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“We’re moving to BC”

That is what Kaylie texted me the other day. She’s spent the past three weeks traveling around BC—the lower mainland, the Island, the Okanagan—just her and my mom. It’s like her dream come true. She’s had exciting days every single day and now she’s coming home to boring old home where there’s nothing to do ever.

The poor child.

My kid is having such a horrible summer, the poor dear. (photo by my mom) My mom sent me this photo from Victoria last night. Kaylie caught, among other things, a crab yesterday evening. Miss this kid!
(photos by my mom)

The younger two and I are heading to Edmonton today to hang out with Dawn, and to meet up with my mom who will drop Kaylie with us on Friday. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her again, but I’m nervous that her homecoming won’t be awesome for her, as nothing trumps Grannie Time. BUT! I did buy her a new bed and cleaned her entire bedroom and she seems to be quite excited about that.

We sent a phone with Kaylie on her three-week trip with my mom. It was the best decision ever, mostly for things like this. (I actually did sell her bed.) Selling the bunk bed. (It's already got a buyer.) Who says kids can't just sleep on the floor? (Just kidding, @heykayliej.) An IKEA trip is in our near future.

Also, we get home on Saturday evening, and Sunday she flies back to Alberta to meet up with her friend and her friend’s family. She’s got a rough life, that one. She wondered why she couldn’t go to camp this summer and I was like, KID, you’re GONE all summer! Twelve days after she returns home, she starts seventh grade.

I can barely type that without hyperventilating. I was just in seventh grade. I don’t know how this kids-grow-up-so-fast thing happens.

Also, we’re not moving (back) to BC.

Not yet, anyway.

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  • becca Thursday, August 15, 2013, 11:58 am

    I got all excited about you moving there, same coast/time zone.

    I just registered my oldest for 9th grade. I hear ya. It doesn’t feel possible…

  • Angella Friday, August 16, 2013, 10:11 am

    I vote you guys move here, too. But you knew that. :)