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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 7

Six are left. Who will be voted out sent home tonight?

Warsaw, Indiana Ben has breakfast with his parents and fills them in on what’s happening up to this point. He tells them about the remaining women. His mom is hopeful, and is looking forward to meeting the women.

Ben takes the ladies into a gorgeous house, where they’ll be staying for the week. He then asks Lauren out on a date. In front of the other women. None of them are very stoked about this. Lauren, however, is. Remember how Leah totally bashed her in front of Ben? Unnecessarily? I bet he’s trying to see where she’s at and what’s going on with her. Usually when a woman is called out, it’s for a reason. There was no reason with Lauren.

Lauren is sitting in the middle seat of Ben’s truck. Am I allowed to say that this is a pet peeve of mine? THERE IS A WHOLE OTHER SEAT WHERE A PERSON IS SUPPOSED TO BE SITTING. Ugh. Anyway, they pull up to Ben’s high school. They pass Ben’s church as well.

Becca says she’s ready to introduce Ben to her family. Amanda is a little more reserved. She’s never introduced someone to her kids before.

Ben & Lauren pull up to Baker’s Youth Club, somewhere he worked for four years. Ben goes to play basketball with the guys while Lauren jumps rope with the girls. The kids are all over them. Ben leaves the gym and brings in Paul George and George Hill from the Indiana Pacers. I’ve never heard of either of them, but I’m sure Noah has. Lauren is so impressed with Ben’s passion for the kids.

Date Card! “Jojo, let’s find love in the windy city. Ben” The rest of the women are undertandably jealous.

Lauren wants to talk to Ben about what Leah said to him. Ben tells her exactly what was said. Lauren didn’t know what to say after it. Ben tells Lauren that she has nothing to worry about, that he trusts her. “You make me so happy, Ben.” They kiss for a while and head to Ben’s local dive bar. Lauren is in love.

Jojo heads off for her date with Ben. He wants her to know how much he likes her. They head to Chicago, to Wrigley Field. Ben uses “I’s” again. There are two jerseys waiting for them, one that says “Mr Higgins” and one that says “Mrs Higgins”. Ben pitches to Jojo, someone who has never played baseball before. She totally rocked it.

The women talk about how they feel about others going on one-on-one dates, how happy they are upon their return. It’s getting more serious.

Ben & Jojo lay on the outfield. Ben says that there is a passion between them. Jojo is afraid to fall.

Date card! The names on it: Caila, Amanda, Becca. Which means that the last one-on-one goes to Emily.

Back at the field there is a table set up in the middle of the field for Ben & Jojo. Ben is confident that he’s falling for her. He asks her why she’s been holding back. He’s questioning whether or not her feelings are there.

Becca is talking about how different this feels than with Chris. She’s still afraid of being hurt though.

Jojo doesn’t want Ben to think that she’s too scared to fall. She wants to tell him why it’s so hard for her. She’s always felt that she cared about her significant other more than they cared about her. She really cares about him and sees qualities in him that she wants to spend her life with, but she’s scared. Ben is nervous about someone being there at the end, when he goes down on one knee, and not feeling what he feels. Jojo says that her heart is there for him. She’s Team Ben. Jojo says she isn’t scared anymore. She wants to give herself to Ben. She wants her family to meet him. Tonight made her feel more confident.

Group date! The three women pull up to a farm. There is a rose on this date, a rose that means that Ben will meet their family. Ben and the ladies pile into two little boats. Becca and Amanda in one and Ben and Caila in the other. None of the women want to be on this group date. The four of them head into a barn where a rose is sitting on a table. Whoever gets the rose gets to spend the rest of the day with Ben while the other two women have to head back to the house. Please be Amanda please be Amanda please be Amanda. (She’s one of my very favourites.)

Ben takes Amanda away for a chat. She’s so excited to see her kids next week either way. Amanda is such a sweetie. She’s nervous to take him home but excited at the same time. She’s never introduced someone to her kids before. I already know she’s getting a hometown date from the previews.

Becca gets some time with Ben. I don’t like them together. She wonders what is different between her relationship with Ben and his with the others. She asks Ben how feels about her and asks him not to blindside her. I don’t think she’s getting the rose.

Caila gets her time. She doesn’t really have a hometown, so she hopes her family is enough. Ben asks her if she’d be able to stay in one place for a long time. She says she’d be fine to do it.

And the rose goes to … Amanda! Yay! Becca and Caila are feeling dejected.

Back at the house Becca and Caila tell the other women what’s up. Jojo comforts Becca. Which is so weird, to comfort one’s sister-wife.

Amanda and Ben head into McDonald’s. A bunch of Bachelor people just did a McDonald’s commercial so it’s obvious they’re a sponsor. They go behind the counter and work the drive-thru. Ben says that Amanda definitely has the qualities he wants in a wife. Amanda is stoked that he wants to meet her kids. Ben has another surprise for Amanda.

They walk around the corner and there’s a full carnival. Ben says it just feels “right” to be around Amanda. She says she’s very close to falling in love with Ben.

The next morning Amanda and Lauren talk about Amanda’s date. They wonder about how Emily and Ben are doing on their date. The other women think that Ben is bringing Emily to meet his parents. Caila thinks she’s not mature enough.

Ben takes Emily home to meet his parents. Emily and Ben’s mom have a chat, but she dominates the conversation. Because she’s so nervous. Ben’s mom thinks she’s a little too young. Emily talked a little too much about her own dreams as a person, not as much about her and Ben.

Emily and Ben sit on the dock in front of the women’s house while Ben dumps her. Ben says some nice things, she is heartbroken. She walks back to the house where the rest of the women meet her. She cries in their arms. All of the remaining women are so sweet.

Emily says that she is thankful for the opportunity to come and meet a guy as amazing as Ben, and that the girl who ends up with him will be so lucky.

Chris Harrison comes to have a chat with Ben to see how he’s doing. All the women are questioning their relationships with Ben. I’m pretty sure Becca is going home. They don’t really seem all that tight.

Rose ceremony! So, Amanda already has a rose. Lauren gets the first rose. Then Jojo. And finally … DRAMATIC MUSIC … Caila. Becca is going home.

Ben walks her to the limo as she asks him, “Why did you do that? Why did you do that?” I’m glad she’s going home. They’re just not right together.

Out of the remaining women? I see Caila going home next. Then … Jojo? Then Amanda and Lauren being the final two. And the finalist? I guessed Lauren at the beginning, and I’m going to stay with her. Even though choosing between her and Amanda is pretty much the hardest thing ever. I’d say Amanda would be a great Bachelorette, but that long without her babies? I don’t think so.

Next week! Hometowns! Family drama! Tears! More drama! Babies crying! Can’t wait!

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