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things Liliana says

boxing day tooth loss (top right)

Noah came into the bedroom where I was hiding out. He’d just tucked Liliana in. “Liliana ratted you out,” he said. I racked my brain for what I could have done that day but couldn’t think of anything tattle-worthy. “She said that you are treating her like a servant because you made her get out of bed to turn off her music.”


This isn’t the first time she’s used this line. Nor the second or third. The other day she wanted her water bottle refilled the other day and I informed her that she was perfectly capable of doing it on her own. “DO YOU WANT ME TO BE A SERVANT?!” I helped her take the lid off and pointed her in the direction of the sink. Where the water is.

rainbow looming

Other things she’s said lately:

Liliana: “So, what’s my nickname?”
Me: “Lili?”
Liliana: “Right. So … Liliana Lili Wilson?”
Me: “No, Liliana Flynn Wilson. Lili is your nickname, Flynn is your middle name.”
Liliana: “Really?!”

Liliana: “What’s the first element?”
Me: “Hydrogen, I think.”
Liliana: “What? No! Honesty!”

“Today in school we learned about a bucket being half full and today Kaylie EMPTIED MY BUCKET.”

About parent-teacher conferences: “Daddy, I’m telling you again for the first last time. You need to tell your boss as soon as you get to work tomorrow that you have a very important meeting at lunch time. Okay? Okay, Dad? You need to tell that to your boss.”

As I was rubbing coconut oil on Liliana’s eczema …
Lili: “Where does coconut oil come from?”
Me: “Coconuts.”
Lili: “And where did the coconuts come from? I think castawaves got the coconuts, and then they went in a boat and sailed to Saskatoon and then to Canada. And did you know that Canada is an island? It’s a big island.”

“Mama, do the dinosaur eggs in the cereal hatch? I sure hope not, because dinosaurs are extinct.”

After giving me a goodnight hug, “Hugging is a way to show peace.”

Listening to school stories over breakfast with this kid, the first one awake (at 8:15). She said to me, "It's so nice and quiet!"

Was getting ready to go out for the evening and came into the kitchen to grab something when she said to me, “Oh, Mum! You should wear that for Halloween!”

“Mom, did you ever have triplets?”

“We were playing on the iPods for so long that our backs started hurting and our brains got scribbled.”

At dinner…
Sue: “Noah, are you having more?”
Noah: “No, I can’t eat as much as I used to.”
Liliana: “Why not? Your tummy’s bigger!”

To Kaylie’s friend about our new door: “Mom ripped the other one off with her muscles!”

Sick day. Watching a show about snakes while drawing snakes.

After being sent away from the table for saying rude things about dinner and not even trying one bite, “So you want me to starve to death tonight? Do you not even care about me?!”

Liliana: “Mom! Can I babysit Preston while you drive Kaylie to swimming?”
Me: “Nope.”
Liliana: “WHAT?! WHY!?”

“Mama, I just had a nightmare that everyone turned into zombies and the world was a dark zombie planet and it lighted on fire and the whole world burned up.”

“Did you used to be an ordinary girl, Mom?”


After trying to unlock the wrong van and finally finding ours: “I’m so glad we didn’t steal that van! Because then the cops would have found us and put us in jail! It would be dark, scary, no food at all! It would not be good!”


“I think I have short-term memory loss, just like Dori does.”

Preston to Liliana: “STOP IIIIIIIIIT!”
Me to Liliana: “Stop bugging him!”
Liliana: “I’m not bugging him! Or maybe I am bugging him, whatever.”

After getting her some cereal she said, “You can sit down now.”

Liliana: “Well, actually, that’s a common misconception.”
Kaylie: “What? Where do you even learn these words? I have no idea what you’re saying.”

“WHY does my life have to be so PATHETIC all the time?!”

“This is the WORST day EVER! All because of GROWN-UPS. We’re supposed to be NICE to our kids!”

“Thanks for dinner, Mom! You’re one of the bestest moms ever! I even love you with the other half of my heart!”

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  • Angella Thursday, January 9, 2014, 9:24 am

    Liliana is awesome.

  • Roxy Thursday, January 9, 2014, 9:55 am

    I agree with Kaylie. Where does she learn some of these words?!?!

  • Eric Thursday, January 9, 2014, 10:19 am

    I can never get enough of her. She’s so Cray!

  • Grannie Thursday, January 9, 2014, 10:22 pm

    Oh I can’t wait till she’s old enough to read all this stuff!

  • Ashley S Saturday, January 11, 2014, 2:54 pm

    I LOVE your girl! And I kind of can’t wait to see who she grows up to be – God’s given her an incredible personality!

  • Kristin Sunday, January 19, 2014, 1:14 am

    Oh my word, hilarious stuff!