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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 4

Thirteen are left. Who will be voted off Bachelorette Island tonight?

This week they’re in New England. I bet Noah wishes he was on the crew this season. I wonder if they’ll run into Tom Brady? Lots of shots of Andi walking around. Andi says she’s developing feelings for more than one guy, and that she wants to get to know the ones she doesn’t know too well quite yet.

Limos! The guys check out their hotel room and are STOKED. It’s pretty awesome. Dylan says they’re in his back yard and he can’t wait to show Andi around. A bunch of guys toast to the week while they’re sitting fully-clothed in an empty hot tub.

Date card! “Dylan. Our relationship is picking up speed. ♥ Andi” The guys wish him luck from their stereotypical large circular couch. Andrew doesn’t think Dylan’s date will go well. Dylan and Andi are taking a trip in a steam train. They go up to the front and pull the steam horn string thing. Kind of looks like the Hogwarts Express.

It seems awkward at first, both of them looking out the windows. Dylan is nervous about telling Andi about his family. Andi says her longest relationship was 3.5 years. Dylan says he had an eight-year relationship that ended in a bitter breakup, which happened the day after his brother’s funeral. This guy’s had it rough. Andi hopes dinner gives him a chance to open up to her. She feels they can’t start till he gets the burden off his chest.

Date card! Back at the house the guys eagerly await the reading of the card. Group date! “We’ve got game.” JJ, Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Tasos, Cody, Brian, Patrick, Josh.

Dylan and Andi head to dinner. Dylan wants to tell her about stuff, but is nervous. Andi says she wants to get to know him more. She says it’s just him and his mom, his grandparents, and his uncle. His dad was never a part of his life. Four years ago he got a call from his mom, and he found out his sister overdosed. His brother took it hard. This past November he got a call from his grandfather saying that his brother had overdosed, but was still alive. His brother was in a coma. His mom told him that his brother was 100% brain-dead. He says he doesn’t want her to feel bad for him, or to keep him around because of it. Being in Dylan’s hometown brings up happy memories for him, of growing up and happy childhood memories.

Andi picks up the date rose, says some nice things about him, and offers him the rose. But the date is not over! They go back on the train and blow the horn thing again. I can’t remember what it’s called!

Group date! They’re in a basketball court. Basketball Guy is stoked. Andi tells the guys that New England is actually the birthplace of basketball. Chris isn’t a fan of group dates.

A team of WNBA girls. It’s guys vs. girls. The guys are getting their butts whooped. One of the girls says, “I hope they have more game off the court than they do on the court, otherwise they’re in real trouble.” The score is 30-8. Andi says she loves seeing the guys hang out together. BUT THEN! The guys are going to play against each other. The winning team gets to go out with Andi tonight, and the losing team goes back to the hotel. THIS SHOULD GO WELL.

Lights! Cameras! Action! Andi says watching the guys across from each other is a total turn-on. The guys are JUST A BIT COMPETITIVE. Tied at half-time. Most of these guys are RIPPED. Andi is very impressed with Brian, who is totally in his element, being a basketball coach. Marquel is stoked that the Rosebuds won. Nick says there are three great teams. Two I can’t remember, and the Rosebuds. Andi is stoked to get time with the winning team. The winning team is very sad to be leaving. Josh is pissed. All the guys are all depressed to not have the time with Andi. At least they have beers.

I think I missed someone when the date card was read earlier, as there are six guys on one team and five on the other. (Cody!)

Andi pulls Eric aside and asks him what he thinks of everything. He says it seems so formal. She says their relationship feels stalled. They don’t thrive in that situation, the formal stuff. She’s being kind of mean, to be honest. Eric says he went on a cross-country trip before coming on The Bachelorette so he could see all his family, as he didn’t know when he’d seem them again. Oh my word, this is so ominous. Because he dies shortly after leaving the show, but just saw all his family. It’s bitter-sweet. But! On to other things. Eric says that he grew up Mormon, but does not practice it himself. After their conversation, Andi feels like they’re back on track.

The losing basketball team heads back to the hotel room where Dylan and Marcus are hanging out. They’re very disappointed.

Brian takes Andi back to the court. He coaches her through some things. She says he’s definitely sexy in his element. Andi asks Brian if he can make a half-court shot. He asks what he gets if he makes it. He makes it! Andi finds that HOT. Brian says he is SO BAD at reading signs. His friends say that he has zero game when it comes to girls.

Nick and Andi head off for some one-on-one time. She says that she is the most comfortable with him. She feels like he gets her. He says he could easily spend the rest of his life with her, and hopes she feels the same.

Group date rose! It’s between Nick and Brian, I bet. Brian! He is stoked, and says getting the rose is better than winning the state championship.

Marcus takes off for his date with Andi. Andi says she’s afraid of heights, but requested this date. She wants to face her fear of heights. I can barely even look at the building. I cannot do heights. I feel a pain in my chest even thinking about it. Andi and Marcus are both terrified. My legs are jelly. The wind is nuts, and Andi is freezing. I think she’s regretting requesting this!

They’re on the side of the building. Marcus asks for any last words. Andi’s words are bleeped out. I cannot feel my legs. I CANNOT FEEL MY LEGS. Marcus encourages her, tries to walk her through it. She freaks out for a while and finally gets it.

The rest of the guys see the ropes at their windows. Marcus asks Andi about her family. She says her mom plays mah-jong. (Is that how it’s spelled?) Andi and Marcus hear a banging sound. They realize it’s the guys’ room. Marcus says they should kiss in front of them. Andi is impressed with out Marcus helped her. She wanted him to be protective and he passed the test.

They head to a restaurant. Will there be couches? … No! Chairs! Marcus toasts to conquering their fears. Marcus sees the rose and covers it up. He says it’s the elephant in the room. Andi says him covering it up means he doesn’t know how charming he is. He says his girlfriend left him suddenly and therefore hasn’t opened up to anyone in a while. Up till now. She says that he’s surprised her today. Andi uncovers the date rose, says some nice things, and offers it to him.

They walk into a concert. They dance on a platform surrounded by people. I think Andi is my favourite Bachelorette so far. She’s so spunky and fun.

Andi’s nervous about the rose ceremony tonight. She gets an envelope delivered to her hotel room. It’s a letter from a secret admirer. She wants to find out who it is. Brian says he’s stoked to come into the night with a rose. The guys agree that rose ceremony nights are the worst nights. Andi is excited about the cocktail party. It’s too early in the show for the cocktail party/rose ceremony, so I’m pretty sure something’s gonna go down.

Tasos takes Andi away. He asks her if she wants to change it up a bit. She asks him how she’s feeling, and she says she likes what she sees in him. They get interrupted by Brian. Awkward. He takes her back to the court and says that he made a mistake last time by not kissing her. Andi: “He’s a really good kisser.”

Andi and Marquel hang out on a couch. She says that he cracks her up. He tells her that he needs to teach her how to defend herself. He teaches her the choke hold and says something like, “Go harder!” which completely cracks her up.

Eric comes in to steal her away. He says he’s been open with her but doesn’t understand understand why things aren’t working. He basically says it’s her fault. He says he came to meet a person, not a TV actress. THIS IS GOING TO GO OVER WELL. He says he sees two sides of her. He says she wears a poker face most of the time. She’s not too stoked about this. They argue a bit and he’s just … rude. She says she works her ass off and stays up late so that everyone knows she is there for them, yea, she does. She says he has no idea how she feels, that she’s exhausted and he has no clue how it feels to look people in the eye and send them home. She is hurt by the poker face comment and is breaking down.

The guys overhear things and wonder what is wrong, as she shouldn’t be crying right now. She says she feels she doesn’t want to waste another minute of his. He says she’s a different person in front of the cameras and away from the cameras. She is upset that he is calling her fake, insulting her. She says she wants him to come here and have a good experience. He says he’s sorry, and just wants her to be comfortable with him. She says she can’t be ok with that. And that they both know this is not going to work. She says she can’t fight for someone who doesn’t believe in her. He says he did believe in their first date. She says she’s going to lose it if he says “acting” one more time. He says he’s sorry and going to be thinking about how it ended. I wish he left the show under better circumstances.

Andi goes back to the guys and says that if anyone feels that this is fake for her, or that she’s wearing a poker face, “y’all can say it now and walk your ass on out.” She says she’s done nothing but try to be there for them, and she’s so, so exhausted, and trying so hard. She says that if they don’t think it’s real for her, the doors are right there. One of them better go comfort her.

A cab pulls up for Eric. He says it hurt him to see Andi cry. He says love is the reason to live, and love leaves to family. He says that he didn’t mean it the way it came out. “Something went very wrong.”

Chris Harrison speaks to the camera and says that we’ve just seen Eric Hill’s last scene on the show, and says that shortly after leaving, he was killed in a paragliding accident in Utah. Chris says that there won’t be a rose ceremony, as he thought it was more important to talk about Eric. He’s sitting with Andi. Chris offers his condolences to Eric’s family and friends. Andi says it’s devastating to talk about. She says this season is dedicated to him.

Andi says she liked him from the beginning, right from when he got out of the limo, which is why he got the first one-on-one date. She wanted to do those things with him. Chris asks her what happened in their relationship. She says they just weren’t open enough with each other. Slowly she realized that it had stalled after that first date. She says that knowing now what she knows, she regrets that that was her last conversation with him. She says that they usually get that last conversation at the Men Tell All and that he probably would have said something and she probably would have laughed, it would be water under the bridge. The accident actually happened while Andi was on the hometown dates, during her last hometown date. Chris called her that night and informed the guys, as they were all affected by it. Chris asks her how it affected her. She says you tend to get all wrapped up in all this, and to come back from a hometown date and find all this out, it’s hard, as, really, they’re all a family and he was a part of it. The little things feel irrelevant. She tears up a bit talking about how it affected her and put things in perspective.

Chris explains what happened after Eric left. There was a cocktail party and rose ceremony where they said goodbye to Tasos (phew!), but it didn’t seem right to show that tonight. He again expresses his condolences to Eric’s family.

It sucks a lot that he died shortly after leaving the show, and I like that they show respect for him by talking about him rather than having a silly rose ceremony. It’s gotta be hard for his family to watch (which I’m assuming they are?), as he didn’t exactly leave on a good note.

Next week! Good things, and more good things. And some miming! And some entitlement issues! Drama, drama, drama!

Yesterday, as I finally write this a week late, was a “The Journey So Far” episode. Since I find those annoying, both on this show and on Survivor, I won’t be writing about it. Because I already wrote about it, yes?

Until next time!

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