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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 8


Four are left. Who will be voted out sent home tonight?

Orange County, California. Laguna Beach. Amanda’s hometown. They meet on the beach. Amanda’s kids are on their way, she hasn’t seen them yet, which is weird. Whatever. She tells Ben a bit about her kids. Her mom (?) then walks them down to the water. Amanda’s a bit of a weepy mess, as would be expected when one doesn’t see her kids for weeks. Ben chases them around the beach for a while, laughing and playing, followed by a bit of kite flying. Kids are so funny, they attach themselves to people so quickly. As long as that person is into playing with them.

Ben and Amanda drive the kids (one of them crying) to her house. She’s a bit emotional seeing her parents again. Amanda’s mom has a chat with Ben and asks him how he feels about having kids. He said his initial reaction to Amanda having kids was good. He likes them.

Amanda then talks to her mom. She says that since her focus has always been on her kids, she’s felt bad being in a relationship because it would take time away from her kids. (She’s so sweet.) She wants it to work out with Ben, she’s never met anyone like him.

Ben and Amanda’s dad talk. The dad asks how the relationship is going. He asks what the future looks like. Ben says he’d want to be that father to the girls. The dad says that there will be times when he can’t do what he wants to do because the kids come first. The dad says that if Amanda’s happy, he’s happy.

The two read stories to the kids and then Ben leaves. Amanda is in love with him and would be crushed if she was sent home.

Portland, Oregon. (I love that city!)(That bridge looks familiar!) Lauren’s hometown. She’s in love with Ben. They walk around, have some food truck food, and head to a whiskey library. Lauren is excited for Ben to meet her family, but she’s also scared. She wants to tell Ben that she loves him, but she wants to wait to see how the family part goes. If her family doesn’t approve, she can’t move forward.

Why are all these houses so BEAUTIFUL?! Lauren’s dad toasts to the evening and her sister takes Ben away. She asks Ben how things are going. She wants to know about how Ben is with the other families. Does Lauren stand out? What makes her stand out. Ben says he can’t put words to it, but he feels really lucky. And then he sheds a tear. The sister talks to Lauren next. Lauren says that she and Ben are compatible. Ben is her “person”. She’s in love with him.

Lauren’s dad then asks Ben how Lauren is different than the other women. He says his heart stopped the first time he saw her. The dad is wondering how the quickness of this whole process is working, and how he’ll know if Lauren is right for him. He says he’ll know before he’s down on one knee. The dad asks Ben how he’s coping having three other fathers out there. Ben says he’s not coping well.

Lauren then talks to her dad about Ben. He reminds her that there are three other women still in this, so just be careful.

Hudson, Ohio. Caila’s hometown. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I’m not exactly Team Caila. I just don’t see it. I did at one point, but I no longer do.

Anyway. Caila wants today to be a fresh start. She takes Ben to a bench. “I’ve always wanted to be on this bench.” That’s fantastic, Caila. I hope she goes home. She says she feels at home with Ben. She feels ready to build a home with him. Caila takes Ben to a to warehouse, apparently her dad is the CEO of a toy company. They draw up plans to build a house and then go into the factory and make it from plastic moulds. She wants to tell Ben that she’s in love with him. Good for you, Caila.

Caila brings Ben home to a huge house. Is there a requirement to be on this show? All the contestants have to come from families with lots of money? Caila’s mom: “Have you ever met Filipinos before? … It’s common for us to eat with our hands.” Her mom introduces all the dishes that look mouthwatering and I want them all. Her dad is white. Very white. “How is it like with this microwave fame?” Oh, sheesh. He then lectures her about Filipino culture. Which is equal parts cool and intimidating.

Caila’s mom takes Ben aside and wants to know what it is that sparked his interest in Caila. He says she’s joyful and cute and bubbly. Her mom says that Caila’s still single because she has very high standards. Ben says he’s afraid that his feelings won’t be reciprocated. Her dad asks what’s in Caila’s heart. “How do you block out everything else and focus on your relationship with him.” She says she just focuses on him. The moments they spend together are right. He wants to know that this is normal. But she’s afraid of a huge let-down. He’s afraid she’s going to be crushed. Caila tells her mom that this is real. That’s what they all say, Caila. “I’m in love with him, mom. I know he’s the one.”

Caila walks him to the limo and means to tell him that she loves him but she didn’t allow herself to fully trust him. The scared feeling is still lingering a little bit.

Dallas, Texas. Jojo’s hometown. She walks up to her house and there are roses waiting for her. She opens the card and … it’s from her ex-boyfriend. She’s UP-SET. But then she calls him. He cares so much about her and wants her and loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. Ben then walks up to her house. She tells him about the flowers/letter. She’s kind of a mess. Ben says that he’s glad she made the phone call and ended whatever that guy was trying to start. Jojo says that she’s never been happier, has never been this excited about someone.

The parents’ house! It’s huge. It has pillars and arches. Yikes. Her brothers attack her. One of them is named Ben. Her mom’s had a lot of plastic surgery. She asks what sets Jojo apart from the others. There’s a lot of “y’all” flying around. Her brothers are “really, really, really attached to Joelle”.

The brothers take boyfriend Ben aside and basically ask if he’s going to hurt Jojo. Ben says he doesn’t know what the future holds for him and Jojo, but he cares a lot about her.

Jojo and her mom talk. Her mom asks her if she’s in love with Ben, to which Jojo says she’s falling in love with Ben. I can’t get past her mom’s face. It’s kind of clown-ish.

Her dad asks Ben what he’s going to do to communicate his feelings for Jojo. Ben says that he hopes that he and Jojo can trust each other. Ben says he doesn’t want to make any promises today, but that he falls more and more for her the more time they spend together.

Next up the brothers take Jojo on. “How can you fall for a guy you’ve only had two dates with?!” One of her brothers says to keep herself guarded. They don’t want to see her hurt. She says the only way this is going to work is for her to let herself feel. “We don’t want you to sell yourself short.” Jojo’s confused. Her mom said to give 150% and her brothers are telling her to hold back.

Everyone’s in the kitchen when one of the brothers calls Ben out on brainwashing Jojo and the rest of the women. Where is Jojo in all of this? It’s just her family and Ben in the room. Ben says he’s trying to go about this in the best way possible and he doesn’t want to hurt Jojo. The other brother asks Ben if he’s been coached on his answers. Probably. Ben says he wasn’t coached, and that he’s trying to give them all he can give them. The brothers just look mean. Ben looks exhausted. Jojo’s mom says to give Ben a break because it’s not easy on him either.

Jojo walks Ben out and they review what happened this evening. Ben’s unsettled. “It wasn’t the hometown that I would have liked.” Jojo doesn’t want Ben to walk away feeling like he’s been ambushed.

Back in Los Angeles! The ladies pull up in their limos. Jojo is scared. Amanda says that if Ben proposed to her now she’d say yes. Caila regrets not telling Ben how she feels. Lauren is terrified, she’s in love with Ben.

Ben walks in. Sweating. Shaking. A little emotional I think.

First rose goes to … Lauren. Second rose goes to … Caila. (Boo.) Final rose goes to … Jojo. Noooo!! I mean, I don’t dislike Jojo, I just love Amanda. Chris Harrison comes in and tells Amanda to say her goodbyes. Amanda says that she feels like Ben should have told Amanda in her hometown how he felt rather than getting her back to LA just to send her home. Ben says he wishes great things for her, and Amanda says she’s going to miss him.

Amanda is shocked and at a loss for words. She says she was falling in love with him, and was picturing her life with Ben. Ben is a mess. He says he can’t do his interview right now.

Next week! Jamaica! Overnights!

The end credits are my favourite, because they’re some sort of blooper or funny moment. In this one, Lauren’s two younger brothers ask him about the fantasy suite. After a few sips of wine, Ben says that he respects Lauren and wouldn’t put her in a position to degrade herself.

I love this show.


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