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The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn – Episode 9

Five are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

We’re still in Killarny, Ireland. The guys are talking about how much it is going to hurt when/if they have to leave Kaitlyn. Joe is worried. Date card! Ben, make today unforgettable. Kaitlyn. Ben heads out on his date with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn talks about how serious she has to take this, how she’s looking for her husband. Ben meets her and the two head to Innisfallen Island by boat. The kind of boat one needs to row. They play hide-and-seek. Kaitlyn says that she needs to show the other side of herself, the side that isn’t all bubbly all the time. I don’t know if Ben is going to make it. Though Kaitlyn tells him that he’s husband material. She asks him if he thinks she’s wife material. He says lots of nice things. Maybe he will get an overnight date. But really, I see Ryan Gosling (Shawn), Nick, and Jared. Those are my top picks.

Back in Killarney, the Ben & Kaitlyn head to dinner. Kaitlyn says that the day started out really crappy but is ending really well. They toast with a dark beer I can only guess is Guinness. Ben says that he has to tell Kaitlyn about his last relationship, and how, since it ended, he’s felt unlovable. Ben tells Kaitlyn that he didn’t know if he was ready for this, as he’s only had one long-term relationship. Kaitlyn tells him that he’s very lovable, a lovable person. And that she’s falling in love with him.

Ben says something about making the overnight date not purely about physical stuff. Kaitlyn then asks him if he’s a virgin.

Date card! Joe, Shawn, Nick. Let’s let our love run amok. Kaitlyn. The guys speculate what the date involves. Mud? Ryan Gosling isn’t stoked about the group date.

Ben says no, he’s not a virgin. Kaitlyn is coming out of the night feeling great. She feels that he is someone she could spend her life with. She then asks him about how he lost his virginity.

Kaitlyn meets her three guys in Killarney National Park. The rose on this date means that the person gets to spend the whole night with her. The guys walk up and sit with her for a bit until Ryan Gosling pulls her away. They talk about how they missed each other, and that at the last cocktail party it was the first time they saw each other and didn’t kiss. So they fixed that. Kaitlyn knows she has to have the hard conversation with Ryan Gosling about going too far with Nick. She’s so stressed. But Nick steals her away before she can talk to Ryan Gosling about it. He’s stoked about how his time with Kaitlyn went.

Kaitlyn brings up their last date. She says how it just felt fast. He says that she’s not just the Bachelorette to him. She’s just Kaitlyn, and he liked her before this whole thing even started. He tells her that he loves her. Nick wants the rose pretty bad. (As all the conversations have, obviously.)

Ryan Gosling asks Joe how he’s feeling. He says he doesn’t really want to go and interrupt Nick & Kaitlyn. He’s going home. He tells Ryan Gosling that he has lip gloss on his moustache. Kaitlyn comes back to the other two guys and steals Joe away.

He’s being way too standoffish. Hard to get. That’s not how to do this whole process, dude. Joe tells Kaitlyn that if he had her for 60 years he’d be the happiest guy in the world. He tells her that he loves her. Kaitlyn pauses and looks at him like she’s about to let him go. Kaitlyn brings up their one-on-one date last week. She tells him she likes that he’s brutally honest with him. She tells him that when he told her that he’s in love with her, she says they’re not on the same page. She can’t imagine saying bye to him. She says how grateful she is that he confided in her. Joe: “No, it’s fine, it’s cool.” Kaitlyn: “Are you upset with me?” Joe: “I don’t know, whatever you say.” He’s so not happy. Obviously. She says that she had feelings for him, and asks for a hug. He hugs her like he’d hug a family member, complete with pat on the back. Him: “I’m not saying f*** to you right now. I’m done with you. Don’t talk to me.”

Ryan Gosling and Nick wonder why Kaitlyn & Joe are taking so long, and figure that he got sent home. Nick says that the group date rose should be more interesting now. Kaitlyn brings up the rose and says that she doesn’t feel like she can hand it out. She tells Nick that their conversation was good, but that she needs more time with Ryan Gosling. She hugs both the guys goodbye and walks away frustrated. Ryan Gosling says he wasn’t expecting that. Nick says that Kaitlyn obviously sees more of a future with Ryan Gosling than with him, so she can just send him home. Ryan Gosling doesn’t feel bad at all about going with Kaitlyn rather than Nick going. If it was any other guy, he’d feel bad. But in this situation, he doesn’t at all.

Back at the house, Nick walks in the room. The guys are surprised to see him alone. He tells the guys about what happened about Joe being sent home and Kaitlyn having more time with Ryan Gosling, who is STOKED to see Kaitlyn.

Ryan Gosling head to some place that has beer and chat for a while. He thanks her for taking more time to be with him. Kaitlyn wants to tell Ryan Gosling about what happened with Nick. She wants to make sure she’s honest with him. She feels sick having to tell him. She tells him that she has something on her mind that she needs to tell him, that she needs to be honest with him. She brings up the one-on-one with Nick, and it went too far. That they had sex. He doesn’t take it well, obviously. He finally looks at her and asks her if she regrets it. She says she felt guilt, she didn’t expect it to happen. She woke up in the morning wondering what would happen with her relationship with Ryan Gosling. He wants to know why she’s telling him. She says she thought it was the right thing to do. He tells her that he needs to go to the bathroom and regroup.

Back at the hotel with the other guys, Nick dominates the conversation. Four guys are left. He speculates that Ryan Gosling will get the rose tonight. Kaitlyn hopes that they can get through this. He comes back to the couch. He says he appreciates her being honest with him, but he’s here for her. He’s gonna man-up and deal with it. He wants her. She says she cares a lot about their relationship.

Nick is still talking. Ryan Gosling walks back into the room. He doesn’t want to talk about it with the guys. Nick mentions that Ryan Gosling doesn’t have a rose but that he’s confident he’ll get one. Nick is insecure about the whole thing and is a bit passive-aggressive with Ryan Gosling. Before they head to the cocktail party, Jared mentions how he hasn’t seen Kaitlyn in four days. Nick brings up that he didn’t get much time with her either. Shut up, Nick. You poor dear, suck it up. Ryan Gosling is confident, but that he has some questions he wants answered. He wants to know why, in their off-camera time when they talked all night, she told him that he’s the one. There are some things he has to hear from her.

Chris Harrison walks in and says that four of them are there, but only three will have overnights with Kaitlyn. She doesn’t want a cocktail party, but head straight to the rose ceremony. Everything’s up in the air.

My guess for the three guys is Ryan Gosling, Nick, and Jared, with Ben going home. She tells the guys how difficult this has been on her, and the decision she makes tonight will not be easy. First rose goes to … DRAMATIC MUSIC … Shawn (Ryan Gosling). She asks him if he’ll accept the rose, and he says he has to talk to her. Pretty sure he’s going to ask his questions and then accept the rose. Ryan Gosling tells Kaitlyn that he had a hard time thinking last night, and he understands that she has other relationships, but why him. Why Nick. Why, when she told him that he was the one, would she do that after he told her how he feels about Nick? She says that she’s there to explore other relationships, and she has to be fair to all of them. But he needs to let her figure things out for herself. She tells him that he has to trust her, and she doesn’t think that he does. They go back to the rose ceremony. She asks him if he’ll accept the rose. He says, “Absolutely.” Next guy! Ben. What??? It has to be Jared. I want Nick to leave. DRAMATIC MUSIC … Nick. CRAP. This sucks. Jared didn’t even get to see her this week!

The guys say goodbye to Jared and he walks out with Kaitlyn. They sit on a bench. He tells her that she’s a wonderful person and she will always have a special place in his heart, and tells her that she hopes she finds the man of her dreams because she deserves it. She’s a bit of a mess. He tells her that it’s ok. He kind of breaks down in the car as it leaves. He says what they had is real and he knows that they liked each other a lot, but that it sucks saying goodbye to the person he’s falling in love with. Kaitlyn says that Jared is such a sweetheart. Her biggest fear is leaving this process alone. She doesn’t want walk away without finding that person.

Nick’s up first. They head down a street with colourful houses. Kaitlyn has worries about Nick, if their relationship goes beyond the physical. They walk into a huge cathedral and light some candles. Nick shares about his background in the church and how his parents met in church. Kaitlyn says that their relationship isn’t just physical, it’s spiritual. Kaitlyn says how easy their relationship is, how they laugh. They’re sitting in a pub when a couple locals come and talk to them. They compare languages (both English, but heavily accented) and the meaning of words in each country. Kaitlyn asks the guys if they’re married, and one of them says 36 years. She asks what the secret is. He says trust. Nick says he has issues with Kaitlyn, insecurities. He hopes that she’s falling for him like he’s falling for her.

Ryan Gosling is concerned that right now Nick is with Kaitlyn and he’s super upset about it. Kaitlyn & Nick head into a jail. Nick wants to talk to Kaitlyn about Ryan Gosling. He says he wants to talk to her about something. He’s felt like an outsider. Kaitlyn says that maybe they feel like Nick has an advantage. Nick says that there is one guy who he has no respect for. He says he doesn’t like people who project insecurities and don’t give others a chance. UM. THAT IS YOU, YOU DOUCHE-CANOE! “People who brag about being Eskimo brothers with Amish country singers because they f*** the same girl in the same night but they were first. I lose respect for that.” Kaitlyn: “Ew.” Nick says he’s talking about Ryan Gosling. Just as Kaitlyn & Nick get into it, it starts raining. Thundering. Nick’s not getting good vibes from Nick. Kaitlyn is under the impression that whatever the guys say to each other, it’s not about that. It’s about her individual relationships with each guy.

Kaitlyn hands Nick an envelope. Kaitlyn & Nick, welcome to Cork! I hope you are enjoying your stay. If you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. Chris Harrison.” Nick asks where the key is, and Kaitlyn says that she has it. Kaitlyn leads Nick to a room with mats on the floor, inside a cave-like cell. He asks if they’re really staying there. Kaitlyn says yes. Nick looks kind of scared before he tells him that she’s totally kidding. She gets a good kick out of it. She says she’s looking forward to an uninterrupted night. He says it would be cool to go back there for an anniversary or something. They head to the real fantasy suite and Nick says that if this goes as well as their other date did, he’s going to wake up a happy guy in the morning.

The next morning they wake up to breakfast. Nick says how much he loves bacon. I can’t believe they’re actually eating. They never actually eat the food in front of them! Maybe they were just super hungry after the night of “talking”. They say goodbye and Nick leaves. “Best date I’ve been on. Ever.”

Ryan Gosling is pacing. Dude, you need to SMILE for goodness sake. Have a little fun. Let loose. He heads to Nick’s room. He says he wants to get off his chest what he’s been feeling. He doesn’t want to talk behind Nick’s back like the other guys. He doesn’t see Nick’s true intentions. He’s manipulative and arrogant. He will sleep well if Kaitlyn never ends up with Nick. He says that Nick has other reasons for being there.

AND THEN IT’S OVER. Because they always have to leave on a cliff-hanger, don’t they???

Next week! Drama, tears, drama, heartbreak, drama. Should be great!

Oh, wait. Before we end this whole thing, there’s an update on Britt and Brady. They’re doing a long-distance relationship. How much do I care about this? ZERO.

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