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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo – Episode 7 Recap

Six are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

They’re in Miami this week. Juan Pablo pulls up to a giant, gorgeous house, I’m guessing it’s his parents’ place. He surprises his daughter. Big hugs all around. I suppose they’re reminding us that JP isn’t a total sleeze-wad. I still respect him in his fatherly role, but oh my, I’m starting to feel bad for the bachelorettes.

ANYWAY! Miami! Sunshine! Not a speck of snow in sight!

The girls are wondering if they’re going to meet his family or his friends. Andi: “It means a lot more to be in Miami right now.” They walk into an hotel room with a to-die-for view. Gifts are waiting for them. Bikinis! Because, of course. Sharleen: “It’s pretty important that I get a one-on-one this week.” Hometowns are next week, so the girls are feeling the pressure.

JP talks to his family about the girls. Mentions Sharleen first. He walks into the girls’ hotel room with a date card. For Sharleen. Nikki does not look happy. Clare: “Sharleen was caught totally off-guard. So awkward.” Sharleen has to work on her happy face. She looks as though the date card is a death sentence. “We’re just missing this cerebral connection that I so need.” Well, he’s a soccer player. Not a scholar. Chelsie: “I can’t figure out how they’re having a relationship.” Clare: “Sharleen is an anomaly.”

Sharleen and JP are having a date on a yacht. Sharleen: “I’m feeling pretty conflicted right now.” They chat about Sharleen being uptight, not being herself. They cozy up in a mess of pillows on the deck. “Juan Pablo is not my typical type. I’m surprised by how attracted I am to him.” JP: “Is that a Canadian kiss? Or a German kiss?” Sharleen: “The chemistry is magnetic. He’s ridiculously sexy.”

The girls wonder how JP & Sharleen’s date is going. None of them see a future for the two of them. Andi: “Of all the people in the house, she’s the biggest mystery.”

Sharleen: “When we’re together, it’s just very playful. He makes me feel happy, which is something I don’t allow myself to feel very often.” JP asks Sharleen about her job, and how it will affect their future. She’s put her career before everything else for a while now. She’s prepared to make a change. “Change is good.” They make out in the ocean. OH NO. ANOTHER CONTROVERSY.

It’s night, they’re dry and dressed. Sharleen wonders how their lives will meld together. JP: “When I’m with Sharleen, I feel happy.” Apparently 95% of this date is making out on the yacht. Maybe because of their lack of intellectual connection. Their physical connection certainly is there. JP: “I really want to go and see her parents.”

JP says he likes the words that she uses. “So proper.” Sharleen: “I think it can work. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it.” She tells JP that she’s not sure about their future. She says she wishes she was “dumber”. JP says he can handle the truth, that he likes honesty. Sharleen: “In this moment, laying on a boat with Juan Pablo, it feels right. But there’s a little voice in my head telling me that it’s not right.”

The other girls wonder what JP & Sharleen are doing. There is a knock at the door. Date card. “Nikki. Listen to my heart beat. -Juan Pablo” Nikki: “Oh no, is it a dance again?” Someone makes a comment about her negativity.

Juan Pablo toasts to next week with Sharleen. She says she should be feeling differently than she is. They get back to the hotel. She climbs on a couch with Renee. She wishes it would be more black and white. She says she feels bad taking that spot from someone who is sure. Renee says not to do anything she would regret, something that will haunt her forever. She’s trying to decide to stay or to go. She thought the decision would be easier.

COMING UP NEXT! Drama, drama, drama.

JP & Nikki are on a one-on-one date. She says she’s falling in love with him but doesn’t want to tell him yet. He tells her that they’re going to Camila’s dance recital. His parents and his ex are going to be there. Nikki is super nervous. “I hope everyone likes me.”

Date card! “Chelsie, Renee, Clare, Andi. My hometown for yours. -Juan Pablo” ps. There will be a rose on this date. Sharleen says something about it being best if she leaves.

Meanwhile at the dance recital. I can imagine that it would be terrifying to meet your boyfriend’s daughter’s mother. I can’t say I’ve ever had that experience. But dance recitals are pretty adorable, when the kid you’re there to watch is dancing. Nikki meets Camila and chats with her about dancing. They visit for a while with JP’s family and Camila’s mom. Nikki says she “could totally see herself fitting into this life.”

JP is very happy with how the afternoon went. He brings Nikki to his office at the Marlins stadium. They play catch with Nikki in a very not-sports-appropriate top. Nikki tells JP that she had the best time at the recital meeting his family. Awkward silence. Nikki says she’s just thinking and JP wants to know what’s on her mind. She asks him where she’d fit in in his family, asks about Carla (Camila’s mom), if she’s ok with everything. JP says she’s all good with it, that Nikki would be a part of the family. Nikki says that she wants him to go home with her next week. “I want a forever, and I want it with Juan Pablo.”

COMING UP! Nikki and Clare go at it.

Sharleen says she feels sick, in the way that you feel when you’ve made a decision that you’re not sure about. She tells the girls she needs to talk to them. She says she’s conflicted. She says it’s not fair to him or the other girls to take a spot from someone who would be better suited to him. She’s sad, and the girls are sad to see her go. I feel bad for her, because if this was a normal situation without other women involved, maybe they’d have a chance. I mean, maybe not, but I can’t imagine this process is easy. I respect her a lot for thinking of others before herself. It’s not common in this world.

She goes up to Juan Pablo’s room and knocks. She says that yesterday was amazing, but she doesn’t feel like she can get to the place she needs to be at in three weeks’ time. The idea of a proposal doesn’t seem like it’s possible for her. She doesn’t want to take the spot of someone else who knows what she wants. JP says he understands, it’s a hard place to be. He comforts her and tells her not to be sorry. She’s afraid she wasted his time, he tells her it’s not true. She’s different and he likes that about her.

I’d be telling those cameras to get out of my face right about now. JP says she would have had a hometown, says she’s an amazing girl. He’s crying, says sometimes honesty is not appreciated. He’s hurt. She says she’s surprised at how sad she is. She’s hurting and feels awful, but feels like she made the right choice. “He doesn’t have what I’m looking for in terms of forever.” Hurting sucks, man.

The other four girls are ready for their date. Chelsie says she feels so much closer to having a hometown date now. (But I think she’s the one going home this week.) Andi says she has a lot of fear of rejection. “Getting the rose today means that Juan Pablo wants to meet your family, and I want that. I want that real bad.” They take a float plane to a private beach. They toast to an amazing date. Chelsie talks to JP about her family. Her mom sent a bunch of notes with her in case she got homesick. They listed stuff like, “No gum chewing. Two drink maximum. Keep your clothes on.” Funny, these should be observed by all the contestants. She also got notes from her dad. Pretty cute.

Andi starts crying. JP’s had a lot of crying girls lately. She feels super vulnerable. “It’s scary to put all that out there and have no certainties.” She’s afraid of it not working out. She wants to know what’s going to happen. Juan Pablo laughs and kisses her. She says that he has a calming sense over her. “Getting the rose today would be amazing.”

More previews of Clare and Nikki scrapping!

The girls talk about the group date rose. Who will get it? Clare wants it a lot. “It’s a big deal.” JP asks Clare who he’ll meet if he goes to her hometown. She has five older sisters. JP says he wishes he would have been able to meet her dad (who died a year or so ago). Before her dad passed away, he made a video for her future husband. It would be pretty awkward if JP saw the video and they didn’t end up together. Though I’m sure she’ll get a hometown, but I’m hoping they don’t end up together.

JP picks up the group date rose and gives it to … Andi. Wow, I totally thought Clare had it in the bag. I like Andi much more than I like Clare. The latter things that this isn’t fair and “this doesn’t make sense.” Clare: “What the f*** am I doing here?” Andi is stoked that she got the rose. She and JP stay behind to play in the ocean as the other three girls take off in the float plane. Talk about adding insult to injury.

JP and Andi go for dinner at a Latin restaurant. They get up on stage and dance. “He knows what he’s doing.” JP says he laughs more with Andi than with the other girls. She says she feels bad that she’s a bad dancer, but she’s happy.

The other girls get back to the hotel room and Clare is disappointed. “But on the up side? We get to hang out with Nikki.” Wow. There are daggers in her voice. Those two sure have it in for each other. “I wanna hang out with Nikki like I want to get stung by a jellyfish.” The three tell Nikki they were kicked off their date. Awkward silence. Nikki makes a comment about how Clare has “checked out”. Clare says she is disappointed. Nikki says “that’s so stupid” and takes off. They’re obviously missing some parts of this conversation. Clare: “I feel like Nikki always gets away with being a bitch. I’m not ok with that. I’m not ok with being disrespected like that.” Clare follows Nikki upstairs. It’s ON.

Nikki says she doesn’t want to sit around while others “talk shit about my friend.” She says she just didn’t want to be a part of the conversation. They get mad at each other for cutting the other one off. Nikki: “It’s ok, I don’t like you, we’re not going to be friends.” Nikki asks Clare to leave her room. Clare says Nikki didn’t pay for it so she doesn’t have to leave. Cat fight! They argue about annoying things. YOU did this, YOU are wrong, You blah blah blah. Kill me now. They both try get the last snide comment in.

Cocktail party! Chelsie really wants a rose and is super nervous. JP walks in. He greets the girls and pulls Renee away. Nikki: “The last thing I want to do is hang out with my boyfriend and Crazy Clare.” Chelsie is annoyed that Nikki doesn’t want to be a part of any conversation. Chelsie seems like a super kind person, but I’m pretty sure she’s going home tonight. Clare and JP talk about what her hometown would be like. Nikki and Andi are glad this is their last cocktail party. Nikki: “Let’s get this night over with so I can take this guy home to my family.” Nikki and JP go off to talk and Clare talks about Nikki to the other girls, wondering if she’s going to get a hometown date. Nikki: “After this night is over there is a huge chunk of time that I don’t have to be around Clare.” Clare: “Nikki is not ready for this type of relationship.”

Clare and Nikki are left by themselves on the couches. This had to have been staged. Awkward silence. Phew! Andi returns. More awkward silence. Renee returns! “What’d I miss? Has it been really quiet this whole time?” JP and Chelsie return, JP wonders what the quiet is all about. Chris Harrison saves the day and takes JP away leaving the girls in silence.

Rose ceremony! The girls are so colourful. Andi already has a rose. JP walks in and talks about how family is important and it’s a big step and all that. He picks up the first rose. Nikki. (Clare looks pissed.) Clare. Last rose! Renee.

So, Chelsie’s going home. Chris: “Chelsie, I’m sorry. Take a moment to say your goodbyes.” As JP walks Chelsie out, Clare says to Renee, “Big mistake” and glares at Nikki. Chelsie says nice things to JP and then breaks down in the limo. She says she wants her partner in crime. She’s such a sweetheart. JP is a teary and sad mess. “It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you care about.”

Next week! Two episodes, two nights. Double the drama. Hometowns take a disappointing turn. The fantasy suite thing doesn’t go well for Andi. Uh oh. It’s NOT that common, it DOESN’T happen to every guy, and it IS a big deal!

Credits! Andi proves to Nikki how bad of a dancer she is. I love the credits.

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