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The Bachelor: Chris – Episode 7

Seven are left. Who will be voted out sent home tonight?

The ladies ask what went down on the two-on-one date. They tell him how proud they are of him. Megan takes Soules aside and says that she doesn’t think their relationship is going as well as his relationships with the other girls. She says that she is going to go, because she just doesn’t see it working between the two of them. They both have a hard time saying goodbye. There are many tears. Soules tells the ladies of Megan’s departure and Harrison announces that there will still be a rose ceremony, even though three girls have gone home this week.

Soules pulls Harrison aside and says that he doesn’t know if he can emotionally handle a rose ceremony right now. Meanwhile the girls are all having a hard time with saying goodbye to another woman. Soules heads back to the women and tells them that there will not be a rose ceremony. He then tells the girls that he is taking them to Iowa. They are stoked.

Carly is caught off guard as to how beautiful Iowa is. She’s nervous about being sent home.

Date card! “Jade, join me in my hometown. Chris.” Britt is very jealous. Obviously. Soules doesn’t want the girls to be caught off-guard by his home. He’s nervous about it. Nervous that it’s not going to be enough.

Jade is looking forward to seeing what it would be like to be Soules’ wife. Soules shows Jade around his house and his property.

Britt is still moping around that she didn’t get the first date. Date card! “Whitney, Let’s look for love in Des Moines. Chris” Britt pouts even more.

Soules and Jade take a ride on his bike and shows her “downtown” Arlington. She can sense that he has an insecurity about where he lives. And she’s nervous about it as well. Soules takes Jade to a game where his old high school’s team is playing football. He introduces her to his parents at the game.

Back at the house, the girls are having a hard time with the girls whoa are getting a one-on-one.

Soules shows Jade around his high school. She tells him that she was a bit of a wild child. High school was a bit rough for her. They make out by the lockers, which is perfectly high school. Back at the football game, Soules and Jade go into the centre of the field where people start chanting, “Kiss Chris, kiss Chris!”

Whitney in Des Moines! Soules is excited because of how excited Whitney is about being in Iowa. Soules shows her around a photo gallery and then says that they’re going to take their own photo walk around Des Moines. They take a whole bunch of timed photos. (The old-school, best kind of selfies. Before selfies were cool.) Whitney says that this is her first date in her new home.

Jade tells the girls about her date with Soules. She tells them about the football game and meeting Soules’ parents. Britt starts freaking out. Carly is not a fan of Britt. Kaitlyn, Carly, Britt, and Becca decide to take a road trip to Arlington.

Soules and Whitney walk around Des Moines, which is beautiful. There is a river that runs through it with many bridges across, which looks a lot like Saskatoon. And Portland. Soules is infatuated with Whitney. They pick their favourite photo of the ones they took.

The ladies pull into Arlington. Deserted Arlington. They’re shocked at how small the town is. They drive from one end to the other in 30 seconds (according to them). Nothing is open. The girls walk to the church that Soules and his family go to. Carly sees a photo in the church of Jesus, a replica of which is on her grandparents’ house.

The girls find some locals and ask what there is to do in Arlington. What do people do in Arlington? They go somewhere else. But it’s a nice private place. The guy they talk to is the pastor of the church. Britt is having a hard time picturing herself there.

Whitney and Soules head to a restaurant and toast to the best date they’ve ever had. Three of Soules’ best friends walk over to talk to him and Whitney, who is quite excited. One of them high-fives Whitney for being a Bears fan. The friends ask Whitney if she is in love with Soules. They ask her a few more hard questions which make Soules look quite uncomfortable. She says that she knew what she was getting into. For her, if she finds the right person, it doesn’t matter where they live.

The girls recap their trip to Jade. Britt says that she doesn’t see herself in Arlington. Britt doesn’t think that Kaitlyn will be on the group date. Speaking of, Date card! “Britt, Carly, and Kaitlyn, I see our future together. Chris.” So … Becca? Kaitlyn isn’t stoked about having two other girls on her date. Carly and Britt collide.

Soules’ friends say goodbye. He says that she impressed the heck out of him. She tells him how much she likes his friends. She then tells Soules a bit about her family. Her mom passed away, so she doesn’t have any parents. She doesn’t have a relationship with her father. She’s sad that he won’t meet her mom. Her mom went in for a routine procedure 10 years ago. There were complications and she suffered a blood clot. She died instantly. Soules says that every time he’s with Whitney, he’s impressed even more. She says that she wants, in a man, for him to have a family, for him to have parents.

They leave the restaurant to cheers from fans. They see a wall with their photo painted on it. She is blown away. She says it is the most remarkable day of her life. Soules says that he can see himself spending the rest of his life with her. She says she fell in love tonight, even though she previously believed that it wasn’t possible to fall in love in a moment.

Whitney recaps her date for the rest of the girls. Jade has a hard time hearing about other girls’ dates. But not in a jerk-face kind of way. She then talks to Carly and shares something she feels that she needs to get off her chest. A couple years ago she did some nude modelling for Playboy. Carly is beyond shocked. She’s nervous about telling Soules about it. Her dad found out from his coworkers, and he wants Soules to hear it from her. Sometimes she regrets it.

Kaitlyn, Carly, and Britt head off for their date. They walk into an arena and strap on some skates. None of the girls can really skate. They play some hockey, where Soules falls over and over again, which the girls find hilarious. Britt says that this week has been rough on her. She takes Soules aside. She tells him about the girls’ road trip. Kaitlyn and Carly are thinking that Britt is lying to Soules at that moment. She’s manipulating him. She tells him that she loves it so much. LIAR. Soules is so happy. Poor guy.

Carly pulls him aside and tells him that she wants him to end up happy, with someone who really wants to be with him, and be in Arlington. She tells him that Britt said that she could never live in Arlington. She breaks down and tells him that she really cares about him and doesn’t want him to be hurt.

Soules and the girls hit up a restaurant and they toast to Iowa and Arlington. He pulls Britt aside again. She tells him that this week has been hard on him. She tells him a bit about her hometown. I don’t even care. He then asks her again about Arlington. She says she thinks it’s a good thing to “try”. Then she lies a little more and a little more. She says that no matter where she lives she wants to be a mom. Soules looks a little worried, but makes out with her anyway.

Kaitlyn and Carly say they hope that Soules sees through Britt. And that they think that Britt isn’t even being truthful to herself. Soules then takes Kaitlyn away. He asks her how she feels about them. She says she feels a bit behind because the other girls have met his parents and his friends. He comforts her. He says he needs to leave her for a moment. Is he getting the rose? He grabs the rose. Britt tears up. Soules offers the rose to Kaitlyn. He says he’s crazy about her and wants to meet her family. I like her, I’m glad she gets a hometown.

Britt and Carly look a little sad when Soules and Kaitlyn come back to them. Soules tells the girls that he’s had a great day, but it’s tough, and they’re all amazing women. Carly says she’s glad for the time they had, and she likes Kaitlyn so she’s ok with her getting the rose. As ok as one can be when another girl gets the rose. Britt says she “loves” Kaitlyn as well, BUT she’s having trouble and is hurt because she put herself out there and wanted validation, but then he gave the rose to someone else. She says she wants her husband to really want her back, as much as she wants him. Lady. You are on a reality show where your boyfriend HAS OTHER GIRLFRIENDS FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Soules says that the decision is tough, and he says that he feels that she doesn’t want to be there, and what exactly is she trying to say to him? He doesn’t want to continue this conversation right there out of respect for Carly & Kaitlyn. He says he’s looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow but that this is it for tonight. Britt goes off and basically tells the other girls that she is the most important one. Kaitlyn says that Britt made her feel like crap. Britt is the most important person ever. Ever ever. The other two girls remind her that THEY ARE GOING THROUGH THIS TOO. I can’t even say anything else about Britt except that she’d better be going home. By herself. Without Soules. Carly is relieved that Soules finally saw the part of Britt that the rest of the girls were trying to explain to him.

Carly and Kaitlyn tell the other two girls that they think that Britt is going to go home. By her own decision. Carly says that if she goes home now, she feels that she has done her duty. I like Carly. She’s a solid individual. The girls are convinced she is gone. Britt is a mess.

The cocktail party & rose ceremony are postponed till the next episode. BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE BEEN RECENTLY.

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