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The Garden Project: 2015

My friend/coworker Kathy texted some garden stuff to me the other day and now my excitedness for the upcoming gardening season has been restored. It’s hard to believe summer exists when it’s -40°C and snow covers the ground. But planning my garden gives me hope.

Last year’s garden was abysmal. I had some incredibly-stressful work stuff come up that completely took over May and June, and therefore I didn’t plant my garden till July. And all my seedlings died. Except the tomatoes, I guess, but the plants didn’t get very big and therefore didn’t produce much. The only thing that grew well was beans. I had an abundance, many of which I made into dilly beans.

But the potatoes were eaten by potato bugs, the peppers produced one marble-sized pepper, the corn produced only a few small, inedible ears, the borecole (kale) was eaten by some sort of bug, the green onions were taken over by weeds I couldn’t differentiate from the onions, and the cucumbers produced only a few teeny tiny, barely-edible cucumbers.

Currently, my garden looks like this:


It’s depressing. On Friday, the first day of spring, it was nearly snow-less. Just a small line along the fence on the right. But, as every Saskatchewan resident knows (or should know), First Spring is always followed by Second Winter. I was prepared for it. I don’t like it, but I knew First Spring wasn’t going to last very long and I didn’t want to be bitter when Second Winter reared its ugly head.

I’ve ordered from William Dam seeds for the last three years because that’s where my Grandpa ordered from, and his garden was incredible. The company was started by Dutch immigrants, just like my grandparents were. I’m eagerly anticipating seeing that little box in my mailbox. Because it’s a little box of hope. Hope that eventually the grass will be green, and the soil will be ready for planting.


Tonight’s forecast calls for 15 centimetres of snow, but I’m hanging on to the sight of the first little seedling popping through the soil.

Is it spring yet?

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