the coming weeks makes me so excited for all the TEARS AND DRAMA AND TEARS.

The closing credits of the show are always my favourite. This week? One of the girls let a bat in when they grabbed the group date card. Except after much screaming and chasing they realized it was a foot-wide butterfly. Creepiest thing ever. A moth maybe? I don’t know. *shudder*

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