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The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn – Episode 8

Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

We’re in the beautiful Dublin, Ireland. Nick & Kaitlyn slept together the night before and now Ryan Gosling (Shawn) has come to confront Kaitlyn He is by far my favourite. Things are not going to go well here, my dear Kaitlyn.

RG: “Are you in love with me?” Kaitlyn: “I’m falling in love with you.” RG doesn’t take that well. He has a hard time seeing her give roses to other guys and hang out with other guys. I get it, Ryan Gosling, but do you know what you signed up for? You signed up to be one of 25 of Kaitlyn’s boyfriends. Obviously when you’re falling for someone it’s hard to see them with other people, but dude. Give her a break. This is how The Bachelorette works.

They kiss for a bit but you can tell something is up. Kaitlyn is broken over the whole Nick thing. She doesn’t feel guilt over sleeping with Nick, she feels guilt over hurting the other guys. She hates disappointing people. She’s kind of a mess. She says her heart would break if Ryan Gosling left. Nick tells Tanner that he knows that Ryan Gosling called him a master manipulator.

Two-on-one date! With JJ and Joe. Two guys, one rose. One remains, one goes. JJ is nervous about telling Kaitlyn about the worst day of his life. Joe wants Kaitlyn to know how he feels about her. They’re heading out on a boat, one guy sitting on each side of her. JJ has a three-year-old at home and Kaitlyn doesn’t want to take extra time away from her.

Goodness this is awkward. Sitting on a picnic blanket, JJ tells Kaitlyn that he’s falling for her. Joe pulls Kaitlyn away to talk to her for a bit. “I’ve never felt this way about someone this way, this fast before.” “I can’t get enough of you, I’m falling in love with you.” JJ then takes Kaitlyn away. He says he’s putting it all out on the table. “I’m gonna show her the worst of me.” Three years ago he cheated on his wife. It destroyed his life. Everything he worked hard for was gone.

Kaitlyn doesn’t know who to choose. “I feel sick right now.” So … who will she choose? I honestly have no idea. I don’t have a guess. “Joe, I don’t feel like we’ve had that time.” “JJ, you’ve got a beautiful daughter at home, I don’t think it’s fair to keep you here.” JJ is the one who is going home. Oh … Joe … is going home? Kaitlyn says she wants to spend more time with Joe to see if she wants to give him a rose. JJ wants someone to spend his life with, someone to see how beautiful his daughter is. He’s very sad.

Joe and Kaitlyn spend some time together “eating”. And by “eating”, I mean that there is food in front of them but on the Bachelor(ette), nobody actually has a chance to eat the food. Ryan Gosling is sitting outside Kaitlyn’s hotel. He’s having a really hard time. Obviously. He says that he and Kaitlyn had some time off-screen in San Antonio where Kaitlyn said, “It’s you. You’re the one.” Kaitlyn tells Joe she’s thankful to Joe that he hasn’t been possessive of her. Ryan Gosling says he wishes she had never told him how she feels.

Joe comes back and tells the guys that he’s falling in love with her. Ryan Gosling walks out and can’t handle it. He heads back to Kaitlyn’s hotel room. He’s putting his cards all out on the table. “This is really a huge risk.” In the middle of an interview Kaitlyn is told that Ryan Gosling is making his way to her door. She kind of rolls her eyes a bit, but more in the “I cannot handle this any more.” kind of way. She’s worried that RG knows what happened, and is mentally preparing herself for anything. She’s a sobby mess. “I don’t need anything else today.” She’s freaking out a bit. “I don’t want to go through this.”

She tells RG that she’s having a rough time. He mentions again their off-camera time. She’s a mess again and he offers her a hug. She reminds him that she’s going to meet the families of two guys. And he has to deal with her investing in other relationships, and she can’t handle him being possessive and it’s really hard on her.

Kaitlyn’s frustrated that Ryan Gosling needs so much reassurance. She still wants to explore every other relationship. Kaitlyn goes down for the cocktail party and tells the guys that she’s had a really hard week. She tells them that she’s had a really hard week and is very emotional and Ryan Gosling looks like he’s about to be steam-rolled. She says she’s made some mistakes but she’s looking forward to what’s to come. They toast to her finding who/what she wants. Cupcake says that everyone is nervous. Benzi steals her away. The guys try to figure out what Kaitlyn is talking about with the mistake, and RG is convinced 100% that it’s him. I don’t think so, RG. Benzi and Kaitlyn have some kissing time. Kaitlyn says that she’s falling in love with multiple guys.

She then has some time with Ben H. He says he has to tell her something and you can tell she’s already dreading it. He says he felt that the vibe was different after something happened. He mentions Ryan Gosling. He also has a problem with Kaitlyn around other guys. He wants her to know that this isn’t just him spinning his wheels. She breaks down a bit. She has been through SO MUCH. She says that night with RG has altered her in a great way, and it didn’t turn out the way it did in her head. She’s ashamed of the way it all went down. She thanks him for not jumping to any conclusions. Kaitlyn is really worried because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.

The guys are talking and Nick says that he’s spent the most time with her this week. He’s worried, though, that Kaitlyn walked in being off. He says he was hoping that she would come in after having a great week, but that, really, it was the opposite. Nick takes her away and asks her if she’s ok. She says it’s the most nervous she’s been in a long time. She’s nervous that Nick will say something to the other guys. She tells him that she’s concerned about him talking about it with the other guys. He kind of breaks down a bit telling her he had a great time, and spending time with her gives him a bit of confidence. But he’s nervous about being overconfident. They make out for a bit.

Kaitlyn takes Ryan Gosling aside. He apologizes for making it harder on her. He admits to being a little crazy. She feels like she regrets being sneaky because she put them in an awkward place. They both try to claim the game. He says it’s about is fighting through it, but she didn’t see this whole thing going on with them. She says she shouldn’t have done with she did that night, but that it messed everything up. She feels unfair to him and herself and everyone else, causing unnecessary tension. She says she doesn’t want to dismiss other relationships, and that he has to know that she’s going to be meeting other people’s families, and he says that this is just a bump in the road.

ROSE CEREMONY! She talks a bit with Chris Harrison about how hard her week was, about how she makes impulse decisions, and learned her mistakes the hard way. Kaitlyn stands before the guys and says that they all know how hard the week has been.

Nick, Joe, and Jared already have roses. First rose goes to … DRAMATIC MUSIC … Ben H. Chris. Harrison announces the final rose … Kaitlyn picks it up … DRAMATIC MUSIC … Shawn. (And by Shawn, she means Ryan Gosling.) Tanner and Benzi say their goodbyes.

Benzi is blindsided. He says kind things about her in his exit interview, and is just sad. He just wants to find The One.

Kaitlyn is worried that her mistakes will ruin all her happiness.

Next up! The guys pack into a bus while Kaitlyn drives up in a fancy car. She chooses Jared to drive with her. The other guys aren’t so excited. Ryan Gosling says to Nick, “I don’t know how you can do this two times, I can’t even do it once.” Jared and Kaitlyn banter back and forth and Kaitlyn hits the curb a few times. Jared totally gets Kaitlyn’s sense of humour. Back on the bus Ryan Gosling is snoring away and the other guys are SO not happy.

Jared and Kaitlyn drive up to Killarny. They head up to the Killarny stone because it’s good luck to go up there and kiss the stone. Jared: “You know, not everyone gets to go up and kiss the Killarny stone with the girl they’re falling in love with.” They’re both terrified because of the height. Next up they go to Valley City Castle, where Kaitlyn is staying. She’s STOKED to be staying in a CASTLE. Her room is INCREDIBLE.

(I’m obviously getting most of these spellings wrong, but there’s no subtitles hinting me to the proper spelling, OKAY‽‽)

Jared loves that they can laugh and make fun of each other and be sarcastic together. The guys check out their hotel and talk about hometowns. Kaitlyn is so excited about how well things went with Jared and she feels that nothing can go wrong. WHY YOU GOTTA SAY THAT, GIRL‽‽ YOU TOTALLY JUST JINXED YOUR SELF!!

Chris Harrison walks up to Kaitlyn’s hotel room where she’s thinking about the hometown dates. Chris Harrison walks up to Kaitlyn’s room and she’s nervous after seeing him. “What now??” He asks her if she’s ready to go and see four people’s families. She says she’s regretful about the conversations she had with Ryan Gosling and Ben H in San Antonio, because they altered everything. She also regrets what happened with Nick. Chris Harrison says that he thinks she needs to get the other relationships up to speed with some off-camera time. So, this week they’re going down to three guys, with whom she’ll have the intimate overnight dates, and then the final two men will take her to meet their families. Every guy will have off-camera time with her before she meets their families. Chris Harrison says he thinks it’s good to get an even playing field before meeting the families. Kaitlyn agrees. It makes more sense to her. So, half the men will go home this week. Harrison’s advice? If the guy is not the one, send him home.

Bright and early the next morning, the guys are nervous about home-towns. There is a knock at the door and Chris Harrison comes in. He tells the guys that he knows that everyone is excited to take Kaitlyn home to their families, but all that is about to change. Three men will get roses this week and will spend intimate overnight dates with Kaitlyn in Ireland. He says it’s important to have the opportunity to build their relationship with Kaitlyn before meeting the families.

Date card! The guys are nervous. “Chris. Let’s take our love to the edge. Kaitlyn.” He’s nervous. Obviously. My first thought is that he’s going home.

HELICOPTER! It’s not a bachelor(ette) season without a helicopter. They fly over some gorgeous cliffs and stop on the top of one for a picnic. Kaitlyn acknowledges the importance of these dates. She asks Chris if he’d want to stay in Nashville. She’s breaking down a little. I’m pretty sure she’s going to send him home. She says she doesn’t want to lead any relationship on, so she says she doesn’t want to lead him on and she doesn’t see this lasting forever. She doesn’t want to put him through it if it’s not going to work. He tries to argue it, but she’s made up her mind. She walks away crying.

Chris says that he thinks that she’s wrong, but he’d rather know now than later, and she deserves a lifetime of happiness, and he doesn’t think she’s ready for that. Because she’s a mess. But then he breaks down, “Come on Chris, hold it together.” I’m glad she let him go. He just doesn’t seem like the one. “I never see it. I never see it.”

NEXT WEEK. Kaitlyn tells the guys that she and Nick had sex. Nobody is happy about it, OBVIOUSLY. Nick tries to talk to Ryan Gosling, it doesn’t go well. One of the guys says he doesn’t even want to talk to her. This should be interesting. Can’t wait!

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