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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo – Episode 6 Recap

Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

New Zealand! I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand. I have some family there, and my brother and sister-in-law met there. JP: “New Zealand is the perfect place to fall in love.”

Chelsie is very excited to be in New Zealand. So is Kat. I love Cassandra’s pants. I want a pair. She misses her son. Aww. :( Hopefully that beautiful resort place will distract her.

Clare doesn’t know where she and JP stand. She thinks the first date in NZ is crutial. Andi is the only one who hasn’t had a one-on-one date yet. And the date card goes to … Andi! “Let’s heat things up.” Clare is very disappointed that she isn’t going on the first date of the week. “I just think things might be wrapped in New Zealand.”

Cassandra is jealous of Andi’s date. She feels like she’s wasting time away from her son. She and Renee have a heart-to-heart. Renee is just the best. She’d better not win, because she deserves someone rad. JP is getting sleezier as the weeks go on. I love the single-mom bonding.

That mud pit looks terrifying. I’d be completely ok with going in a mud bath if the mud was in an artificial setting, like a spa. A natural setting like that? Terrifying. Where does it begin? Where does it end? How far does it go down? Is there a dead body in it?

Stakes are high. The girls are nervous. Andi is excited for her one-on-one date. JP is looking forward to the date, too. “It will be amaaaazing.” They hop into a boat and take a ride down the river. Beautiful. And then they get to a point and the driver says something about going swimming. Coooold. Andi hops on JP’s back as they walk through rock crevices. Oh my word let me out. Claustrophobic much?! What a hellish experience. I’d be begging for a wetsuit. Or a super-thick huge towel. They finally get to a waterfall. Is it a hot spring? Please be a hot spring. It’s a hot spring. Hopefully it doesn’t boil them to death like that one on Dante’s Peak. They stand under the waterfall. Andi: “This is definitely the most romantic date I’ve been on. It’s cold, it’s hot…” It’s a Katy Perry song, Andi. JP: “She is incredible.” Obviously they make out under the waterfall.

It’s night and they have clothes on now. They’re having dinner in front of a geyser. Andi: “I’ve been waiting for this date for a really long time.” That geyser thing is kind of freaky. Andi: “Everything around us is wet. The geyser completely ruined our dinner.” Awkward.

Back at the house, the girls are wondering who is going to be on the other one-on-one this week. There’s a knock at the door and the group date card is delivered. Tomorrow is Cassandra’s 22nd birthday, and she thinks a one-on-one would be perfect for that. “Let love role. Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat, and Cassandra.” That means the one-on-one goes to Clare. Of course. She’s relieved. “Juan Pablo and I need a chance to talk. We need to sort things out.”

Andi doesn’t care about her ruined dinner, just about her time with Juan Pablo. Andi admits that she was worried about the whole experience from the start. She says she’s be ok not having any worldly possessions if she had love. They both say they’re glad to be there. Andi asks what the number one thing JP wants in life. JP: “Love, that’s why I’m here!” Andi: “I can’t wait to have a family.” JP: “You will.”

JP pulls a rose out of his jacket. “Andi, will you accept this rose?” She accepts, and says she doesn’t care about the wind or cold, she’s just glad she’s there. JP: “She’s just like me. She opened up her heart for me.” Andi: “Juan Pablo definitely makes me believe in love.”

Group date! It’s windy. Beautiful scenery. Cassandra is excited to hang out with “Juan” on her 22nd birthday. They toast to the date and the upcoming cocktail party. Chelsie steals JP away. “This kind of reminds me of Ohio, except we don’t have hills.” They’re sitting in a cow field. I’m sure it must smell awful. They walk down a hill and see giant hamster balls. Apparently they sit in the balls and roll down a big hill. Oh sheesh. Apparently they’re called Ogos? Chelsie is kind of crazy. She’s quite intense. Nikki: “OMG THIS IS SO FUN!” She and JP made out in the Ogo.

Next up they visit the place where Lord of the Rings was filmed. I haven’t seen any of the movies besides the beginning of the first movie, 12 years ago. I had to take my newborn out of the theatre, so I missed the rest. I love that the girls all have perfect hair after a day in giant water balls.

Renee and JP go off together. She says it was one of the best days of her life. “After that kiss last week, that changed a lot for me.” I wonder how she’s feeling now that she knows about the Clare thing. She tells JP about how her and Cassandra broke down because they miss their babies. They make out, because of course they do. Renee: “I loooove kissing Juan Pablo. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I would love to kiss Juan Pablo for the rest of my life.” They take a selfie in front of the hobbit house, then go back to the rest of the group.

Nikki says she doesn’t want to go back home with any regrets. Nikki says it’s kind of scary that she’s falling for JP. She’s scared because she doesn’t want to get hurt. She doesn’t want to pull back, because it’s worth it to see if she can find love.

Kat asks the group if they think there’s a difference to them when receiving a group date rose versus a one-on-one rose. They all question the meanings. Sharleen and JP head off for some one-on-one time, which is immediately a make-out session. Sharleen: “You don’t waste any time.” And they get back to it. Here’s where Noah asks, “What’s with the music?” It’s obnoxious, fun music. Something that would be on Laurel & Hardy. I miss them. ANYWAY, back to the date. Sharleen: “It’s inorganic for me. I kind of question where I am a lot, and where you’re at, and where everyone else is at.” JP says don’t question it, just enjoy it. Make the best of it. And kiss me so you stop asking questions.

The rest of the girls are having a birthday celebration for Cassandra. “If I get a rose tonight, it would be the absolute best 22nd birthday present I could ever get.” She and JP go off to the hobbit house. She tells him how much she respects him as a dad. She’s content in her life with her son, but being there makes her realize that she has so much more love to give. She says JP is very genuine. (RIIIIIIIIGHT.) JP says she’s made a great sacrifice leaving her son at home. She says she thinks she’s close to getting everything she’s ever wanted.

JP: “I think I’m gonna have a happy ending here.” Renee says it would mean a lot to her if she got the rose, but says if not her, she’s rooting for Cassandra. JP gives the rose to Sharleen, then pulls Cassandra aside. The girls are confused. “Didn’t they already talk?” Uh oh. Not a good sign. JP: “You’re one of my special ones.” He’s leading into letting her down easy, I can see it. “You’re gorgeous, you are funny, you are so nice. … I wish we were in the same chapter. I don’t want you to wait two more days to see your son.” She says she’s disappointed. JP tells her not to be. He says she’s grown a lot there and is happy that he got to be a part of it. “It was very hard to say goodbye to Cassandra. But my connection to some of the other girls is stronger, so it’s right for her to be with her son now.”

I didn’t see that coming. I mean, I didn’t see her at the end, but I didn’t see her going home this week. I wonder if she gets to say goodbye to the other girls before she leaves. “I just want love so bad. I’ve been waiting for so long for something special with someone. It just hurts to go home.” Yea, and she got dumped on her birthday. You jerk, Juan Pablo. WORST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER.

JP tells the other girls that he said goodbye to Cassandra. He says he didn’t see a future with her, so sent her home as soon as possible so she could see her son. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, honestly. These next weeks are going to be hard. Very hard.”

JP has a video conference with his daughter. Then talks about Clare. Clare says she’s nervous about the date. “There’s a difference between being honest and hurting someone’s feelings.” She’s looking for an apology from him today. They get right into it, talking about the other night. He says he wants her to be happy and comfortable. She says she was upset with what he said because she meant no disrespect. He says she caught him off-guard, and he wanted her to be happy. He says he made the mistake of not telling her no. She says she needs answers. “What are our boundaries? Where are they? I don’t want to feel bad.” JP says he’s never done anything in front of Camila, not hand-holding, not kissing, nothing. Clare: “But did we do anything inappropriate in that aspect?” JP: “Four in the morning. Going to the ocean and swimming and kissing in the ocean. It doesn’t feel right.” Oh, really? That’s all that happened. OF COURSE IT WAS. JP says he doesn’t want to make her cry any more. Clare: “Just don’t make me sad.” So he kisses her. He sure likes shutting these women up. JP: “Tonight, I just want a reset.” Clare: “Juan Pablo is worth staying for.”

Looks like they’re back at JP’s place, with the rose on the table. JP asks Clare if her heart is melting a little bit. She says it is, and that she felt their day could have gone really good or really bad. She says she’s so glad it went well. In the past she’s bolted if there was a bump in the road. JP doesn’t know what “bolt” means. She felt like going home after the incident, but is glad they worked through it. She’s glad he apologized and saw his mistake. This kind of feels like that Friends episode where Ross agrees to what Rachel wrote in her letter of EIGHTEEN PAGES. FRONT AND BACK because he didn’t read it. I feel like JP is going to put his foot in his mouth. She’s going on and on. He seems to be agreeable, though. JP: “I like listening to you.” He tells her he’ll be back. He’s not going to get the rose, since it’s sitting right there. He brings her some sweats and tells her they’ll just hang out. JP: “Clare just has something going on that is so attractive to me that I don’t know what to say. I get hot talking about Clare.” Apparently JP finds sweats hot. Better than a rose ceremony dress. He then picks up the rose and says the night was perfect. “I’m so glad you didn’t … what did you say?” “Bolt.” “Yea, bolt.” They make out for a few scenes while romanticky music plays.

JP: “My mind is going a hundred miles an hour just thinking which decisions are the best, which women are the best for me.” Chris joins JP by the photos of the women. At tonight’s cocktail party Juan Pablo is looking for honesty from the girls as well as a connection with them. He then talks about Cassandra, and how hard it was to let her go. But his relationships with the other women were stronger. Chris: “I’m sure you’ve thought of how this ends.” JP: “I’m gonna be down on one knee proposing. To who? That is the question.”

Cocktail party! Kat is nervous. She wishes she already had a rose. There’s lots of awkward silence with JP and the girls. This is the season of the awkward silence. JP takes Nikki away. She’s anxious and nervous. “I need to make sure that I am not going home.” JP says he’s wearing pink underwear. And then they make out. She says she feels comfortable with him. She says she wants her forever, her partner, her forever. Someone to join her in what life has to offer. I like her. And she’s my pick for winning, isn’t she? I think she is. JP: “Nikki, watch out.”

Renee says she’s nervous being the only single mom present. “The moment he doubts me, he’s gonna tell me. He’s not gonna give it another shot.” JP asks her if she’s nervous. He says he’s happy she’s there. JP: “Renee, she is loving life, and she wants someone to love life with her. I could be the one to love life with her. … There is nothing more attractive than a woman talking about her kid.”

Clare and Kat talk about who is going home tonight. They both think they aren’t going home. I’m pretty sure one of them is going home tonight.

Chelsie tells JP she’s frazzled. He doesn’t know what frazzled means. She says her last relationship ended because they weren’t on the same page, and that’s why she’s on the Bachelor, becasue she wants to have the same goals as the person she’s with. She wants a family and a future. JP: “Every time I’m with you, I have a good time. You’re here for a reason.”

Kat says she’s been journaling since the experience started. She says she doesn’t want to be disappointed, because she was disappointed with her dad, as he chose not to be a part of her life when she was growing up. Her dad was passed out and she had to climb into her sister’s crib to comfort her. She has a fear of disappointment that has held her back in past relationships. She’s glad he wants to fall in love and have more kids. The reward is far greater than the risk. I like her, but I’m pretty sure she’s going home tonight. I don’t see a connection between them. She sees it differently.

Rose Ceremony! Chelsie is very nervous. Chris welcomes the ladies. Andi, Sharleen, and Clare already have roses. Three roses remain for the four women. JP walks in and tells the girls how great his week was with them. “My wife is in this group of girls.” He picks up the first rose. DRAMATIC MUSIC! Nikki. DRAMATIC MUSIC! Renee. Chris Harrison: “Ladies, the final rose tonight.” LONG DRAMATIC TORTUROUS MUSIC. Chelsie.

Chris: “Kat, I’m sorry. Take a moment and say your goodbyes.” She wishes JP good luck, and he walks her out. Kat: “I saw myself at the end. But I didn’t get up to speed.”

Sharleen says she feels like it’s wrong somehow that she remains. She says she remains doubtful, and that she sees other girls better suited to him. JP says their next stop is Miami. Sharleen says she’ll give it another week to see if there’s more of a connection, and if not, she’ll leave.

NEXT WEEK! Nikki is happy, Sharleen is emotional and unsure, Nikki doesn’t like Clare and says they’ll never be friends. JP is upset and “cannot be happy right now.”

Credits! The best part. The group date people are in bathing suits, chasing sheep. Oh my. Then they have a sheep poop fight. Chris: “You threw poop at each other. That sounds romantic.”

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  • Loukia Monday, February 10, 2014, 10:54 pm

    Love your re-cap! I really like Nikki. And Renee, but like you said, she’s sort of in a better league than JP. Crap, I think I’m starting to like Clare and JP together! Sharleen has to go. Woohoo, Miami! Can’t wait till next week!

  • Jodi Monday, February 10, 2014, 11:10 pm

    The boat driver was the only one wearing a life jacket. UNSAFE! I’m such a mom.

  • Heather Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 12:56 am

    I feel like both Renee and Sharleen are too classy for JP. I freakin love Renee. I want way better for her :P
    And Sharleen … I feel like he wouldn’t get her world at all, I dunno.
    Also, my girls and I were mocking Sharleen’s use of the word “inorganic”. Because yknow, if it’s carbon-based…it’s organic :P

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