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The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn – Episode 10

Three are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Ryan Gosling (Shawn) and Nick are arguing in Nick’s hotel room. They do not like each other. They argue about the other being manipulative and the other being there for the wrong reasons. Typical of these two. Ryan Gosling leaves Nick’s hotel room and both men brood over things.

Kaitlyn talks about her overnight with Nick, and how he had nothing good to say about Ryan Gosling. But! Today she has her overnight with Ben. She’s quite excited about leaving the Nick/Ryan Gosling thing behind. Ben makes her happy every time she sees him. Ben and Kaitlyn walk up to some horses, Kaitlyn saying she’s never ridden one. They ride for a while and stop to make out a bit. Kaitlyn says that Ben is such a calming presence and she really likes him. They feed some donkeys who run after them, then head to a picnic overlooking a castle on the ocean.

Ben says that he’d be the luckiest man to spend his life with Kaitlyn. He tells her that apart from the show and stuff, he wants to have a life with her. He sees a life with her. Kaitlyn is smitten. “This could be the beginning of forever.” Kaitlyn then tells Ben that they are having dinner at the castle tonight, and they’ll also be staying there. If they take the key so they can “talk” all night.

The couple is at Lough Cutra Castle in Galway, Ireland. Kaitlyn is up in one of the towers and calls to Ben. “If all goes well, Ben and I will be spending the night in this castle.” Ben toasts “to the person you are”. Kaitlyn says how it would be such a happy life if she were to end up with Ben. Ben tells her that he had his birthday on the show. Kaitlyn guesses 26 or 27, he says he turned 25, to which she replies that it’s her 30th birthday in two months. They both say that the age thing doesn’t bother them. Ben says that he knows that this isn’t easy on her, but he says he loves how much she smiles and laughs. She says that it’s because of him.

They have uneaten food in front of them, as usual. Kaitlyn hands Ben an envelope, which he opens to find a note. “Kaitlyn and Ben, Welcome to Galway. I hope you’re enjoying your stay. Should you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. -Chris Harrison” Kaitlyn says that it’s a huge deal to spend the night with someone. She asks him if he’s 110% confident that it’s the right move for them. Ben: “Best sleepover ever!” They walk into a gorgeous room. The door closes …

The next morning Ben and Kaitlyn look quite happy with themselves. They say they’ll miss each other. Kaitlyn says that she’s never been more confused and she didn’t want to say bye to Ben, she didn’t want to fall in love with him.

Next up is Ryan Gosling. Kaitlyn hands him a box of golfing clothes. A bright pink shirt and bright blue pants. “Shawn looks like a huge dork,” says Kaitlyn, laughing out loud. “The hottest dork ever.” Ryan Gosling says that they should place bets on their game. Kaitlyn: “If I win, I get whatever I ask for, and if you win, I get whatever I ask for.” Shawn: “Deal!”

Kaitlyn takes a shot, to which Ryan Gosling is quite excited about. “Another thing we have in common.” After the game, Kaitlyn declares that she won, and that they should have a game of truth or dare. Ryan Gosling: “I’m more of a dare kind of guy.” She says he has to streak across the golf course. “I’ve always wanted a black box on TV.” He then strips and takes a putt. Kaitlyn then picks up his clothes and runs across the course. She has such a great laugh.

They head to a dinner neither of them are going to eat. Kaitlyn brings up Nick. She asks what it is about Nick that he doesn’t like. Ryan Gosling says that Nick’s not there for her. She asks him why he hasn’t talked to Nick. He says he has. He tells Kaitlyn about when he went to Nick’s place. Kaitlyn brings up the “Eskimo brothers” thing (two guys sleeping with a girl on the same night, but one of them being first) and Ryan Gosling says that Nick is insanely manipulative. They go back and forth a bit, but Kaitlyn decides they need to have this conversation off-camera. She hadds Ryan Gosling the note. “Kaitlyn and Shawn, Welcome to Northern Ireland! I hope you are enjoying your stay. Should you decide to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. -Chris Harrison”

Kaitlyn: “This night off-camera is huge. When I wake up in the morning, I’m going to know a lot more of whether Shawn could be my husband.”

It’s morning! Ryan Gosling heads out. Nick is waiting for him. “Do you have time to talk for a minute?” Ryan Gosling: “Not really. I don’t want to talk to you at all.” The two of them banter back and forth about stupid stuff. Shut up, you guys. Ryan Gosling tells Nick to get the f*** out of his room.

Chris Harrison chats with Kaitlyn about the guys. About Ryan Gosling’s jealousy, about long-term with Nick, about how much of a sweetheart Ben is. My pick is Nick going home, because of the long-term thing. Chris Harrison tells Kaitlyn to get her thoughts together and he’ll see her at the rose ceremony. “I don’t want to blind-side anyone, but I’m going to.”

Chris Harrison talks to the guys about the impending rose ceremony. Kaitlyn is terrified of making a mistake. “My heart is beating out of my chest right now.” She tells the guys that she’s in love and the overnights went well and thanks them for being awesome. She picks up the first rose. I bet you anything it’s Ben. Because that way there’s suspense about her decision between Ryan Gosling and Nick. Kaitlyn tells the guys that she needs a minute and walks out. Chris Harrison meets her and asks her what’s going on. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but it is inevitable.

Kaitlyn goes back to the guys and apologizes for leaving, and says that she hopes she isn’t making a mistake. She picks up the first rose … DRAMATIC MUSIC … Nick. Crap. She’s sending Ben home. Because otherwise Ben would have been first. Shawn. This sucks. Though it doesn’t, becasue I can’t see Nick winning over Ryan Gosling. Kaitlyn walks Ben out. She tells him that he’s gonna make some girl really happy, which is the thing every Bachelor(ette) says to one of the top ones when (s)he sends him/her home. He tells her that he saw forever with her, but that’s not going to happen. He tells her that she looks good tonight, and says he’s going to miss her a lot. She says the same to him, and then the limo drives off. He says he wasn’t expecting this outcome and that he’s going to miss her a lot. He doesn’t like knowing that he won’t see her next week.

Kaitlyn: “In the end, I know I’m in love. And that’s all that matters.” She leaves the two remaining guys together. This should be interesting. They’re gonna brawl, aren’t they? Nope. Dang.

We’re in Utah! Kaitlyn is going to meet Nick’s and Ryan Gosling’s families. Nick is up first. He sweet-talks her and tells her that he loves her. Kaitlyn feels reassured by Nick’s expression of his feelings. Nick’s family feels apprehensive about meeting Kaitlyn, and about Nick going through this process again. His niece (I’m assuming) breaks down. Kaitlyn is super nervous about it as well.

The couple walks into the room where Nick’s family is. His giant family. His father, Chris, his mother, Mary, his sister Maria, his brother Luke, his brother James, his brother Sam, his sister Teressa, his sister Olivia, and his sister (not niece) Bella. Nick says that there are two guys left, including himself. His family was excited and then nervous. Nick’s mom is scared about him being blindsided again, and his sister Maria takes her aside. They chat for a bit and then three of his brothers head in. Bella is next. She asks Kaitlyn what Vancouver is like and if she loves Nick. Bella says that she’s like if Kaitlyn was her sister. Nick’s mom follows Bella. Kaitlyn is kind of terrified. Kaitlyn tells Mary how she feels about Nick. Mary then sits down with Nick. She’s just nervous and doesn’t want Nick hurt again. The two go back to Kaitlyn’s hotel room and make out for a while.

Ryan Gosling’s family! A little smaller than Nick’s. His dad, his aunt, and his two sisters. Two older sisters, who are very protective of him. Ryan Gosling’s sister Jessie takes Kaitlyn aside first. Kaitlyn tells her that the attraction started from the moment Ryan Gosling walked out of the limo. Kaitlyn asks Jessie if Ryan Gosling is ready for marriage. Jessie said that she is, and that she likes Kaitlyn. Ryan Gosling’s other sister sits down with Kaitlyn. His sisters then sit down with him. They tell him that the two of them work well together. Ryan Gosling’s dad is nervous about him getting hurt. He tells his dad that there have been some really hard times, and says that he’s able to open up now. He looks to his dad for his opinion. His dad says he’s 100% behind him. Ryan Gosling has been holding back telling Kaitlyn that he loves her until she met his family.

Things go well and they head back to Kaitlyn’s room. Ryan Gosling: “So, there’s one more thing I have to get off my chest before this goes any farther …” He tells her that he’s in love with her and it feels right being with her. “I love you, Kaitlyn Bristowe.”

Kaitlyn goes back to her room and is a mess. She wasn’t expecting the night to go so well. She’s confused and emotional and knows they care so much. She doesn’t know how to say goodbye to one of the guys who are left.

Next week … THE MEN TELL ALL!

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