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The Bachelor: Chris – Episode 10 and After the Final Rose

As always, please excuse all spelling, grammar, and tense mistakes in this post, as it was written in haste, okay?!

Two are left. Who will be sent home sobbing in a limo after not being proposed to tonight?

Chris Harrison! “After all the tears, after all the heartbreak, and, um *air quotes*panic attacks*air quotes*, after all the roses, and onions, it all comes down to just two women: Whitney and Becca.” Harrison then says something about this show that will definitely be talked abut tomorrow. They already got married? They’re having a baby? TELL ME, HARRISON.


Soules is stoked to be back home. He feels like he’s falling in love with both Whitney and Becca. He says he could go either direction in his decision this week. He visits with his family before they meet one of the girls. Soules asks his family to pick for him to make it easier on him!

Whitney meets the family! She’s nervous, obviously. She tells Soules how much she loves him before they head into his parents’ house. Everyone is excited to see her and she hugs everybody. Whitney loves being around Soules’ family. She tells his family about how his friends told her, as soon as Soules came out of the limo on Andi’s season, how perfect they would be together. And as hard as it was watching him get his heart broken, she was all, Sweet! She then tells them all how much she loves their son/brother and how important this is to her.

The sisters then sit down with Whitney and ask her if she’s ready to make the transition to Arlington. She says she’s ready to be a wife and a mom, and she’s willing to move anywhere for love, for Soules. She tells them how much she loves their family, and how this feels right. She has a sense of peace about it.

Soules then asks his sisters what they thought of Whitney. They love her. They then ask Soules if he has any hesitations about Whitney. He says he doesn’t have any … except that he really likes another girl. That’s it. Soules tries to tell them what he likes about Becca. She’s different, but “pretty cool”. But, “You didn’t come to find a girlfriend, you came to find a wife.”

Whitney sits down with Soules’ mom. She tells his mom how much she loves Soules, and tells her how great of a son she raised. Whitney tells her that she has been wanting to find someone to call mom and dad again. She says she’s ready to say yes to Soules’ proposal. Soules’ mom already loves Whitney, and would love to have her as a daughter. Whitney says goodbye to Soules and tells him how much she loves his family. “Don’t you dare forget how much I love you.”

Soules then chats with his dad and brother-in-law. He again defends Becca. They ask him if he just likes Becca because she’s playing hard to get. They say that they think Soules is 50/50.

Soules again shows up to visit with his family. He tells them that relationship-wise, he feels the same way about both of them. He talks about the risk with Becca, though. He goes out to get Becca. It seems to go ok, but I just don’t like them together. Is that mean? I just don’t! It doesn’t fit.

The sisters take her away and ask how she feels about things. Becca says she’s falling in love with him but doesn’t know if she’s there yet. They ask her how she sees it playing out after this week. Becca says that she doesn’t want to move out her until she’s “sure that I’m sure that I’m sure.” They don’t seem stoked. She’s not going to pick up her life until she’s sure. He’s someone she can see herself with. His sisters are kind of concerned. They tell Soules as much, and he tells them that it’s something he and Becca need to talk about.


Soules’ mom says that she didn’t think anyone could top Whitney, but sees that they’re both great girls. Becca says that she’s crazy about him but can’t say that she’s in love with him. Soules’ mom asks Becca how she sees it working, which Becca says she doesn’t know, but it would be long distance and it is not for sure. She says she’s ready to commit to a relationship, but is that good enough? Soules’ mom tells her that she has to put herself out there, and tells her that what she feels is love but that she just doesn’t recognize it.

Becca says that it’s her, not Soules. She’s not ready to accept a proposal. She’s annoying me. “The idea of being without Chris is scary to me. … We need to have a talk.” Seriously, girl.

Soules’ family says that they see what he sees in her, but that it just doesn’t seem right. BECAUSE IT IS NOT. “It seems like Whitney is a sure thing, but Becca is who Chris wants.” NO NO NO.

Harrison brings us back to the live studio audience. He says something is coming up that we have never seen before. SPIT IT OUT, MISTER!

Soules visits Becca’s hotel room. He says he’s taken a risk with her, and is scared. He says he’s falling in love with both of them and doesn’t know who he’s going to pick. This is the last time they’ll see each other before the last rose ceremony. Soules says he wants everything that Becca can give him. He tells her that he’s struggling, she tells him that she’s falling in love with him but is not there yet. Soules asks her if she sees a future with them, does she see herself with him? Where does she see herself in five years?

Becca says she’s just excited to be with him, and she can’t make any promises about a timeline of when she’d be ready to move. She doesn’t know if this is because she’s never done this before, but she just doesn’t know. He can’t understand why she can’t tell him what she wants. “Why don’t you feel like you’re in love with me?” She says “I don’t know” about 893 times in this conversation and I kind of want to punch her. She’s pissing me off. She says the only thing she’s sure about is that she’s falling in love with him. He just wants her to say that she wants it to work and wants to be with him. He asks more questions to which she answers, “I don’t know.” Seriously, woman.

Soules: “If we fell in love, what would hold you back from us falling in love and having a family? Straight-up honest, because you have to be honest with me. Don’t hold back.” She says it’s the uncertainty, like what is she going to do when she get to Arlington, and not just take on what he does there. Soules looks upset and disappointed. He asks her what scares her the most. She says moving there and then wondering if it’s for her. Like, what happens when she gets there and it doesn’t work out. He says he doesn’t know what will happen, but he’d have her back and it would work out. Soules is pretty worked up about his decision. This time it’s him with the I-don’t-know. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Back to the live studio audience. How is this going to end? Will he find the clarity he needs with Whitney. Today is his final date with Whitney.

Whitney pulls up and Soules tells her that she’s at his farm and they’re going to harvest corn. She is stoked. She’s in love and hopes that in a day she’ll be engaged. Soules’ dad is sitting in the tractor thing waiting for them. Soules explains to Whitney as they go along what is going on with the equipment. She’s excited and impressed. They drive along a country road and Soules tells her how much he loves it. He shows her all the farms he owns. About 800 acres I think he says. They then pull up to his house.

They walk in and Soules tells Whitney that he hasn’t made too many changes to his place because he wants to wait till he has a wife to do it. He shows her around and says that his house is made for a family. I think he’s the most genuine I-want-a-wife-and-a-family Bachelor. They are perfect together. Whitney tells Soules that it feels right. She has a sense of peace and she’s never been more scared in her life.

Back at the hotel, Soules visits Whitney’s suite. He says that from the second he sees Whitney, it’s good. She tells him how much she loved seeing him and his dad, and she could totally control a combine. She says she didn’t find it shocking.

Whitney asks Soules if there’s any final thoughts, if there’s anything else he wants to talk about before tomorrow’s rose ceremony. He asks her what makes her so certain about the two of them. She says that she came in with an idea of who he was, but he’s exceeded that. She sees things in him that she wants in a partner but also in a friend. There are some things that are not verbalized, are just felt. She loves being with him and when she’s not, she wants to be with him. She says she feels confident about all this, but she’s so scared. Soules: “Everything you just said, I reciprocate. I feel the same way. No matter what happens, he feels that as well.” He’s excited about being with Whitney. She says that when she looks into Soules’ eyes, she sees love. She’s nervous, though, becasue there’s one other person and the whole process is out of her hands. “I feel like I’ve just taken my heart out of my chest and put it in his hands.” She’s afraid it might be taken away from her. ME TOO.

Morning of! Soules is not sure what to do. Neil Lane comes to Soules’ hotel room and shows rings to him, and after choosing one, gets ready for the rose ceremony. His barn is set up beautifully. Harrison wishes Soules luck, and then he assumes his position. He’s worried that he’s making a mistake. He’s in the barn where he raised his first pig, where he used to play, a place that’s pretty special to him. He says he’s so torn about his decision.

FIRST LIMO! Please be Becca please be Becca please be Becca. The first one is the one he says goodbye to.

Back to the live show, Harrison says that tonight will change everything. But first, let’s get to the rose ceremony … WHERE HE PROPOSES TO WHITNEY OTHERWISE I QUIT.

Soules says that today is the day he’s been waiting for, the day he’s worked hard for. It hurts to have to make this decision, and right now he’s devastated. Saying goodbye is breaking up with someone he thought he was falling in love with. He did not realize how hard this moment was going to be. He’s been waiting for a sign this whole week and he’s not sure that he’s gotten that yet. He hopes he’s not making a mistake.

Look, MISTER SOULES. This better be all for dramatic effect, becasue you got your SIGN when you talked with Becca and she was all, yea, I don’t know how this is going to work and I don’t know and I don’t know and I don’t know if I really want to move to Arlington and be with you. DO NOT CHOOSE BECCA.

The limo pulled up! The door opened! Who is it?!?!?!?! A foot steps out … the dress is red! It’s Becca! THANK FREAKING GOODNESS.

Harrison greets Becca. Soules is waiting for her. Soules starts the whole “From the moment I first met you” thing, and says nice things that could lead to a proposal and why does this always happen, it’s just cruel! “I know that I could see you as being my wife … and you’re not really ready. I have to go with my heart and my gut and I don’t think it’s fair for either of us to take that leap at this point. I’m in the toughest situation in my entire life. You are here because I felt it and I wanted it to happen and I’m so thankful to have met your family and have you as a part of my life. And you’re going to make someone really, incredibly lucky but I don’t think I’m the guy who’s going to give you what you need.”

This is followed by her saying some things, but I don’t really care. It’s not like I don’t like her, I just do not see them together at all, and what the heck, Soules? Though, really, I’m glad that Kaitlyn didn’t make it this far if she wasn’t the one. Better she went home earlier because this would have been even more excruciating. Though I still like her and think that she and Soules would have made a great couple. The three of them. Soules, Kaitlyn, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Soules takes a deep breath and then says the classic, “I’ll walk you out.” He says that saying goodbye to Becca is one of the hardest decisions he’s had to make. Becca says she feels like she’s in shock. It’s such a final moment that she can’t process right now. She thinks that Soules did love her, but she just wasn’t there yet. “I do want to be in love, and I just don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. Because if it doesn’t happen with someone like that, how is it ever going to happen? I hope I don’t wake up and have this moment thinking that I’ve been in love with him this whole time and just didn’t see it.” She’s just not mature enough to be in this sort of situation. She needs to grow up a bit, me thinks.

Whitney is driving up. Her nerves are off the charts. She steps out and is greeted by Harrison. She’s shaking pretty good. Harrison wishes her luck. She climbs the stairs and I’m wondering how she’s not tripping in that dress. She’s shaking incredibly.

She says that it’s been a really wild ride with lots of ups and downs, and she came with an idea of who he was and he’s never been disappointed. From the very beginning, she’s just known. “I love you so much.”

Soules takes a deep breath and does the “From the moment I met you …” thing. He says that it was probably the best day of his life when he crashed a wedding with her. He says it’s not work for them, it’s natural. They both want the same thing and it feels so right and so perfect. DRAMATIC MUSIC.

Soules: “And that’s what I want for the rest of my life. I love you.”
Whitney: “I don’t want to forget this moment. Ever.” (She’s quite a talker, isn’t she?)
Soules: “Everything about this moment feels right. And I want the world to know that I love you. Will you marry me?”
Whitney: “Absolutely.”

One more thing. Soules picks up the rose. “Whitney, will you accept this rose.”

They sit in the barn loft and watch the sunset.


Harrison welcomes Soules to the hot seat. Harrison congratulates Soules, who says that Whitney is the perfect person for him. He’s so happy and is excited for it to be able to come to real life. He’s pretty pumped. It feels surreal to be able to talk about it, to be open and let their relationship to become real.

But first we need to talk about Becca. Harrison: “Were you in love with her?” Soules: “There’s not much to not love about Becca.” Harrison asks if there was something from Becca that he wasn’t getting. Soules says that there was always that catching up. He’s looking for a life and a family, she doesn’t know what she’s looking for. Harrison asks if things had been different, if Becca had reciprocated his feelings, would all this be different? Soules says he doesn’t know but he wants to move forward, not back.

Harrison then asks Soules if this show has been hard for Whitney to watch. Soules says, though, that Whitney is only watching their dates, protecting herself from unnecessary heartache. She’s a smart woman, and he’s smart for picking her.

In comes Becca. She says the episode was a lot harder to watch than she had anticipated. It was hard to watch. Soules says it was hard for him to watch as well, but they’re in a better place now. And then she says some more things that I really don’t care about because I just don’t care. Soules says that he felt like he was always pushing her, but she stood by her word and he respects that. Harrison asks why it was so hard for Becca to express her feelings. She says she’s never been in love so she doesn’t have anything to compare it to. Harrison says he hasn’t met anyone on the show like her.

Now look, I don’t think it’s bad to have never been in love before. Being in love with only one person ever? Pretty rad. But seriously. You don’t have to have something else to compare it to. YOU JUST FEEL IT. Sheesh! I’m done with talking about her because I want to slap her. *fast-forwards through rest of Becca interview*


Harrison asks Soules how talking to Becca was. He says that he had strong feelings for her but that they’re both in a better place now. No regrets after seeing her. Harrison: “And now, for the first time publicly, Chris and his fiancée Whitney.” He checks out Whitney’s ring. She says that she’s the luckiest woman in the world. She says she’s so excited for all the secrecy to be over. Harrison asks Soules what he loves about Whitney, what made him get down on one knee. Soules says, that she’s gorgeous on the outside and beyond beautiful on the inside. He says he was looking for someone like who his sisters are. Someone who’s smart, strong-willed, hardworking, strong. Harrison remarks on how plain it was for Soules’ family to see him and Whitney together.

Harrison asks Whitney how it was when Soules proposed. “It was a relief.” It’s what she signed up for, it all came down to that one moment. Harrison asks Whitney about watching the season. She says that she has not seen it, besides her and Soules’ dates. She says that she lived it first-hand, so she doesn’t see it as a necessity. She says she felt that living it, she knew what she signed up for, but when you love someone, you don’t want to see your fiancé with other women. She’s heard things, isn’t living in a bubble, but she feels confident in what they have. Harrison: “You know how conflicted he was. Does that bother you?” Whitney: “No. I think that’s one of the things I love so much about him, that they have in common. We both do things 100% and that’s what he did with all the relationships, but I’m confident in what we have. There’s no secrets here.”

It seems a bit like she’s trying to convince everyone else, or to defend him. Or she’s just incredibly nervous, which makes complete sense! Soules says that it’s important to communicate during this whole thing, and there were other women involved, and to be open with Whitney about his feelings and where he was at. They’re just looking forward to living a normal life.

Harrison to Whitney: “So, now, moving forward with a farmer from Arlington, Iowa. You knew that this was a package deal! That’s still the plan?” Whitney says that that is the plan for the future, but right now they’re just happy to be normal for a bit, and to be in public.” Harrison says that, obviously, his parents are going to be stoked to have her in Iowa, and that he has some footage that nobody, not even the two of them, have seen.

Cut to Whitney and Soules sitting on that barn loft door. Soules’ parents walk up and say how happy they are for Soules and Whitney, and then they go up to congratulate the happy couple. There are many hugs. Soules’ mom is so excited. She says that they live nice and close so “Grandma can see the grandbabies! You’d better practice!” Whitney: “We’re gonna make some babies. They’re going to be ******* cute.”

Harrison says that he spotted someone in the audience that he needs to talk to. Ashley S! He says that he asked her a very important question at the Women Tell All and he didn’t get an answer. Ashley: “About the cat?” Harrison says no, about Bachelor in Paradise. She says she supposes she might be there. Harrison says that he’s going to take that as a yes. If she’s on the show, I am DEFINITELY watching.

Harrison asks what Whitney’s thoughts are on Arlington. She says that she knew when signing up for this and since it’s important to Soules and his family, it’s important to her. Harrison then says that he heard that “someone” has been sneaking to Arlington, Iowa for little rendezvous. Whitney cops to it. Harrison asks if Whitney is driving a combine yet. Soules says she’s getting there, but she needs a bit of practice.

Harrison then announces that they have a very special guest who has been a big part of all of this. “Please welcome Jimmy Kimmel.” He comes in and sits between the couple. He says that he can’t believe that she hasn’t seen the show! And that maybe in November he’s going to leave his underwear on the floor and she’s gonna have a few drinks and she’s going to put in that DVD and say, “You had your tongue down Britt’s throat!!” Harrison asks Kimmel how much credit he takes for this happy couple. Kimmel says he takes all the credit. Unless it doesn’t work out, then he’ll take none of it. He’s been a great little addition to this season. I hope he continues.

Harrison asks Kimmel how it was like to be on the show. He says it was remarkable to be behind the scenes, and especially with Ashley S. “Ashley S probably thinks she’s at the Price is Right right now. But the show, it’s invasive, is what it is.” NO WAY. He then asks the happy couple if they’ve had a fight yet. Soules says says they’ve had some discussions, but not a fight. “But have you been making love regularly?” Soules: “As regularly as possible.” Whitney: “As much as possible, yes.”

Kimmel says that he loves watching Soules squirm as he watches himself on the episode having to see the woman that he thought he was in love with one commercial break earlier, but it’s too bad Becca wasn’t into him, because he himself would have totally been with Soules. Harrison thanks Kimmel for being on the show, but Kimmel says he has a present for them. He walks out with a cow. A cow with a rose wreath around her neck. Kimmel says he wanted to get them something they could use, and that the cow’s name is Juan Pablo. Harrison: “He’s ok, he’s ok.” (BURN, MR ‘OK’ JUAN PABLO!) Kimmel says he’ll take the cow out to Soules’ car.

And now! A new season of The Bachelorette is on its way. Who will be the lucky woman who will date the 25 most eligible men in America. “Should the Bachelorette be Britt?” *small applause and screaming* “Or should it be Kaitlyn?” *LARGE APPLAUSE AND SCREAMING* Harrison then announces that nobody could decide, so they’re going to have two Bachelorettes. THIS IS STUPID. On night one, the 25 guys are going to make a decision on who they think will make the best wife. UM?!?!?! Yea, this is ridiculous. I’m quite disappointed.

Britt and Kaitlyn walk out onto the platform. Britt looks SO HAPPY TO BE THERE and Kaitlyn looks disappointed and kind of humiliated. Harrison asks Britt how she feels about being one of the Bachelorettes. She says she feels grateful and excited and she’s having trouble processing it. This is just awkward. One woman over the moon, one woman all, GET THIS BRITT GIRL OUT OF HERE! I am SO WITH YOU, Kaitlyn. She is asked what her first impression was and she says she thought, “Well that’s not ideal.” EXACTLY. Oy, I just want to slap Britt and her smug face right now. I’m so annoyed. Kaitlyn is making the best of it, though. I applaud her keeping her cool. But I guess she doesn’t really have a choice, right? She kind of has to get along with this Britt person for the next little while.

This summer is Bachelor in Paradise, so when does The Bachelorette air? I really hope it’s the kind of thing where the men vote on who should stay and who should go home and this is so annoying.

I’ve been keeping up with the twitter conversations about this and not one person I follow is excited about having Britt involved. There is much #TeamKaitlyn talk around. For good reason because I am so not excited about this at all. Remember Sharleen from Juan Pablo’s season? Apparently she’s been writing about the last couple Bachelor/ette seasons and hit it right on the money about this, you should check out her blog.

And that’s it for Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor! I wish I could say that I’m excited about the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, but because Britt is involved, I’m kind of dreading it. Or I’ll just fast-forward through her parts. But I am looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise because if I can watch more of Ashley S, I am in!

Until next time …

Edited to add: Apparently People Magazine is saying that on night one, the men will choose who will be the Bachelorette. So, if Kaitlyn is chosen, I will definitely be watching. If Britt is chosen, I will not. I hope the 25 guys are with me on #TeamKaitlyn!

Also, Soules will be on Dancing With The Stars as Witney Carlson’s partner! At least he won’t have to learn a new name, right?

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