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The Bachelorette: Jojo – Episode 4

So, there were two episodes this past week. Here is Part II.

There hasn’t been a rose ceremony yet. Evan has pissed off Chad. Chad comes back into the house and tries to make peace.

Jojo drives up, takes off her clothes, and jumps in the pool. The guys do chicken fights and have fun and whatever and then they do a wave dive, where they dive in one after the other, and Evan comes up bleeding. Jojo jokingly asks Chad what he did to Evan. All in good fun.

Jordan gets some time with Jojo. She’s nervous that he doesn’t feel for her what she feels for him. He knocks it out of the park.

Chad gets some time. Jojo asks him if things are getting better with him and the guys and he says that they were never bad, except when she was around. She then asks him what was up with his “Really?!” comment when Evan got the group date rose. He says that they’re just on opposite sides of the spectrum and if she sees something in Evan, how does she see something in him? All of a sudden Evan steals Chad’s place. Chad’s stoked about it.

Generally Chad is intimidating and the guys are kind of scared of him. He confronts Derek because Jojo had asked him about him. I keep thinking that Chad is going to deck one of them.

Rose ceremony! Evan, James Taylor, and Chase already have roses. Grant. Derek. Jordan. Luke. Robby. Wells. James F. Vinny. Damn Daniel. Alex. LAST ROSE. Chad.

Christian, Ali, and Nick are going home.

Next up, a new place!

Nemacolin, Pennsylvania. The guys go 4x4ing up to the villa. Date card! “Luke, I like you very mush. Jojo”

Jojo and Luke take a ride in a sled dog sled on wheels. They head to a hot tub but it’s a wood-burning hot tub so Luke has to chop some wood. Next he strips into a bathing suit and he is completely ripped. They go to hop in the hot tub but Jojo says it’s too hot. Luke picks her up and puts her in very slowly. They share a strawberry.

Back at the house the guys speculate about whether or not there will be a two-on-one date. Chad is very confident in his relationship with Jojo. He’s so ripped it’s unattractive. When the veins are popping? Instant turn-off.

Date card! “Derek, James, Daniel, Chase, Wells, Vinny, James F, Evan, Grant, Jordan, Robby, We could go all the way, Jojo” Chad and Alex weren’t picked. Alex is confident that Chad is going home, Chad is confident that Jojo is going on a date with a man and a boy.

Chad and Jojo head out to dinner. Jojo says that she had an immediate chemistry with Luke. Luke got recruited on a football scholarship but it wasn’t a thing he wanted so he joined the military. He went to Afghanistan. A guy he was friends with, went to high school with, was killed in action. He values life and the things that matter. He likes the moments that make his hair stand on end. They kiss for a while. Jojo picks up the date rose and tells Luke that she is excited about Luke. She offers him the rose and he accepts. I think Luke was one of the featured guys at the beginning of the series but I don’t think I picked him. Jojo says that Luke fits what she wants perfectly.

They then walk out into a screaming crowd. They go up on a little platform and dance to Dan & Shay.

Next up, group date! They head to a football stadium and meet up with Ben Roethlisberger and a couple other Steelers. I wonder if Jordan has faced them before. Jojo chats with Ben about a few of the guys. They throw the ball around with Jordan throwing. They do a couple exercises, hop into giant balls, and James Taylor ends up bleeding. He’s told he needs stitches, but he’s determined to finish the date first. I bet you anything he gets the rose.

Back at the house you can cut the tension with a knife. They argue and banter and shut up, Chad.

The date guys suit up for a game and come running out of the locker room to steam and music. Woo. Jordan is the quarterback for both teams. It’s him in his environment. Evan is out of place but he’s totally into it. His nose starts bleeding again. Second nose bleed for him. It’s 28-28 with one minute left. Blue team wins! Of course Jordan gets to go on the bonus time.

Robby gets some time with Jojo. They haven’t spent much time together, but Jojo said she guarantees they’ll get time. She doesn’t specify a one-on-one, but it’s obviously where Robby thinks it’s going.

Jojo has some questions for Jordan. She says he’s hard to read, but he takes her by the fountain and tells her that he’s falling for him.

They head back to the table where the rose is sitting. It goes to Jordan. Yay!

Date card! “Chad & Alex, Let’s get lost, Jojo” “Into the woods your path goes, only one returns with a rose, Chris Harrison” Chad and the guys fight. Chad threatens Jordan to come to his house. “You know, this ends. I’ll find you.”

A helicopter picks the guys up and they head out into the middle of nowhere and go on a hike. Jojo sits between the guys on the riverbank. The tension can be cut with a knife.

Alex gets his time with Jojo but they spend the whole time talking about Chad. Her fault, not his.

Chad is taken away by Jojo and they argue the whole time. Chad walks back to Alex whistling, saying he only has one option left with him. He’s gonna get violent, isn’t he? I think Alex is scared. Chad: “I’m not very happy with you. Life isn’t all blueberries and paper airplanes. It’s a shame I can’t hurt you.”

Jojo comes back with the rose in front of her. Jojo asks Chad point blank if he’s threatened anyone in the house. Chad talks around the subject. Jojo tells Chad she doesn’t want someone who resorts to physical violence. She then offers Alex the rose. Chad: “Am I getting pranked right now?”

Back at the house Chad’s suitcase is taken away and the guys cheer.

Alex and Jojo finally get non-Chad time while Chad walks through the woods whistling. He’s seriously terrifying. He walks back to the house and knocks at the door. He then threatens Jordan and pokes him in the forehead. How is the crew allowing this to happen?


Scenes from two weeks from now. Well, one week from now, as this is a week late. Jojo is crying, Jordan is comforting her. It’s the usual, “Why am I even here?!” speech from Jojo. Drama, drama, drama. Can’t wait!

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  • Thelma Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 1:36 am

    Chad is one scary dude! I couldn’t believe she gave him a rose last week! Glad he is going home but something is going to happen before he leaves!!