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the one where I regret blogging on myspace


I’ve been going through old blog posts, just for kicks. It’s weird reading posts I wrote 11.5 years ago. It’s amazing how time has changed me. Some for good, some not so much. And how some things that haven’t changed at all.

But there’s some months missing, namely December 2004 to January 2006. Just over a year. Lost to stupidity. The posts written during the second half of my and Noah’s dating life, our engagement, around our wedding, the first couple months of married life, all of it.

What were those months lost to? MySpace. Back when MySpace was cool. When you could decorate your profile and then when Facebook came along everyone was all up in arms because Facebook was so boring. And on MySpace everyone had a blog. And when I deleted my profile because everyone was moving to Facebook, I deleted my blog posts with it. Stupid. So stupid. I should have just kept with old-school blogger blog, changing my URL every couple weeks like I did back then. I could get away with it because I had just one reader, not knowing that it wasn’t creepy to read the blogs of people you didn’t know.

MY POINT BEING. Stupid MySpace.

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