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The Bachelorette: Andi – The Finale & After The Final Rose

It’s Bachelorette Finale time!! Who will be voted out tonight after thinking he was going to propose to the love of his life just to be sent home broken-hearted? As Chris Harrison just announced: The dramatic ending you won’t see coming!

Chris is live in LA, hosting the life finale. Apparently the guy Andi didn’t pick stalked her a few times, showed up on her vacation, at her home, came to the Men Tell All, and he finally gets his chance to talk to her tonight. If I had my guess, knowing the little I know about the guys, I’d guess she picks Josh and that Nick stalks her. Because Josh doesn’t seem the stalking type, whereas Nick seems like the type. Not that he’s creepy, but that he’d be so hurt that he’d do some crazy stuff. Either way, his won’t be boring!

Dominican Republic! Nick is up first to meet Andi’s family. Andi has the worst wardrobe. Nick comes in with flowers for Andi’s mom and wine for his dad. Nick was very nervous about meeting Andi’s family. Hy’s (Andi’s dad) first impression is that Nick is very nervous. Patti (Andi’s mom) says he seems reserved. Nick thanks Andi’s parents for letting him date their daughter. Andi’s sister asks what he did to get the first-impression rose. He says he didn’t know, because he mumbled and didn’t know what he was doing. Nick doesn’t think the day is going well. Patti and Nick chat about Andi, about how she worked her way through law school. Nick says that she totally lights him up. He knows that she’s it for him. That he can’t see himself with anyone else. He’s never loved anyone the way he loves Andi. Patti tells him to stop or she’ll cry.

You know, I don’t know why this time around, for the first time I think, I feel so, so bad for the guy who will be sent home. I think my new meds have forced me to actually feel things. Which sucks and is stupid. ANYWAY, heartbreak is awful.

Moving on! Andi is talking to her sister about how she feels about Nick. She feels passion when he kisses her. He’s a romantic.

Nick and Hy take off to chat. He is going to ask his blessing on their relationship, giving Nick permission to ask Andi to marry him. He says he has a connection with Andi, that she’s serious but doesn’t take herself too seriously. “I know your daughter’s it for me.” He asks Hy for his permission and his blessing on him proposing. Hy says that he thinks Nick and Andi would be a great fit. Nick is stoked, and feels better about his future with Andi. Hy says he feels confident Nick would be a great son-in-law.

Andi and Nick chat after the dinner, and Nick is happy about the way that it went. Nick leaves in his big black SUV.

Chris is back with the live audience. Next up? Josh’s meeting with Andi’s mom and dad. Andi tells her family a bit about Josh. She is wearing a dress identical to the one she wore yesterday, but in a different colour. Still awful. Josh is stoked to meet her family, and excited to ask Andi’s dad for his blessing on his proposal. Hy says his first impression is that Josh is trying to be calm but is so nervous: “This guy doesn’t have a prayer.” Josh confirms that he was so nervous to meet them. Patti says he’s a little chaotic.

Andi chats with her sister. “On paper he seems to be your type.” Andi says that she came on the show to branch out and find a different kind of guy, yet she found the same type of guy she usually dates. Rachel (her sister) wants her to find a guy who makes her happy. Josh says Rachel and her husband can ask him any questions they want. He says he hasn’t dated anyone in five years becasue he didn’t find someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He knows without a doubt that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Rachel: “He seems to be taking this seriously.” Hy and Josh take off to have a talk. Hy: “Sounds like you’re ready to settle down.” Josh says they have so much fun together, that he doesn’t have any concerns whatsoever. This isn’t the everyday life, but at the same time, it hasn’t always been roses between them. He says he feels like she loves him. He then goes into a schpiel about wanting to ask Hy’s blessing on his proposal. Hy says he trusts her to make an intelligent decision, so Josh has his blessing, assuming that Andi accepts. Hy doesn’t have any concerns whatsoever. “I can definitely see Josh as my son-in-law.” Josh is confident that he can definitely see them as his in-laws. “It sucks saying goodbye. The day I don’t have to say goodbye to Andi, that’s going to be the best day of my life.”

Andi says she won’t believe everything until it happens. She fears that it could all blow up in her face.

Chris Harrison is back! “Will it be Nick or Josh? Who will be the heartbroken man seeking closure?”

Andi is so close to the end but doesn’t know what to do. The last few days are crucial. Josh walks up to Andi, who is wearing an awful mumu. Seriously, who picks her wardrobe? If she does, she needs some serious help. The two of them head to a yacht. Josh wishes he could propose today. Andi asks how it was asking her dad’s blessing. Josh says he didn’t practice what to say and that it came naturally. Josh says her deep breaths are scaring him as they sail away on the yacht. Andi: “I always just have fun with Josh. He makes me feel butterflies.” Josh: “I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Our relationship is the best it’s ever been.” They snorkel away while an underwater camera films them. That’s not creepy at all.

Josh says their day was amazing, as they got to just hang out. They have dinner and Josh toasts to their future. Andi: “There are these last moments of seriousness.” This is Andi’s last time with Josh before the finale. Josh says it’s wild to think that this is their last date before the end. Josh tells Andi his feelings for her and his hopes for the future, and there’s no perfect amount of time to be together before a proposal or marriage. Andi wonders what will happen when this ends, when they don’t get to spend all of their time together. Josh says that he’s not concerned, that there will be ups and downs. Andi says she spends too much time thinking about what could go wrong rather than what could go right. Josh: “You’ve changed everything for me.” Andi’s such a party-pooper. Josh: “I just want to spend every day with her. Josh has a letter for Andi, a love letter. He has very neat writing. He also made her her own baseball card. It’s pretty rad. He gives her his last name on the card. “Husband Josh has never missed a day of saying, ‘I love you.'” Andi is impressed. “He is ready. A guy doesn’t put his last name on a card if he doesn’t mean it. … Andi Murray.” Josh can’t imagine his life without her. They can’t stop smiling. Andi: “He’s so confident in us, and I’m the one who questions it all.” STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE, ANDI!

Back to the live show! Chris says the next time Josh and Andi see each other, he could be proposing. After this episode, we’ll see the guy who was heart-broken. There are many Bachelor/Bachelorette alumni in the audience.

Nick’s last day! After everything that’s happened, it all comes down to today. After today, she wants to put her head on her pillow knowing who is the right one for her. Nick says he’s confident, but wants to end today knowing where she stands. They head out in a jeep. Nick: “I just enjoy being around her.” They head to a private lagoon to find Gilligan to have a picnic. Nick tells Andi about his chats with her parents. He says her dad gave him permission to propose to her, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Nick’s ready to propose to her. He’s been down this path before and it’s important to him to not have any doubts. He wants her to tell him somehow that it’s him. If it’s not him, they’re not getting engaged.

Does Andi have *any* fitted shirts? Or does she always wear different variations of tent shirts and tent dresses. Nick: “Having been engaged before, I don’t want to have any doubts. I don’t want to put her in a tough spot.” He toasts to an incredible nine weeks, to their last date. Nick takes a deep breath, to which Andi says, “You’re working that brain, aren’t you?” Nick says he’s nervous about tomorrow. He wants to be engaged but he’s been in that position before. He remembers that morning, thinking something wasn’t right. He says he doesn’t want to be wondering. She tells him that sometimes he just needs to turn his brain off and listen to how he feels, to quit worrying. THE POT SAYS TO THE KETTLE. Andi: “It’s gonna be all right. It is.” She hints to things that, to me, would make him think that it’s him. If it’s not him, this is cruel. I’m already feeling bad for him, because I’ve deduced that it’s Josh she’s going to pick.

Nick: “I can’t wait to just go grocery shopping with you.” Nick goes through a day in the life if he and Andi were together. He can see a life and a family with her. He wants to go back and laugh about how they met, to tell these stories to their kids. He then gives her a necklace. There is a vial of sand on it, sand from the beach where he first told her that he loves her. Andi: “He has everything I want in a man.” Nick: “It’s hard for me to believe that what she has with me she has with anyone else.” He feels confident that they are ready to be engaged.

Chris asks the audience how they feel about Nick and Josh. There are many cheers for both. It’s come down to the final moments. Chris: “Trust me, you don’t want to miss what happens next.” YOU SAY THAT EVERY TIME, CHRIS HARRISON.

Andi walks out in her nightie, talking about the first night and imagining that one of them could be her husband. Both guys, without shirts on, open their individual curtains. The guys look over their balconies while Andi walks around with the wind in her hair. There are flashbacks to Andi’s time with each guy, as Andi narrates. She says she has made her decision, and that saying goodbye to one of them is going to be the hardest day of her life.

Nick says that his life with Andi will be an adventure. He’s trying to stop overthinking and to just follow his gut. He’s planning to propose to Andi. He’s excited and scared. She gives him no reason to think it’s not him.

Josh is anxious and nervous, this is the biggest day of his life. He’s nervous about being vulnerable, but is ready to get married. Neil Lane shows up! I was wondering when this part was happening. Josh has never looked at rings before. He wants to pick a ring that she’s going to love. Neil and Josh discuss how Andi is a strong woman. Josh wants Andi to have the perfect ring. He picks a round one with diamonds all around and such. It’s beautiful.

Uh oh. Andi just showed up at Nick’s place. She’s going to let him down easy, isn’t she? This is much less cruel than making him go through the ring picking and proposal. I like this much better. I mean, it still sucks, but it’s a kinder let-down. Chris says he’s going to talk to some Bachelor favourites to get their opinions.

Clare (from Juan Pablo’s season) says she wishes someone had come to her door. She respects Andi for doing this. She says it’s tough to be vulnerable for the world to see. Farmer Chris says he doesn’t know what to expect. He was caught off guard when he was sent home. Chris Harrison asks if he thinks it’s a good thing, and Farmer Chris says no. “You just have to trust the process and trust she’ll make a good decision.” Drew (from … Desiree’s season?) says that at point there’s so much confidence, but you can’t be prepared for it. It took him months to figure out what happened. Until it happens, you don’t know. Chris: “Does anyone actually believe he isn’t going to have his heart broken?” Michelle Money (from Ben’s season) has a question. She wants to know who the next Bachelor will be. Chris: “There are candidates in the audience. And the new bachelor is … going to be announced later.”

Back to Nick & Andi. He’s looking kind of nervous. Andi: “I came to chat.” He’s taking many deep breaths. She brings up the last time he got engaged and woke up knowing that something isn’t right. She woke up the same way this morning. She has tears in her eyes already. Nick is speechless. She says she can’t go through with something that she doesn’t think is right. She says it’s not what she envisioned. It’s not right. It’s clear to her that the things she sees in them is not what she thinks is best for them. Nick asks when she started to feel this way. She says she’s felt the intensity and over-analyzing. The last date, she wanted to relax, but they both over-analyzed everything the whole time. Nick says he doesn’t know how she could look at him the way she did when he told her that he loved her … he took her looks like she meant it. She defends herself by saying that she never told him that she loved him. YOU JERK. Nick asks if it’s about them or about someone else. Andi hesitates. She says she’s sorry. Nick is laughing in his disbelief. He was so confident in them. He feels like she took it too far. Well, that’s obvious. That’s how the show goes. It’s kind of mean that way. There are things he wishes she wouldn’t have said or done. He says he hopes that she’s a million percent sure. She says she is. He says ok, and she leaves. He gives her a half-hearted hug and she walks out the door. In the rain. To where her ride is waiting for her.

You know, this sucks a lot. It’s an unfortunate juxtaposition that it’s raining right now. Nick throws some flowers in the garbage, packs up his stuff, and climbs into the vehicle waiting for him. He’s in shock, it seems. He asks himself why he was such a fool. “She asked me to trust her. … I was so confident in what we had. I was so confident about us. What is she doing? I really thought she loved me. Finding the right person and having a family is what matters most to me. That’s the part I was looking forward to the most. I thought that’s what she wanted. It hurts.”

So, I was right. The poor guy. Andi totally led her on that last night. Chris says that he’s repeatedly tried to sit down with Andi since that day, but for some reason she has refused. She won’t be able to do that tonight. It’s finally that time, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Andi walks out in a white dress. It’s a little better than her previous dresses, but still … weird. She’s thought about this day the whole journey. It’s not easy to jump into. It’s scary. Chris is there to greet Josh. It looks as though his suit jacket is a size too small. With tears in his eyes, she says he’s so ready to be there with Andi. Chris points him toward Andi and wishes him luck. He’s got a long walk to meet her. That’s got to be brutal. Andi greets him. He says he’s shaking. He’s got his speech prepared. He didn’t know if he’d ever be able to find this kind of love, from the moment he pulled up in that limo, she took his breath away. This sounds scripted. Does he have a speaker in his ear? It sure seems so. It’s a great monologue. But not real. I mean, he probably means it all, but it’s not organic. Whatever. Andi says she never thought she’d go through this, all the ups and downs and twists and turns. It’s been a challenge for her, but the truth is that from the first time she met him she was scared. They always do this little tease thing, don’t they? To make the guy think that she’s going to say no, but she actually says yes. So mean. But she keeps going on and says something about the feeling she’s felt … is love. Since the moment she laid eyes on him, she’s loved him since the moment she saw him. (You know, that’s never true. She did not. It’s all a lie and such.) She wants to have babies and all that with him. He proposes and she says yes. He asks her what she thinks of the ring. She tells him she loves it. She offers him the final rose. Andi: “Now we can go back to Atlanta.” Nick: “All I’ve been waiting for the whole time is for you to tell me you love me.”

She’d better be nice to him.


Chris talks about Nick, how he fell in love with Andi and desperately wanted to marry her. He was devastated when he left. What happened next? Let’s see … Nick says he definitely didn’t see it happening. He was in shock. He kept wishing it was a dream. It wasn’t easy getting back into real life. He’s not over her. Nick’s mom says it’s hard for her to watch the show. She had a lot of anxiety about the chance of him getting hurt. It tore her apart. She wants him to find love and is disappointed that he has unanswered questions. He deserves to find answers. He’s finding it hard to let go.

He called Chris Harrison to ask if it was possible to see her before the finale. He doesn’t think Josh is the right guy for Andi. Cue backstage of the Men Tell All. He knocks on Chris’s door. Chris asks him what he wants. He says he wants to talk to her about the things he’s felt since he left. He’s still in love with her. You don’t stop loving someone just like that. Chris leaves to talk to Andi. He tells Andi about how persistent Nick is in wanting to tell her how he feels, and asks Andi what she wants to do. Chris heads back to Nick and says that Andi isn’t ready to see him face to face. It’s not the right time. Nick asks if Chris is willing to give her a letter. Nick is disappointed, obviously. Chris brings the letter to Andi. Andi sits and stares at the letter. Nick: “Hopefully there’s a lot more to come.”

Will this be like when Jason chose Melissa but then dumped her and went back to Molly at the After The Final Rose? That would be awkward. That’s not what Chris is hinting at, but let’s just see …

Chris welcomes Nick to the stage. He comes out and sits in the hotseat. Chris asks Nick what was going through his mind. Nick says he woke up in the morning confident about the day. He was blindsided and didn’t know what to think. He was confused and upset, like she gave him so many reasons to feel confident. He says the past weeks and months have been tough. The hardest part is believing in that type of connection, it’s heartbreaking to feel what he felt and have it slip through his fingers. Chris brings up when Nick tried to contact Andi when she was vacationing in Mexico. So many thoughts and feelings went through his head after Andi left his room. He just wanted the opportunity to address what went down at the end. Chris asks if he thinks Andi made a mistake. Nick says he spent a lot of time with Josh and that he’s a great guy. Nick doesn’t think Josh will take for granted how special Andi is. Nick is shaking. He says this is harder than he thought it would be. Chris says Andi is about to come out. Nick doesn’t know how it will feel to see her, but that he’s nervous.

And now there’s a minute of nothing but the title screen. This is weird.

Ok. Now Andi comes out, and gives Nick an awkward hug. Chris hands it over to Nick, after bringing up again the whole him-trying-to-contact-her-twice thing. (Poor Nick.) Nick says that he doesn’t know if she read the letter or not, and that he wasn’t trying to pepper her with questions. He just wanted to express how he felt, how she made him feel. What he thought about the relationship. She says she read the letter. He says it means a lot to him that she read it. Chris asks Nick if he wants to ask Andi anything. He says he was heartbroken and sad, but he remembers when they talked and how he was skeptical, but she made him feel like he could find that kind of love again. No matter what happens, as heartbreaking as it is that he found love with her, he’ll always be eternally grateful for that experience. Andi says it was so hard to do what she did because she wanted him to know that he deserves someone that is going to reciprocate that great love. Nick says the hardest part was her making him feel like she loved him.

Chris asks Andi if she loved Nick, or loved parts of him. She says she didn’t love him, and she was careful not to say it. But how do you compete with a greater love. The only thing wrong was that there was something that was more right. Nick says it’s hard to hear that. The hardest part of hearing Andi say that is thinking back to those moments, knowing how in love with her he was, if she wasn’t in love with him, he’s not sure why she made love to him. (Awkward!!) She says that should have been kept private, but those things were real. He says he didn’t have any expectations of that night, but to him, that night fiancée type of stuff. It meant so much to him. It meant the world to him, he’s been playing that in his mind over and over. He says it was a little cavalier knowing how he felt. She says she did know how he felt, and that’s why she didn’t let him pick out a ring. She’s so harsh in her tone. Goodness. She did what she did on the final day because she has respect for him. She did that because she cares about him. I feel so bad for the guy.

So … how many overnight dates did she have? Three? And she slept with all of them? Um … yea, that’s not leading them on at all. And … that’s all I have to say out loud about that.

Moving on.

Back to Andi. Chris admires Andi’s ring. But! Before Josh comes out! A preview of Bachelor in Paradise. In Mexico. All of the rejects from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette get together to have a giant party. They have to find love to stay. No pressure. Drama, drama, drama! I don’t know whether I’m going to watch this or not. It’s basically the new Bachelor Pad. Though I guess it’s technically no better than The Bachelor, except that there isn’t just one bachelor or bachelorette, there are many. So there isn’t just one person sleeping with multiple people, there are may people sleeping with many people. Sweet! And oh look, someone is all bloody on the floor. Someone is in handcuffs. It premières next week!

And here’s Josh! He gushes over Andi. He says it’s such a relief to let it out. Chris says it’s fate that they lived five minutes apart. He asks how they’ve survived the last few months, but reminds Josh that Mr. Dorfman is watching. Andi says they’ve been putting on disguises, sneaking over to each others’ places. She has a blonde wig, he’s used hats and sunglasses.

Chris asks what they have up next. Andi says they’re just going to enjoy being engaged for a while and that Josh wants to get married sooner than she does because she needs time to plan. He wants the spring. Andi confirms that she’s not pregnant. Josh: “I’m trying!” Awkward!

Chris says that there is a twitter following for Andi’s frown. This is hilarious. Chris welcomes out Grumpy Cat. They snuggle with the cat for a while. Andi admits that, looking back, it’s true. Andi says that Josh has a mirror face, when he’s doing his hair.

Chris says goodnight and takes Grumpy Cat while Josh & Andi greet the alumni.

It’s over!

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