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The Bachelor: Ben – Week 9

Three are left. Who will be sent home crying tonight?

Jamaica! It’s the week of overnight dates. It looks insanely windy there. Windy paradise.

Ben talks about how he feels about the remaining women. Caila is a ball of sunshine, but what’s beneath the surface? Will she open up? Lauren. They show the talk on the bench the first night when I knew it was going to be her at the end. There’s a one in three shot that I was right from the get-go. This would be a first. She’s adorable. Ben wants to know, is she too good to be true? And then there’s Jojo. There was an instant connection with him and Jojo. He feels confidence with her. But her hometown date was a nightmare.

Caila just wants to be able to share her big heart with Ben, she doesn’t want to hold back, but there are two other women. Lauren hasn’t told Ben that she’s in love with him, but hopes to get it in return. She doesn’t know if she can do it. Jojo is concerned about Ben’s conversation with her bothers, and if it’s the reason they don’t work out.

Two weeks. Three women. What could happen?

Ben thinks Caila would be a great wife. Here’s a sidebar. I’ve been listening to a podcast called Rose Buddies with Rachel & Griffin McElroy. I already listen to Griffin’s brother Justin on the Sawbones podcast, which is hilarious and you should listen to it. Noah told me a few weeks ago about the Rose Buddies one because of my love of the other McElroy brother. It’s fantastic. If you’re a Bachelor fan, which, if you’re reading this, I assume you are, then it’s worth listening to. ANYWAY. My point being, Rachel & Griffin call Caila “Kay-ee-la”, so now whenever Ben says her name, I hear it Kay-ee-la. End sidebar.

So. Ben & Caila. Tonight could be an overnight date. Ok, Ben. It’s going to be an overnight date because that’s just how these things go. Don’t kid yourself. They go on a little raft ride and there’s a lot of silence. It’s awkward. Caela is concerned about the two other women. It hurts. More silence. “Today’s going to be awesome.” “It’s weird.” “I’m so glad we get the whole day together.” *crickets chirp*

They go up to a little bar thing and drink coconut water out of coconuts. Ben asks her what’s up. *crickets chirp* Ben says that in order to go into the fantasy suite he needs to know if Caila is open again. Caila says she was off today because she knows there are two other people in it. Up until the last ceremony she was ok, but now, not so much. It scares her. Every time she thinks about him, it feels right. “And I’m in love with you.” Finally, something interesting. It was said awkwardly though. They kiss for a while to make it less awkward. And then the fantasy suite card. “Ben & Caila. Welcome to the beautiful island of Jamaica. I hope you’re enjoying your stay. Should you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. Chris Harrison” Ben: “What do you think?” Caila: “I think we should take advantage of this.” Well I think that’s the quickest after-the-card-has-been-read conversation. There are fireworks. There is a door closing. There is a light being turned off.

Caila: “Last night was amazing, just what Ben and I needed. I could wake up with him for the rest of my life.” So, Caila goes on to say whatever and whatever and I don’t care what she’s saying becasue Ben’s not in love with her. The previews show that he’s in love with two women and since he didn’t say anything to Kay-ee-la, she’s going home this week. Yay!

Lauren’s turn. She’s nervous to tell Ben that she’s in love with him. Ben’s wearing some flowered shots. And not tropical flowers. Awkward flowers. Oh, Ben. Ben says that Lauren has the qualities he wants in a wife. Ben and Lauren take a boat to an island and go to release some sea turtles. Lauren: “Sea turtles can live up to 100 years. I hope my relationship with Ben lasts that long.” The turtle guy gives a talk about them going from no sea turtles to releasing 21,000 last year. That’s pretty cool. They release the turtles and they’re the most adorable things ever.

Ben tells Lauren about his talk with his sister and how he started crying and he was wondering why she’s still single and that she’s too good for him. She’s all like, sweetly, “Ben …” She says she feels the same way about him. Is it too good to be true? They both wonder this. Next they go to swim with the turtles. I hope they don’t step on one. At least this date isn’t awkward like the first one.

Lauren is anxious going into tonight, when she’s going to tell Ben that she loves him. She’s terrified. She tells Ben that the week after hometowns has been the hardest. She knows how she feels about them, but worries where he’s at with the other relationships. This last week is the first time she’s really struggled. Ben says that he doesn’t want her holding anything in. She tells him that he’s the man of her dreams. Lauren picks up the fantasy suite card. “Ben & Lauren, welcome to the amazing island of Jamaica. I hope you are enjoying your stay. Should you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. -Chris Harrison” She doesn’t even ask Ben’s input, she just says, “Should we go?” As in, let’s go. They sit on a couch outside the suite and Lauren tells Ben, “I’m completely in love with you. … This is something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while. This isn’t new.” Ben: “I’ve known I’ve been in love with you for a while as well.”

I don’t think this has ever happened before. Has it? That a Bachelor/Bachelorette has said this to one of the contestants. Well, I guess Kaitlyn did tell Shawn that he was the one, but the actual happening of that wasn’t televised.

Lauren is over the moon. “I do not ever want this moment to end.” And then the door closes and the lights go out. I love the next morning stuff. The banter. Like, it’s obvious what happened, let’s re-hash it. Lauren: “Ben’s my person.” Nice Grey’s Anatomy reference, Lauren. They’re so cute.

Jojo’s turn. A helicopter comes to pick the couple up. They head to a waterfall. Jojo says she just feels so lucky. She wants to know what’s in Ben’s head, but knows she can’t know till the final. LITTLE DO YOU KNOW, JOJO. They jump off a high place into a deep place. Jojo says that last week was rough, and she’s thought a lot about how she’s been feeling. She tells Ben that when she looks at the future, there’s not a doubt in her mind that she’d want to spend it with him. “I’m not just falling in love anymore, I am in love with you. I do love you. I don’t want to ever know what it’s like to lose you.” Too bad that if I have my way you’ll be saying goodbye next week, Jojo. Ben: “Jojo, I love you, too.”

Jojo is shocked. And stoked. And shaking.

They go to dinner. “I would like to cheers to a great day with you.” It’s toast, Ben. You’d like to toast to a great day with her. They tell each other that they love each other a few more times. Jojo: “I have zero doubts that he’ll be my husband now.” Oh boy, next week is going to hurt a lot. Ben says his only hesitation with Jojo is her family, because it’s difficult to enter into a relationship without the support of family.

They go into talking about what happened between Ben and her brothers. Jojo says that she looks up to her brothers more than anything and that it just comes from a place of concern. She says that her brothers will love him but that they’re nervous. She says she’s devastated to think about what it would feel like to lose him.

Fantasy card! “Ben & Jojo, welcome to the magical island of Jamaica. I hope you’re enjoying your stay. Should you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. -Chris Harrison” I’m gonna pull a Jubilee and say that Chris Harrison says that to all the girls. A short conversation later, they’re heading to the suite. There are more “I love you”s, the curtains are drawn, and the lights are turned out.

The next morning. “It was such a good night!” “I was able to talk to Ben about everything on my mind.” “I loved last night.” “You’re cute.” “No, you’re cute.” “No, you’re cuter.” Shut up. “It was one of the best nights of my life.

Ben is in love with two women. But he just couldn’t say it to Kayeela. He knows she has to go home, and he’s not looking forward to doing it. But wait! Caila missesBen so she heads over to his place to see him. “He may be waking up with these other women this week but I want to be the one he wakes up to for the rest of his life.” Sorry, Caila. She walks through Ben’s house and heads down to where he’s sitting contemplating life. Ben right away says he has to be honest. “This has been a crazy week. … but I’m in love with two women here and I just couldn’t say it back to you. … You are what I’d describe as my perfect wife. … It’s really hard to imagine saying bye to you.” “That sounds like a line.” It is, Kayeela. Ben walks her to the super-expensive vehicle. “I really did love you.” She then hops in and they start to drive off BUT … she hops back out. She wants to know when he knew that he was in love with the other women but not her. He says he didn’t know going into the week, didn’t know till all three dates were done. He says he wants her to know that their relationship was important to him. He doesn’t seem too broken up about it. I don’t really think there was anything there for him. His goodbye with Amanda was much harder than this. She, however, is a mess. “I thought this was it. I didn’t see this coming.”

Jojo is greeted by Chris Harrison. She tells him about the “I love you”s. Lauren is greeted by Chris Harrison and they have the same conversation that he and Jojo had. The two women stand in front of the roses, not speaking. But time goes by and they start talking about the two roses. And then start wondering where Kayeea is. Ben walks out to them. “Obviously Caila is not here. We had a really good thing but my feelings couldn’t catch up … but I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.” Ben picks up the first rose. Jojo. Lauren. They “cheers” together. Jojo toasts to falling in love. There’s a lot of awkwardness between the three of them.

Next week! The women tell all! I forgot about that thing. So I guess we’ll find out in two weeks that he picks Lauren.

The end credits are Ben being bitten by a crab when he and Lauren are freeing the sea turtles. Ha-larious.


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