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The Bachelor: Chris – Episode 8 (Hometowns!)

Please excuse all spelling, grammar, and tense mistakes in this post, as it was written in haste, okay?!

Six are left. Who will be voted out going home tonight?

Date with Becca! Soules wants a comfortable, low-key date at his loft with her. She’s never been in love with anyone. She doesn’t really do intimacy. Her last relationship was on and off for four years. She just couldn’t see him as her husband. Soules is kind of confused about the whole not-being-in-love thing, but hopes that the two of them could do the whole falling-in-love thing. They go to the balcony and kiss as the sun sets.

Back at the house the girls talk about Britt’s part in the group date. Britt comes in and asks what they’re talking about. Whitney says that they’re chatting about what Soules and Becca are doing, and what went down on the date the night before. Britt says that she’s packed her suitcase and is thinking of leaving because blah blah blah he gave the rose to someone else. HEY, BRITT. YOUR BOYFRIEND HAS FIVE (FORMERLY TWENTY-FIVE) OTHER GIRLFRIENDS. WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING????? Which is pretty much what Carly says to her. (I like Carly.) Carly also says that Britt will probably change her mind in five minutes. Britt gets all defensive. Carly: “If you want out, I will take your rose right now.”

While they’re getting changed for the cocktail party, the girls, especially Jade and Britt, talk about things they need to talk to Soules about. Kaitlyn and Carly trash-talk Britt. Harrison comes in and announces that there will not be a cocktail party. Britt is the most shocked. And dismayed. And freaking out a bit.

Rose ceremony! Six ladies stand before Soules. All of them part their hair on the left. Kaitlyn already has a rose. Britt stops the rose ceremony and asks if she can speak to Soules for a moment. She takes him aside and apologizes for the other night. Carly feels nauseated. Whitney is hurt and hopes Britt isn’t manipulating Soules. Kaitlyn thinks Britt could convince him. Britt continues to apologize. She then asks Soules if there’s anything he wants to say to her. Soules says that a few girls told him that they question her honesty. She tries to defend herself. (All BS.) She asks if it was Carly that said this. He says that what Carly said is what he wants in his future. She apologizes again, but he says that the traits he sees are those that he does not want in a wife. “I’ll walk you out.” He does so, and then sits down in the lobby to regain his composure. Britt sobs uncontrollably on the curb.

Carly says she likes to see Britt squirm because now she knows what it feels like to be a normal person. Britt doesn’t know why Carly told Soules that Britt was lying. Soules comes back to the rose ceremony, tells the girls that he sent Britt home, and says that his desire is for them to be honest with him. He’s looking to play games, he’s looking for a wife.

With that being said, he picks up the first rose. … dramatic music … Whitney … dramatic music … Becca … dramatic music … Harrison announces the final rose … dramatic music … Jade. Which means Carly is going home. The girls are sad to lose Carly. Carly is heartbroken.

Becca’s hometown! Shreveport, Louisiana. Becca is stoked to introduce Soules to her family. They paddle in a canoe while Becca tells Soules about the gators in Louisiana. Becca: “I’ve never been in love before but I’m guessing it starts with these feelings.” Oy. They walk into Becca’s parents’ place and sit down to dinner. Becca’s sister throws her under the bus and says things like, “I’ve never seen Becca with a guy!” Awkward! “Becca’s not an intimate person. I guess she doesn’t have the urge, or want to.” I mean, I guess it’s good that he’s getting this information now rather than later, but yikes.

Becca’s mom says much of the same. She says that Becca’s never had a serious relationship. She says that it was very weird to see her holding hands with and kissing Soules because she’s never seen Becca do that before. Becca’s sister asks her if she’s told Soules that she’s a virgin. (She hasn’t.) The mom: “Don’t break my daughter’s heart.”

Soules and Becca say goodbye outside her parents’ place but Soules says that he’s going to take her somewhere. They go to an empty amusement park and ride the ferris wheel.

Whitney’s hometown! Chicago, Illinois. She is so adorable. Since Soules is in Chicago often because his sisters live there, instead of showing him around Chicago, she’s going to give him a tour of her life. “So, what do you say we go make a baby?!” *wink* Whitney is a fertility nurse, so she takes Soules to her lab. He changes into scrubs and watches as Whitney puts a sperm into an egg. Soules is quite impressed with her. “I make … corn. I can’t imagine what it would be like to make babies.” Whitney leads Soules to a “man room” and hands him a cup for his “male specimen”. There are magazines and a TV with “movies”. One of the other nurses tells him to write his name on the cup and then they’ll check out his sample. He totally thought they were going to make him do this. He’s impressed by her sense of humour.

Whitney was raised by a single mom who died of cancer. Soules asks Whitney who he should approach should he need to ask someone for their blessing to propose to her. She says it’s her sister, Kim. Whitney’s uncle Johnny pulls Soules aside first and says that Whitney is like a daughter to him, that she is strong and vulnerable. Whitney talks to Kim about how real her relationship with Soules is. She tells Kim that she has to get her approval before Soules proposes. Kim says that she won’t give her approval until Soules says that Whitney’s the one and only. She then tells the same to Soules. Whitney brings out a bottle of wine that she bought a while ago with plans to share it with the man she was going to marry. She then tells him that she’s in love with him, and they share the bottle of wine.

Kaitlyn’s hometown! Even though she grew up in Leduc, Alberta and she now lives in Vancouver, she takes Soules to Phoenix, Arizona, where her family stays in the winter. Kaitlyn meets Soules in an alley with dumpsters all around. She tells him that they’re going to have a picnic right there in the alley. Soules: “Whatever. Bring it on, Kaitlyn.”

She then leads him in one of the alley doors which leads to a recording studio. They’re apparently going to rap. They write lyrics together and then step up to the microphone. Kaitlyn is up first. Soules cannot keep a beat. But his lyrics are adorable.

Next they head to Kaitlyn’s parents’ place. Kaitlyn’s parents aren’t together anymore but they’re both there. They toast to Soules and Kaitlyn. Her mom, Leslie, takes her aside. She tells her mom how much she cares about Soules. She “hearts” him. Her mom says she sees it in her eyes. Kaitlyn is nervous, scared to be vulnerable because she’s been so hurt in the past. They take off and Kaitlyn tells Soules to cover his eyes. When he opens them, he sees a big sign that says “Kaitlyn ♥ Chris”.

Jade’s hometown! Gering, Nebraska. She’s nervous about telling him that she posed for Playboy. Her secret has ruined past relationship, so she’s scared of what it will do to this one. They walk in and greet Jade’s family. They sit down and he gives her a leather jacket from the football game they went to. Soules sits down with Jade’s dad. He says he’d give Soules his blessing, and Soules feels like Jade’s dad is hinting at something else. Her brother Zach does the same. “She’s been a wild mustang, a free spirit.”

Jade’s dad wants her to find someone who doesn’t put her down for being herself. She gets a bit emotional telling her dad how she feels about Soules. He says she supports her no matter what and he tears up a bit. They say goodbye to the family and head to Soules’ hotel room to talk for a while. Like, for real talk.

Soules tells her that her brothers said that she is a “wild mustang”. She says that she has something she needs to tell him, something that has ruined previous relationships. Onward, she tells him that she moved to LA and told her self that she was going to say yes to any opportunity that came her way. “So, when I first moved to LA, I was asked to pose for Playboy, and I did.” She says that she wanted him to hear from her rather than his family or something. She then offers to show him the photos. He says yes. She pulls out her computer and shows him the photos. And a video. Soules is shocked. He thought she was quiet and innocent, which she is, but he didn’t see this coming.

She asks him what he thinks about it all. He says that he judges her for who she is, not what she’s done previous to knowing him. (THANK YOU, SOULES.) He says it’s not something that he feels would ruin their relationship. He likes who she is now, the past doesn’t matter. I’m so glad he has this opinion. Because it’s not like she can go and re-live the past.

Rose ceremony! Soules tells the girls that tonight is the toughest night he’s had in his life. Cue the dramatic music … Whitney … dramatic music … Kaitlyn …dramatic music … Harrison announces the final rose … dramatic music … Becca. *sigh* I far prefer Jade to Becca. Soules walks Jade out. He apologizes to her and tells her how wonderful. He says his reason is because things have moved faster with the other girls. He doesn’t know if he’s making the right decision, but it seems like the best decision he can make right now. He walks her to the limo and tries to compose himself before returning to the other ladies. He’s having a really hard time with it. As is Jade. “Yea, my heart’s broken.”

Next week they finally head out of the States. I think they’ve stayed in the country for so long because Soules doesn’t want the women to think it’s going to be all tropical vacations all the time when they’re married.

Next week! Overnights in the fantasy suite! Won’t be boring!

Predictions! Ok, so, in the first episode of this season, six women were highlighted. Britt, Jillian, Amanda (I don’t even remember her), Whitney, Alissa, and Mackenzie. On Sean’s season, Catherine was one of the ones highlighted in the first episode, and she ended up “winning”. If I were to continue with that pattern, five of the sex women are no longer with us. Which leaves Whitney. Unless they’re just trying to mess with us. So, she is the one I predict to be the last one standing.

Now, about next season’s bachelorette. If Kaitlyn isn’t in the final two, I’d pick her to be the new bachelorette. She’d do a stellar job of it. Becca would be an awful bachelorette. This wouldn’t be the first Canadian bachelorette, and the first one had a great, entertaining season. It’s just too bad she chose a douche-canoe at the end.

Anyway. Adiós, chicos.

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