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things Liliana said: part II

Miss Lili and her ponies

While driving home last night, Liliana told Kaylie and me about the process the sun will one day go through, things like the lakes and rivers and oceans evaporating, then freezing, and how the sun would shrink and grow cold. Or something like that. She learns these things in the encyclopaedias she reads. For fun. She has a better memory than anyone I have ever met. She remembers everything. She can read a book (or encyclopaedia) and then be able to tell you exactly what it was about, exactly what it said, and then she’d offer to read it to you.

As she and I were walking down the steps of the pool after her swimming lessons tonight she said, after I warned her of the iciness, “And I could fall and hit my head on these stairs! Because remember Goliath got hit in the head with a little stone and it went into his skull and he died? If that happened to me, you would cry your whole head off. Literally. My whole family would!”

When I told her that we indeed would, the dialogue quickly segued into talk of natural disasters, specifically tornadoes, as they are her greatest fear. After running water.

When we returned home, Liliana said to Noah after exiting the washroom, “Did you know that even when you’re cold, your pee is hot?”

I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, because the first thought in my head was “teacher”. Her reply? “Teacher.” She then went on, “I’m so smart I already know all the things in grade two and I need things harder. Like that grade three math book dad gave me. I love to learn things!” (She wasn’t bragging, just saying things matter-of-factly.)

This kid is just my favourite. I wish I had the memory she has so I can remember everything she says. But then, that’s what this here blog is for, isn’t it?

(Kaylie, Preston, if you’re reading this, you’re my favourite, too.)

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